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Yandex is Opening a Development Center in Serbia That Will Give Employment to 800 IT Specialists

After the meeting between Ana Brnabic, the Prime Minister of Serbia, and representatives of Yandex, a Russian IT company, an important announcement was made. The parties agreed that Yandex would open a development center in Serbia creating 800 jobs. Yandex keeps promoting a number of its products and services on the territory of the Serbian Republic.  

Yandex in Serbia
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Yandex products and services that already can be found in Serbia

The prospective development center will serve to further promote Yandex products and services that are already available in the country and introduce some new ones. In particular, in the course of the meeting between the Prime Minister of Serbia and Yandex representatives, an agreement has been reached to cooperate in the educational sphere. The Russian IT giant is well known for the variety of educational services that it provides and it certainly can contribute to upgrading the Serbian education system.

Yandex supports people with special needs in Serbia

In recent years, a large number of humanitarian projects have been launched in Serbia. Corporations in the country closely cooperate with social institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

Since 2021, Yandex.Go application has been cooperating with the Food Bank of Belgrade that helps to deliver food items to the underprivileged groups in a fast and efficient manner. In the summer of 2022, one more Yandex service, Yandex.Delivery in particular, started a long-term partnership with the Serbian association taking care of handicapped people.

“We would like to make a contribution to the support of the most vulnerable groups of people in Serbia and we invite other commercial organizations to join in. We are pleased to find that the Serbian society and the Serbian Administration are open to our humanitarian efforts. We practice the ‘responsible business’ approach and we would like other business companies to do the same”, said Maxim Kozlov, Yandex Head of International Cooperation.  

The Yandex.Delivery service that is part of the Yandex.Go application serves to deliver all sorts of commodities to consumers on the same day when they are ordered. The Yandex.Go application also allows calling a taxi and this opportunity has been available to residents of Belgrade and Novi Sad since 2018.

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Yandex.Delivery facilitates the development of electronic commerce in Serbia

The electronic commerce market is growing in Serbia and the same is true for the entire IT industry. The popularity of online shopping is growing rapidly and for a good reason: customers save a lot of time and effort when buying online. It is obvious, however, that online sales have to be supported by a reliable delivery service. Admittedly, not all product deliverers use applications that would allow them to quickly choose the best routes and the best means of transportation to deliver the goods.

Yandex.Delivery offers powerful instruments that allow reducing the operating costs and delivery time while increasing the delivery efficiency. The customer can obtain the product on the same day when he or she buys it online. Stores of any size can use the application to enhance sales. For products that need to be fresh such as food and flowers, for example, there is a ‘delivery-within-an-hour’ opportunity.

These wonderful opportunities have become available thanks to an extensive partner network and the vast experience that Yandex software engineers have in the sphere of international delivery services. The Yandex.Delivery application uses its own road maps, which allows it to map the routes in a smart way and economize on transportation costs. With the use of this application, the number of deliveries that a delivery company performs can be increased by 20% without adding on any more vehicles.  

The Yandex.Delivery service is especially popular with internet shops in Serbia. However, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, flower shops, souvenir shops as well as logistics companies use the service too. The instruments that the application offers help solve the ‘last mile problem’ and this is why many logistics enterprises make use of these instruments. The problem becomes especially acute on Black Fridays and during the Christmas season.

Serbia as a European business center

Serbia is located on the Balkan peninsula, which puts it at the center of numerous trade routes in Europe. In many instances, you can hardly avoid transporting goods through Serbia if you are engaged in international trade. The geographic position of the country tells on its economic development.

Serbia has a huge economic potential and it attracts foreign direct investments of an impressive size. According to the National Bank statistics, 3.011 billion euros came to Serbia in the form of foreign direct investments in the first nine months of 2022. The inflow remains stable even notwithstanding the geopolitical turbulence in the neighboring regions. The same period of the previous year brought 3.002 billion euros to Serbia as foreign direct investments. By the end of 2022, Serbia is expected to attract the record-breaking 3.863 billion euros from foreign investors. The largest investors in Serbia are the EU, China, and Russia.

Thus, Serbia welcomes foreign companies wishing to engage in business on its territory. All sectors of the country’s economy are developing vibrantly and many attractive business opportunities are available there. If you would like to consider relocating to Serbia, opening a bank account in the country, or registering a business company there, we will be happy to provide professional assistance in the matters to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to [email protected], by using a messenger, or by dropping us a line in the pop-up chat window.

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