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The number of expats or fiscal nomads buying property and real estate abroad is growing exponentially. Offshore investors have the following goals:

  • Lifestyle: improving the standard of living, or getting a better life for a lower cost;
  • Vacations: Having a place for a family vacation during the holidays;
  • Plan B: Having a secure offshore base in case things go south in their countries;
  • Passive Income: Creation of a source of passive rental income (such as AirBnB rentals);
  • Diversification: Diversification of hard assets into different parts of the world and different asset classes like residential, commercial, tourism etc;
  • Capital gains: by buying real estate abroad for subsequent resale in the future;
  • Investment Immigration: Obtaining residency and/or citizenship by investment.

The Caribbean, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Serbia, even Vanuatu ... - it can be difficult to choose a destination from the extensive list of attractive places, not to mention a specific property abroad. This section of the portal contains articles that are useful above all from a practical point of view, describing the most important factors for choosing real estate abroad and attractive overseas development projects. We focus particularly on the selection and purchase of offshore real estate in countries with investment immigration programs such as Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment and Digital Nomad visas.

Our experts will be happy to walk you through choices of real estate overseas that will tick your boxes. We recommend filling out the form and starting with a free consultation on the choice of offshore real estate.

Below you'll find the most popular articles on offshore real estate among readers. Additionally, we recommend taking advantage of a personalized consultation on relevant issues. Requests are accepted through the mail [email protected] / the above telephones / feedback form.

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Dubai’s Most Promising Districts for Real Estate Investments in 2024

Are you looking for a good place to invest in real estate? Look no further than Dubai, UAE’s most dynamically developing emirate where the real estate market is booming. This trend will continue in the next few years as the demand is higher than the supply, and Dubai has become a real draw for investors who wish to buy a property to rent out, resell it later at a higher price, or get a local residence permit in return for investment. The article highlights the best districts where you can buy affordable, average-priced, and luxury apartments and villas that offer the highest return on investment.

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UAE’s Rules and Taxes for Real Estate Investment Trusts

Introduction to UAE Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Investment fund location matters: mainland vs certain emirates. Applicable laws and resolutions. REITs in the UAE: the latest regulations from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). New tax regulations for REITs in the UAE in 2024. UAE REITs: what they offer to businesses and investors.

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Blue Pearls Residential Complex in Sharjah, the UAE: A Promising Investment Object

Blue Pearls is a residential complex in the Emirate of Sharjah, the UAE. The complex is still under construction but apartments are already for sale. It is going to be a quiet and secluded place at the waterfront with a landscaped garden and a swimming pool that gives fantastic views. Blue Pearls is going to be appreciated by families looking for a peaceful and comfortable like at the shore. The apartment prices are surprisingly low by the UAE standards.

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Investments in Real Property on Bali: What Options Are Available?

Purchasing a piece of real property on Bali, Indonesia is an attractive investment option. As the tourist infrastructure is growing on Bali, so is the interest in the island on the part of foreign tourists and investors. If you buy a villa or an apartment on Bali and let it on a lease, you will be able to return your investment after only a few years. The neighborhoods of Canggu, Bukit, and Sanur are exceptionally popular with tourists.

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Mountains, Spa Resorts, and the Capital: Prime Locations for Investing in Rental Properties in Serbia

Majestic mountains of Serbia: Zlatibor emerges as the largest construction area in mountainous terrain. Spa resorts in Serbia: Sokobanja overtakes Vrnjacka in overnight stays. Belgrade – Serbia's thriving epicenter of construction. Novi Sad: meet the city undergoing a decade of economic and urban renaissance. Other cities in Serbia. Expert assistance with selecting and acquiring Serbian real estate.

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Best Regions of Bali to Purchase Rental Property and Potential Pitfalls

The tourist sector on Bali is quickly recovering after the pandemic: the number of foreign tourists has started growing after a downfall. Consequently, the demand for rental accommodations is also increasing. Investing in rental property on Bali is certainly worth considering even though careful preparation is required for purchasing rental property on the Indonesian island.

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Buying Real Estate in Belize: Reasons, Opportunities, and Prices

Investing in real property in Belize is an opportunity to consider because the return on investment can be high. Real property prices have been steadily growing in Belize over the last few years. They vary greatly and the most expensive houses are to be found along the coastline. The most affordable residential accommodations are located in the inland cities and rural areas of Belize.

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Rental Prices in Dubai in 2023: A Detailed Guide

Rental property is readily available in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Prices differ greatly, however, from one city district to another. In Jumeirah Village, Sports City or Deira you can find a 1-bedroom apartment for less than 30,000 dirhams (local currency) per year. If you would like to reside in Emirates Hills, you would have to pay at least 450,000 dirhams per year.

