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Buy Apartments in the Royal Palm Residential Complex in Panama – the Gem of Beachfront Real Estate

Do you want to buy beachfront property in a residential complex built to the highest quality standards in one of the best tourist regions in Panama? Then study our offer – apartments in the Royal Palm residential complex in the Playa Gorgon region, located 5 minutes drive from Coronado beach and 50 minutes from Panama City.

Royal Palm

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Do you want to immediately go to a consultation on buying an apartment in the Royal Palm residential complex in Panama? Please send a request to the email indicated at the end of the article, and our real estate experts will contact you.

Why is Royal Palm considered the gem of Panama’s beachfront real estate?

We want to present you with the Royal Palm residential complex in the Playa Gorgona region of Panama. It was built according to the world’s highest quality standards of beachfront real estate construction. At the same time, it’s apartments have a low cost compared to other residential complexes of a similar level. Such advantages make it possible to call Royal Palm the gem of Panama beachfront real estate.

The quality of construction of the Royal Palm residential complex in Panama is commensurate with the best residential complexes in Miami, on the Gold Coast of Australia, and Singapore. But there is one significant difference. Apartments in these places are much more expensive, while the location of the Royal Palm and its quality standards are no worse. A large flow of tourists in Panama is your potential tenants. This is another advantage of the proposed real estate, as well as the level of rent. You can make a really profitable investment by buying an apartment in the Royal Palm residential complex in Panama.

Favorable location of Royal Palm Apartments

If you take a look at the map of Panama, you will find the area of Playa Gorgona very close to Playa Coronado, the best coast for rest and relaxation in this country. Rest almost on the equator of the earth is attractive to many people. The Playa Gorgona region is surrounded by modern infrastructure and convenient transport links to Panama City and the international airport. The trip to the capital of Panama will take no more than 50 minutes.

The infrastructure of this area includes sandy beaches, surfing and scuba diving equipment, shopping malls, cafe-restaurants, and gourmet shops. When you get tired of basking on the beach, you can go to the hiking trails in the jungle. From the Royal Palm residential complex, it takes only 20 minutes by car to go there. Hiking in these parts of Panama is absolutely safe, and the trails lead to beautiful waterfalls.

The windows of the apartments in the Royal Palm residential complex in Panama offer a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Just imagine that in a few days after settling all the documents for the purchase of an apartment in the Royal Palm residential complex, you will find a tropical breeze and freshly brewed Panamanian coffee on a table on the terrace of your apartment on the ocean.

Royal Palm

Features of the Royal Palm residential complex

The Royal Palm residential complex’s building resembles a ship’s prow. It includes two towers with a height of 21 and 28 floors. The floor plan includes 1, 2, and 3-room apartments. The area of the apartment starts from 70 m2. Each apartment boasts magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean or mountains. By the way, there are 281 apartments in total. Four passenger and one freight elevators lead to them.

The Royal Palm residential complex in Panama was commissioned in 2017. It has restaurants, covered terraces, a bar, sports gyms, tennis courts, a sauna and solarium, swimming pools, and children’s rooms. The complex has direct access to the sandy beach. It has round-the-clock security and parking not only for residents but also for guests of the apartments’ owners.

There are two social zones on two levels of the building:

  • Ground floor: swimming pool with solarium and covered terrace with sofas and tables.
  • Third floor: gyms with a multifunctional tennis and volleyball court, a large swimming pool with a sauna and jacuzzi, playgrounds, and another terrace.

Buying apartments in the Royal Palm residential complex combines two dreams at once: living in a tropical paradise and using the maximum modern infrastructure.

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Bern – the developer of proposed real estate in Panama

The developer of this project is the Bern family, well-known businesspersons in Panama. Their eponymous construction company dates back to 1978. For the construction of Royal Palm, they chose the best project and the highest quality building materials. The Bern family business is known and respected in many parts of the world. To date, their companies have already built over 170 residential complexes and ten hotels.

If you buy an apartment in Panama in the Royal Palm complex from Bern developer, you will invest in your children’s future.

Two-room apartment in Royal Palm Panama

Currently, there are several two-bedroom apartments for sale in Tower B with a total area of 70 square meters. In Tower A, there are apartments for sale overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are many apartments on different floors to choose from.

We also remind you that you have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Panama by real estate purchase.

To purchase the proposed real estate in Panama, there are lending programs with an initial payment of 10 and 20 percent.

Also, on each floor, there are large apartments with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are only two of these apartments on each floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large balcony that looks like the front of a cruise ship. Their area is 130 square meters. There are apartments with windows facing sunrise or sunset. The 135 m2 apartments have windows facing the sunrise. The offer of apartments with an area of 130 and 135 square meters is limited.

Since commissioning in 2017, apartments in this new building are exempt from property tax for nine years (until 2026). The buyer needs to pay only land tax of up to USD 300 annually.

To get professional advice from our experts on buying an apartment in Royal Palm Panama, please, contact us at [email protected].

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