How Safe is Grenada? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Is it safe to go on vacations to Grenada in the Caribbean? Those who have already visited Grenada will give an affirmative answer to this question. Those who have not so far, will want to know in advance how safe it is to visit Grenada. Generally speaking, Grenada is a safe country if you behave yourself there.

Safety in Grenada

Tourists are treated very nicely in Grenada because tourism is one of the main sources of income for the country. The crime rate is comparatively low in Grenada. Pocket picking and bad weather are probably the problems that you are likely to face there. Beaches are generally safe especially if you exercise caution.

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Tourists have to feel safe in Grenada because tourism is very much the matter of survival for the local economy. For this reason, the Government of Grenada does everything that it can to keep the country attractive for foreign visitors. Many of them spend unforgettable vacations in Grenada and they want to come back again as the island offers wonderful opportunities for relaxation and sightseeing. Even if you are comparatively low on funds, you can enjoy staying in Grenada anyway as the prices are not very high there.

Grenada: a safe Caribbean country

Grenada is safe in terms of its low crime rates. However, there are other factors that make a country safe or not safe enough. These also have to be taken in consideration when assessing the level of safety that a particular country offers.

  • Offenses typical of all resorts (petty theft, hooliganism, robbery, and sexual crimes) can be encountered in Grenada but if you take some precautions, the risk is going to be low. 
  • The U.S. Department of State considers Grenada a safe country. It is classified as a Level 1 country (Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions). The U.S. authorities do not have any special recommendations for Americans visiting Grenada.  
  • Canada treats Grenada similarly: the Government of the country gives a ‘green light’ to travelers to Grenada (green light is an official term that the Canadian authorities use).
  • Is Grenada safe for women? A woman should not probably walk around the island alone at night but the rate of sexual crimes is much lower in Grenada than it is in some other Caribbean countries.
  • Grenada is safe for LGBT community members only if they do not walk outside the premises of the resort complex where they are staying and refrain from public displays of affection.  

What can be really dangerous in Grenada is the weather and nature. Storms and rainfalls happen rather often and some insects transmit diseases. At the same time, these problems are typical for most other Caribbean locations.

Crime rate in Grenada

The overall crime rate is rather low in Grenada. Macrotrends give it 12.44 points. Grenada is not the safest country in the world of course. The figure is much better in Singapore or Switzerland, for example and even some other small island countries do better in terms of the crime rate (Dominican Republic – 8.86, Mauritius – 2.75). Compared to some neighboring Caribbean states, however, Grenada is safe.

Crime rates in some other Caribbean jurisdictions frequented by tourists:

  • Jamaica  – 44.95;
  • St Lucia – 28.32;
  • Commonwealth of Dominica – 20.84;
  • St Kitts and Nevis – 18.8;
  • Bahamas – 18.56;
  • Puerto Rico – 18.49.

Crime rates in Grenada between the year 2000 and 2020:

YearNumber of crimes per 100,000 peopleDynamics against the previous year

Important details related to crime rates in Grenada:

  • Almost all the crimes are non-violent (thefts and petty fraud);
  • Most offenses take place in crowded tourist areas (this does not refer to the premises of large hotels that are under security surveillance);
  • Are small hotels safe in Grenada? Relatively safe: hotel rooms and rental cars can be broken into sometimes;
  • It is not exactly safe to walk alone on empty beaches or visit remote areas of Grenada without company;
  • Grenada is safe for travelers but some misfortunes may happen due to their own fault. For instance, they may be poisoned by low-quality alcohol or fail to vaccinate before visiting Grenada;
  • Camouflage clothing is prohibited in Grenada. This is something that you should know because if you wear camouflage in the country, you may be detained by the police;
  • It is safe enough the visit Grenada during the hurricane season (see below) but many recreational activities become unavailable during this period;
  • Wearing bathing suits away from the beaches is prohibited in Grenada;
  • Dirt roads marked in the map may not exist in reality. You will be well advised to hire an off-road vehicle if you would like to travel around Grenada (and some views that you can find in Grenadian rural areas are breathtaking);
  • You’d better keep valuable things in the hotel’s vault.

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Some additional information about Grenada

Whether a tourist feels safe in a foreign country or not depends on a number of other factors besides the national crime rate. When traveling to Grenada, you have to assess the transportation safety, the chances of natural disasters, the weather, the relations with the local people, and so on. In general terms, Grenada is safe but you have to take the basic precautions anyway. We must note, however, that this recommendation will hold whatever country you go to.

How safe is it to visit Grenada? Main risks that you have to take into account and measures to avoid trouble

  • Overall safety level: high (but you have to be cautious);
  • Transport safety: average (the vehicle that you hire might have some technical problems, some roads are of poor quality, some drivers are reckless);
  • Risk of pocket picking: average (proceed with caution in crowded places especially);
  • Risk of natural disasters: low (Grenada sits outside the hurricane belt and hurricanes hit the island very seldom);
  • Risk of robbery: average (you might be robbed in remote areas of Grenada);
  • Risk of terrorist attacks: extremely low;
  • Risk of fraud: low (you have a greater chance to fall prey to fraudsters in most other Caribbean countries);
  • Risks for LGBT community: high (it must be admitted that Grenada is not safe for members of the LGBT community);
  • Risks for women: average (you should avoid deserted and remote places).

Reduce the risks and make Grenada a safe place for vacations

We have some recommendations for you if you are planning a trip to Grenada. If you follow them, your trip will be safe and you will spend a wonderful time on the paradise island.

  • Do not economize on residential accommodations: cheap hotels provide only the basic level of security;
  • Avoid taking walks in the night and have a local guide to accompany you to remote rural areas;
  • Keep your valuables in a safe;
  • When taking a taxi, ask the driver to show you the license and assess the technical condition of the car;
  • Do not carry too much cash on you.

Useful information about Grenada:

  • Visas – the requirements will vary depending on your nationality. If you have to apply for a visa to Grenada, you will have to pay a visit to the Grenadian embassy or consulate in your home country;
  • Currency – East Caribbean dollar. However, US dollars are easily accepted and you should be aware that local currency exchange offices attract fraudsters;
  • Climate – tropical and fantastic for the best part of the year. At the same time, string winds may blow and heavy rain may fall;
  • Insurance – you’d better buy an insurance policy before visiting Grenada. True, the country is safe but anything can happen.

Some people believe that all Caribbean islands are pretty much the same. We must note that this opinion is erroneous and Grenada in particular stands out in many respects. It has a favorable geographical position (no hurricanes). It has several top-quality hotels. It is comparably inexpensive. The local people are friendly. The food is fantastic (Grenada’s nickname is ‘spice island’). And traveling to Grenada is safe.

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