Unforgettable holidays in Armenia: destination – Gyumri (part 2)

In spring as well as in summer, vacation in Armenia holds perspectives of an incredible adventure for those who wish to genuinely appreciate all the delights of a mountainous country. In the first part, we provided an overview of the main cultural and historical monuments, as well as useful applications that will facilitate travel in Armenia for foreign citizens. Today we’ll talk about how to make your vacation in Armenia more eventful and where to get acquainted with real Armenian cuisine, become a part of local traditions, and get memorable impressions from active pastime.

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Further, let us familiarize with interesting entertainment facilities in Gyumri, the second largest Armenian city, which attracts foreign tourists and travelers no less than Yerevan.

Gyumri in spring – why is it worth flying on vacation in Armenia at this time of the year?

While in winter Armenia is attractive for its ski resorts, in the spring months holidays in Armenia will delight travelers with an abundance of greenery and flowers. At this time of the year, Gyumri, like all other cities and villages of the country, is getting ready for the celebration of Easter, therefore it abounds with colorful sceneries, a vast variety of fresh, juicy fruits and delicious Armenian pilaf. 

Given the small area of ​​Armenia in general, it is not difficult to reach Gyumri: it is about two hours by car from Yerevan. Alternatively, you can rent a charter helicopter, which will allow you to get acquainted not only with the local architectural and cultural heritage, but also see incredible Armenian panoramas.

In the first part, we spoke about hotels and guesthouses where you can stay, famous monuments in Gyumri. Today we will explore the places to visit and entertainment options to diversify the holiday spent in Gyumri, and at the same time provide you with full aesthetic satisfaction from the trip.

Holidays in Armenia – interesting locations in Gyumri

There is a market in the beautiful, majestic, bohemian city of Gyumri (on Shahumyan street), where foreign tourists and travelers will find a huge number of exclusive souvenirs, handicrafts and old books. If you want to take a memory with you to remind of your vacation in Armenia, there is no better choice than this market to offer a vast selection of gifts. It also sells a wide variety of dried fruits and fresh fruits, products from semi-precious and precious metals, works of local artists made of wood, metal, glass and other materials.

Gyumri Central Park is a great place to spend time with children or love couples. Experienced tourists note that this place is especially beautiful in the afternoon, when the reflections of the setting sun emphasize the beauty and sophistication of statues and architectural monuments. It is likely that after your first visit to Armenia, you will want to stay here. If this is the case, we would be happy to help you apply for permanent residence in Armenia, and subsequently obtain Armenian citizenship and a passport. Notably, Russian-speaking and English-speaking foreigners do not experience any inconvenience in communication – a large number of Armenians, especially young people, are fluent in these and several other foreign languages.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of other unusual and fascinating locations in the city of Gyumri:

  1. The oldest hairdressing salon serving exclusively male clients, established over 80 years ago. Here the interior and the general aesthetics of those times have been preserved. This is a place which will give you great emotional satisfaction, as during a haircut, the masters are willing to tell the unusual and unique stories of Gyumri (address: Vardanants Square).
  2. Gyumri Loft’s coworking studio is a great place to visit, if you want to catch up with the locals. Coworking is gaining popularity in Armenia, here tourists can not only have a luxurious time for heart-to-heart conversations, but also stay in a cozy hostel on the second floor (located in the city center at 50/4 Gorky Street ).
  3. Gyumri beer is famous throughout the territory of modern Armenia, so we recommend visiting the Alexandropol Brewery. Here you can not only taste delicious Armenian beer, but also take a tour of the factory, which is an object of the historical heritage of Armenia.

If your vacation in Armenia involves a trip to Gyumri, and there is an upcoming event or celebrations which coincides with the timing of your Gyumri tour, we advise you to pay attention to Hayat Music Hall. This is a beautiful concert hall located near the Gyumri Loft, where tourists and travelers can enjoy live music and incredibly delicious cocktails at the bar. The place is more suitable for large companies or families, the setting of the space is convenient to accommodate large groups. Here you will enjoy a variety of musical genres: from jazz to rock, and a special program on weekends and holidays.

