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Invest in a shelf company and its bank account

Buying a ready-made offshore business can be a good deal if you value your time and are ready to explore new markets. Off-the-shelf companies are entities that have not been in operation before the purchase but are set for instant launch.

The paid-up capital, VAT registration, lack of financial obligations or debts, as well as absolute operational readiness for business – is just one of many reasons for you to choose a ready-made company instead of the traditional multi-week process of business incorporation through your effort.

Buying offshore and opening a bank account

Advantages of an offshore ready-made company

A ready-made or shelf company is a legal business or a corporate structure registered before its purchase. Investment in such an enterprise is an excellent alternative to setting up a legal entity from scratch. A ready for sale company may start its activity immediately after the completion of the share purchase transaction. Advantages of a shelf offshore:

  • time saved for other undertakings
  • optional services, including accounting, tax management, legal assistance, possibility to use the virtual office
  • minimum formalities + ready-made documentation
  • reliability, safety
  • simplified access to financial markets in other countries
  • access to beneficial cooperation with foreign partners
  • increased loyalty to the company from foreign partners
  • simplified management of international business

Why choose a ready-made offshore?

Reasons for buying a ready-made company may be different, but most often the clients are prompted by the following benefits:

  • the opportunity to save time by the fast corporate setup 
  • the ability to immediately start new projects, sign contracts and other documents 
  • the availability of quick solutions allowing to diversify assets
  • the access to tenders, profitable deals (some jurisdictions allow companies with no history to enter certain types of agreements)
  • the choice of additional methods of raising one’s prestige or attracting new partners.

Most popular jurisdictions

The category of most popular jurisdictions where you can buy a turnkey company includes the following list of low-tax countries:

  • Hong Kong
  • Liechtenstein
  • Malta
  • Belize
  • Dominica
  • BVI (the British Virgin Islands)
  • Singapore
  • Nevis

There’s an option of setting up both an offshore LLC and an account in Nevis.

Most prestigious jurisdictions:

  • the European Union
  • Canada
  • the United States

The above-mentioned lists are far from being exhaustive. If you need a complete register of jurisdictions where you can register your company in 1 day, please send a request to our experts at the e-address given at the top of this page.

Documents required for purchasing a ready-made offshore business

The list of necessary documents depends on the chosen jurisdiction, company structure, and business objectives. Here is the inventory of the basic ones:

  • a copy of the passport for the director/owner of the company
  • a document confirming the CEO’s / owner’s place of permanent residence/registration (the most recent utility bill)
  • a brief outline of the company’s business profile

The documents compiled for the submission need to be issued or translated into English and notarized.


on which jurisdiction is best for
your business, preferred tax regime,
company structure.

on which jurisdiction is best for your business, preferred tax regime, company structure.

We’ll contact you in 10 minutes

Can I buy a ready-made offshore company with its bank account already opened?

Buying an off-the-shelf offshore company + bank account is an absolutely feasible legitimate task. 

However, you should be very careful and remember the following: after the company is legally transferred to you, the bank account will remain in the possession of the previous owner and needs to be converted to you through the standard due diligence procedure. 

Why do we warn you? The point is, there is a chance that at the time of the KYC verification of the new owner the foreign bank might be too cautious and decide to close the bank account. 

That is why we recommend that you should choose a foreign bank, a neo-bank, or a payment platform in advance. 

You should also take into account that not every bank which you might have chosen would be able or willing to open a bank account to a classic offshore.

Should you expect this complication, you would rather register the company in Europe, Canada, Gibraltar. 

Besides, here is one more very important piece of advice. The ready-made offshore company must be quite recently incorporated, because today it is almost impossible to open a foreign bank account for a shelf company which cannot submit financial records and reports.

Acquisition of a shelf offshore company

You can become the owner of a ready-made offshore in just 30 minutes. The main thing is to have the necessary package of documents ready for the company’s sale and acquisition.

The Offshore Pro Group experts are ready to assist you in choosing the most optimal foreign company.

The future owner of the offshore entity can rely on the following services:

  • assistance in choosing a profitable jurisdiction for doing business
  • purchase of a ready-made offshore business with or without an open corporate bank account
  • selection of a foreign bank, payment platform, neo-bank
  • nominee services
  • accounting and legal support to the offshore company
  • business registration, subject to the requirements of the selected jurisdiction
  • guaranteed purchase of a ready-made company without any legal incumbrance (that might refer to debts, negative reputation in foreign banks, credit liabilities)


Ready-made offshore companies are safe only if they are thoroughly selected and legally acquired with consideration of all possible risks. 

For access to expert support and more detailed information from professionals of InternationalWealth – the largest international asset protection portal, please send us your request to the e-address given at the top of this page. 

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