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Apartments for Sale in Arcadia del Este in Panama – the Best Investment Property in Costa del Este

Panama City, the capital of the state of Panama, is Central America’s leading business center. And its fashionable Costa del Este area allows you to live in a tropical paradise on the ocean coast amid modern infrastructure near the international airport. We invite you to consider buying an apartment in the Arcadia del Este luxury aparthotel located in this area.

Arcadia del Este
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Would you like to proceed to a consultation on buying an apartment in Arcadia del Este in Panama? Please, send a request to the email indicated at the end of the article, and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Below, we will present the features and benefits of the proposed Panama resort property for sale. It can make you not just a luxury residential real estate owner but a successful investor. After obtaining Panama residency under the migration program, you can rent out apartments in the Arcadia del Este luxury aparthotel.

The Costa del Este area – the brilliance of lush life in Panama

Costa del Este is a kind of Manhattan in Panama City. This area hosts many headquarters and branches of international corporations and offers a large selection of luxury apartments in business centers and apart-hotels on the ocean. Samsung, Huawei, Procter and Gamble, Nestle, and other famous brands opened their branches here. The capital’s business elite works and lives in this area.

Residential complexes and hotels built in the Costa del Este area belong to the first class of real estate. They are in constant demand from foreign investors. Most of the apartments in this area offer a magnificent view of the ocean or green park from large panoramic windows.

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Five reasons to buy an apartment in Arcadia del Este

  1. Proximity to Panama City International Airport. Do you have business and life interests in different parts of the world? Don’t worry! The Arcadia del Este apartments are located near Tocumen, the international airport of the Panama capital. It takes 15 minutes by car to get there. In addition, the air hub’s proximity will increase your investment’s value in the future.
  2. Convenient modern infrastructure of the Costa del Este area. The master plan for the area development was thought out in advance. An excellent transport interchange was built here, as well as many green spaces with bicycle and pedestrian paths leading to the Panama National Park. It is perfect for family outings and sports. To many foreign residents, the Costa del Este area is reminiscent of Miami. It has many modern buildings, broad avenues, palm trees, and a beautiful ocean view.
  3. Lots of services available. As soon as you leave the Arcadia del Este, you will immediately find many supermarkets, bank branches, shopping malls, and gyms in the neighborhood.
  4. Evening and night entertainment. Panama City has a vibrant nightlife. The Costa del Este area has many cafes and restaurants open in the evening, where you can enjoy lobsters and other gourmet dishes. Gastronomic tours in Costa del Este will bring you great pleasure.
  5. Luxury resorts with golf clubs. Golf fans will appreciate the proximity of the elite Marriott The Luxury Collection resort with a golf club to the Costa del Este area. It features the 18-hole Nicklaus Design championship course.
Arcadia del Este

Arcadia del Este – luxury aparthotel

Arcadia del Este is scheduled for completion in 2023. However, at the moment, most of the apartments are already sold out. The demand for this project is very high. The hotel building is 46 floors high.

Arcadia del Este offers apartments connected to the hotel service since it is an apartment hotel. For the real estate investor, this means the ease of renting out the purchased apartments. And during the scheduled visit to Panama, the apartment will be free for your stay. It is this management model that modern investors choose for the acquired real estate. It is a management model that modern investors choose for the acquired real estate.

The Arcadia del Este aparthotel is being built in the heart of the Costa del Este business district. Such apartments are perfect for top managers, IT specialists, and financially independent individuals who love to spend their lives comfortably and stylishly.

  • The Arcadia del Este design is the development of the well-known architect in Panama, E. Aicardi.
  • The interior design is presented by High Design, owned by Bern Hotels & Resorts.

The Arcadia del Este hotel in Panama offers such studio-type apartments:

  • Two-room apartments (living room plus bedroom) with an area of 70 m2.
  • Three-room apartments (living room plus two bedrooms) with an area of 76 m2.

Each floor has eight apartments. For the convenience of residents, there are two silent elevators.

Distinctive features of the proposed apartments in Arcadia del Este in Panama:

  •  equipped kitchen, Italian fittings on furniture
  •  safe in the bedroom
  •  powerful ventilation and fire safety systems
  • laundry
  • concierge service available 24/7.

The social spaces of the aparthotel include:

  • covered terrace on the roof of the building
  •  conference and private rooms for business meetings
  •  gyms and yoga studios
  • tennis courts
  • swimming pool with sauna
  • lounge areas with various entertainment
  •  gazebos with barbecue.

We also invite you to explore another attractive investment opportunity – apartments in the Royal Palm residential complex in Playa Gorgona in Panama.

The Arcadia del Este developer is the well-known construction company Bern Panamá. It offers its own program to finance the purchase of apartments in Panama by foreign investors. Check with our experts for details.

To inspire more confidence in making the right decision, we would like to remind you that the Arcadia del Este aparthotel under construction is currently the only property that has received a license for short-term rental. Therefore, apartments in Arcadia del Este are a profitable solution for creating a high-quality investment portfolio.

To get advice on buying an apartment in Arcadia del Este in Panama from our experts, please contact us at [email protected].

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