Your holidays in Armenia – delicious menu from famous restaurants in Gyumri

Traditional Gyumri cuisine is best represented at Gwood Gastrohouse, which was founded by Canadian repatriated Armenians, striving to preserve local traditions. Here guests will be offered a menu made exclusively from organic products; the halls carry the invariable atmosphere of cordiality and hospitality.

Foreign tourists planning a vacation in Armenia with a gastronomic tour should definitely try the dishes of the Cherkezi Dzor restaurant, which is popular among the local population and travelers. The restaurant specializes in fish menu, hence the local name “fish restaurant” (located in the center of Gyumri, on the 1st Karmir Berd street).

Here are more remarkable venues where you can eat deliciously and taste amazing Armenian drinks while relaxing in Armenia in Gyumri:

  • Teashop “Herbs and Honey” is a cafe, which boasts tasty additions of local herbs and spices to tea, first and second courses, and desserts. It sells a large number of pottery with local painting, there is also an open terrace for summer ice tea.
  • Aregak Bakery & Cafe is a spot that combines a bakery with a cafe, where you can always enjoy delicious Armenian pastries and cakes. The bakery is located at Abovyan, 242 street, at the entrance to the Gyumri old city;
  • the legendary Poloz Mukuch restaurant is an iconic establishment in an original building of black volcanic tuff with apricot splashes. It is here that tourists and travelers from other countries can taste many varieties of Gyumri beer, as well as hear incredible stories about the brewery and the city itself. It also serves a Gyumri dish called Qyala, which means cooked beef or sheep’s head. The restaurant is located at the address Jivani Street, 75;
  • Florence  restaurant  – this place is unique for the incredible combination of old and modern styles. According to the advice of experienced foreign tourists, fish baked in lavash is traditionally considered the brand dish here, but the restaurant also offers a large menu of European, American and Armenian cuisine.

If your vacation in Armenia implies acquaintance with the local cuisine, we also recommend trying the amazing Armenian dish Panrkhash (cheese with lavash), supplement the menu with Pochov Apur (bean soup) – these are traditional breakfasts and lunches in Gyumri.

Holidays in Armenia with a visit to Gyumri – where can I organize a celebration or an anniversary?

If you are planning an exciting trip, or moving to Armenia for permanent residence, we recommend visiting the beautiful and spiritual city of Gyumri with a huge number of ancient churches, architectural, cultural and historical monuments. If your vacation coincides with   of some kind of celebration – wedding, anniversary, children’s birthdays, etc., feel free to choose one of the following venues: 

  1. Amigo Pub at Sayat Nova street – this is a great place with live music, where bands from Armenia and other countries are constantly invited for performance.
  2. Garage Club is an unusual place that combines an old garage  style with a modern, trendy nightclub (located in a shopping complex in the center of Gyumri), where local and foreign bands regularly perform.
  3. Diamond Club is an elite nightclub with dance music and European-style interiors. An excellent choice for those who appreciate modern design, unique cocktails and dance music;
  4. Monte Cristo is an incredibly stylish restaurant with heavy classic baroque furniture. Here you will find a truly aristocratic atmosphere worthy of kings and queens. The restaurant is distinguished by incredibly tasty dishes, high sound quality, and a hookah bar. Location is on Vazgen Sargsyan  st., 2.

Holidays in Armenia can also offer extraordinary pastime for young people who are willing to get to know better the local culture, mentality and customs. For example, the exclusive Konjelazia store has preserved Soviet paraphernalia, demonstrates designer clothes, allows you to immerse yourself in the history of Armenians and other peoples, and additionally enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, wine or tea.

In the first part of our story about our vacation in Armenia, we mentioned the unique HayAr Jewelery store. It is worth noting that it looks standard only at first glance, but when you go inside, you will come across a vast variety of unique items made of bullets and weapon remains. Such a souvenir will certainly attract attention and become an unforgettable memory of a trip to bright and sunny Armenia.  

