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Wealthy individuals and couples often choose to retire in countries other than their homelands: a well-deserved change of pace to a relaxed lifestyle after an impressive business career.

Why do wealthy people retire offshore?

  • Climate: People from colder countries flock to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia., and asthmatics and arthritis sufferers choose regions with a dry desert climate because it is easier to tolerate.
  • Lifestyle: when choosing an offshore pension, many people are guided by the need to receive quality medical care, as well as the opportunity to plunge into an unusual culture and / or achieve an increase in the general standard of living.
  • Finance: an effort to preserve and increase capital in today's unstable world. Having worked hard their whole lives, many retirees choose to live in places where governments are not too greedy, and where they find a favorable investment and business climate.

In summary, there are the factors that should be taken into account when preparing for retirement overseas, retirement offshore or retiring abroad. From buying a home to navigating immigration formalities, it won't be easy to tackle a ton of tasks on your own. Not surprisingly, many retirees turn to experts for help.

Ask your questions about an offshore retirement during an individual consultation by sending a request to [email protected] / the above phone numbers / feedback form. Below is a selection of the most popular feature articles.

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