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Investment in Dubai Real Estate: High Profitability and Minimal Risks

Looking for a high return on investment? Invest in Dubai real estate. The market has been on the increase for many years and shows no signs of change. Dubai is a very popular emirate as the local authorities have created all conditions for living and business, and you will really appreciate Dubai’s excellent infrastructure, low (or even zero) taxes, and low crime rate. You can invest in Dubai property to rent it out to tourists as this is a popular resort or buy accommodation for yourself to get a residence permit (which is hard to get otherwise). Read on and find other reasons why to invest in Dubai!

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What Is the Cost of Housing in the Central Districts of Antalya in 2023?

Do you want to buy real estate in Antalya? Our experts will tell you why in 2023 this can be a very profitable investment. Among the main factors, we can single out a steady increase in the cost of housing in this province, the popularity of the resort among tourists, the availability of Turkish residence permits and second citizenship, and others.

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How to Buy Real Estate in Uruguay? Houses and Apartments: Relevant Prices in 2023

If you are thinking of relocating to Uruguay, you might want to buy a house or an apartment rather than rent one. Prices differ a lot from city to city, and you can surely expect the highest prices in the capital and in popular tourist places. However, even prices in Montevideo, the capital, may vary greatly from district to district! What is more, towns can be lively and bustling – or quiet and relaxed, and this is also a choice you need to make. In this article, we will take a look at different towns and cities in Uruguay where you can buy real estate and low- and high-priced districts in Montevideo.

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Real Estate in Serbia: Taxes and Additional Expenses Pre and Post Purchase

Advantages of purchasing properties in Serbia for foreigners. What fees do foreigners pay to buy properties in Serbia? Fees foreign buyers incur during property acquisition. How hard is it to purchase real estate in Serbia? Taxes and fees for property owners. Property tax in Serbia. Tax residency and PIT. Rental income and capital gains. Fees for transferring real estate in Serbia through inheritance or gift-giving. Expert assistance for foreigners wishing to buy real estate in Serbia.

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Purchase of Real Property in Greece in 2023: Prices, procedures, and Taxes

If you buy a piece of real estate in Greece, you can gain several advantages. First of all, you can become eligible for legal residence in the country if you make an investment of a sufficient amount. Second, you can rent your house or apartment in Greece to tourists. The number of international tourists visiting Greece every year is amazing. Third, you can resell your Greek property after a few years at a much higher price. Over the last few years, the real property prices have been steadily growing in Greece.

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Northern Cyprus: Best Locations to Purchase Property

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by many national states but life goes on in the jurisdiction. More and more development projects are undertaken in the northern part of the island and their popularity with foreign investors is on the rise. A foreigner purchasing property in Northern Cyprus will qualify for legal residence in the country regardless of the amount of money that he/ she invests.

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How Did Property Taxes Change in Turkey in 2023?

Tax when buying property in Turkey. VAT on real property. Annual property tax in Turkey: commercial properties, residential properties, land plots with building permits, and land plots with no building permits. Income tax on residential property sale and rent in Turkey. Rates of income tax on residential property sale in Turkey for individuals. Rental income tax in Turkey. Inheritance and gift taxes. How do you pay property taxes in Turkey?

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Main Aspects and Nuances of Paying Rental Income Tax in Turkey

What rental income does Turkish real estate generate? How does tax residency affect rental income tax on real estate in Turkey? Rental income tax and rental income tax rates in Turkey. Reporting rental income tax on Turkish real estate. How can you reduce rental income tax on Turkish real estate? Calculating rental income tax on Turkish real estate – two examples. Several vital aspects as to how you shall pay rental income tax in Turkey.

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Buy Houses in Turkey: Best City Choices to Buy Real Estate and Get Top Value for Money

Real estate prices in Turkey as of January 2023. Top locations in Turkey to buy a house and generate investment returns Esenyurt – leader of property sales in Turkey. Alanya – No. 2 in real estate sales. Çankaya – the most prestigious district of Ankara to buy real estate. What is the best place and city to buy residential properties in Turkey to enjoy life to the fullest? Buy property in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, and Antalya. The best city to buy a house in Turkey in light of earthquakes.

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Can an Offshore Company Own Property in Great Britain?

An offshore company is entitled to be the owner of real property located in the United Kingdom. The name of the company UBO has to be reported to the corporate register in the country. However, if the offshore company is owned by another company, the personal name of the property UBO can remain concealed.

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Why Purchase Property through an Offshore Company?

Why do you need an offshore company to make property transactions? Benefits of offshore property transactions. How to benefit from offshore inheritance transactions. Offshore company profits and expenses resulting from property ownership. Incorporation of offshore companies. Reasons to purchase property through an offshore company.

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