Holidays in Armenia in Gyumri – other interesting must-see venues to make a memorable holiday

Foreigners who prefer traditional Armenian gifts and games as souvenirs should visit Photoservice ANI store, where visitors will find handmade products with Armenian painting, unique design, and forms. All gifts and souvenirs are made by Gyumri artist Arsen Vardanyan, who uses diverse materials for his masterpieces, from plastic bottles to pieces of glass.  

By the way, the master also gets inspiration from a worthy cause – this is a kind of processing of secondary raw materials, which demonstrates the ability to inspire a second life to the materials. Some of the artist’s projects are currently exhibited in the United States (Smithsonian Research Institute). This unique gift shop is located on the Gai, 14/2 street.

We also strongly recommend that tourists planning a vacation in Armenia, take a walking tour within the city of Gyumri. If you have moved to Armenia for permanent residence and settled in Yerevan, we advise you to go on excursions to this wonderful creative city as often as possible, where a large number of well-known artists, poets, comedians and writers have lived for a long time.

Staying in Gyumri does not mean booking a room in a hotel or a guesthouse; there are other options offering quite comfortable accommodation:

  • hostels – budget venues with a high level of service;
  • apartments, private houses for rent – you can select an accommodation which best suits the needs and different tastes of various clients;
  • multifunctional complexes – places for temporary residence, combining residential and commercial premises.

Of course, foreigners planning a vacation or relocation in Armenia are free to independently choose the level of comfort, interior and service, as well as the cost of their future apartments. By contacting our lawyers, you will be offered accommodation options in Gyumri, Yerevan and other cities of Armenia, which will fully satisfy your needs. Write to our specialists at info@offshore-pro.info straightaway, to get qualified assistance on entry visa, residence permit or choose an apartment for living in sunny Armenia. Additionally, if necessary, we will help open a bank account, register a company, buy land plots or cottages in Armenia, and obtain RA citizenship.

Why is spring the best time to spend holidays in Gyumri?

Gyumri is a very green city of Armenia and is full of all kinds of greenery and flowering trees. In the spring, millions of gardens and green landscapes bloom here – in park areas, squares with flower beds and lawns right in the middle of the city. At the same time, spring in Gyumri is fascinating with large-scale and eventful Easter holidays, when processions take place right in the streets, delicious Armenian delicacies are sold from open counters, concerts and performances are organized. A spring trip to Gyumri in Armenia is also preferred, due to the abundance of juicy, ripe fruits, an opportunity to taste the world-famous Armenian pilaf.

What are the prospects for Gyumri as a new resort area in Armenia?

The city of Gyumri, given strong government support, is gradually turning into the next popular resort area after Tsaghkadzor. This is facilitated by the rich artistic and historical heritage of the location – Gyumri is considered a real hub/spot for Armenian bohemia, where famous artists, poets and writers, many art workers live. The city of Armenia especially attracts tourists who want to get acquainted with famous monuments, visit unique workshops and museums, as well as go to tasty and original restaurants. Many extraordinary places attract foreign tourists, which provides an incentive to the Armenian government to improve the investment climate in this beautiful city.

Where to visit in Gyumri to make your spring trip especially memorable?

Foreign travelers visiting Gyumri can choose from a rich variety of places worth visiting, based on their preferences. For example, the Poloz Mukuch restaurant (black tufa building), the Aregak Bakery & Cafe, or the old-style Florence. Monte Cristo is a fashionable restaurant for connoisseurs of the highest level of service and classic interior. As for excursions, we recommend visiting the oldest hairdressing salon in Gyumri, look into Gyumri Loft – a coworking studio, and go to the Alexandropol Brewery. An interesting place is Hayat Music Hall – a concert hall in Gyumri with a cocktail bar, where you can enjoy your time as well as organize various celebrations and events.

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