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Where is the global economy heading? What is the OCCRP leaking today?  Who is accused of hiding money? Why do some people believe that hiding your own, legally earned money is somehow wrong? 

How will the legislation of popular offshore financial centers change? What winds of change are blowing in global politics? What will the price of Bitcoin be a year from now?

You can find the latest news, comments and opinions from the offshore industry in this section. Keep your finger on the pulse of events with the InternationalWealth portal!

Considering the news, you can make an informed decision on registering a foreign company, opening a bank account or obtaining a residence permit / permanent residence / citizenship abroad.

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Who Is the Richest Serbian in 2023? Top 5 Wealthy People in the Country

Would you like to look at the wealthiest people in Serbia and find out what business you can start in this country to get rich? Here is an opportunity for you to do so: look at our list of the Top 5 wealthy Serbs according to Forbes and read their success stories. The wealthiest man in Serbia is Miodrag Kostic, the owner of MK Group. However, his competitor, Miroslav Miskovic, stands very close: their assets differ by just 196,000 euros in 2023. Miskovic is the owner of Delta Holding, and both tycoons made their fortunes in the agricultural business. Read the article to find out more details.

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World’s Yacht Capital in 2023, the Best Countries for Registration of Boats and Popular Marinas of Europe

Do you have a yacht or another vessel that needs to be registered? Finding a good place for registration is not an easy affair. There are a few best jurisdictions with the world’s best marinas, and they offer different conditions. Our specialists are familiar with all rules and regulations, and they will be happy to give you advice. In the article, we look at Fort Lauderdale, the recognized world yachting and boating event capital, and consider the most popular marinas where yachts are moored in 2023 and the best jurisdictions (Portugal, Greece, etc.) to choose for yacht registration.

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E-Commerce Market in Serbia: Double-Digit Growth and Prospects for 5 Years

The e-commerce market in Serbia is gaining momentum! According to Tomislav Mirovic, the Serbian Minister of External and Internal Trade, it has shown double-digit growth in 2022, and the prospects are really good. The government is taking efforts to stimulate e-commerce by establishing the Hot Spot E-Commerce Awards ceremony where it awards the best e-commerce companies in Serbia. On the other hand, its policy is also aimed at suppressing the shadow economy on the Internet and social media as it removes thousands of illegal ads. Read the article to discover more details on e-commerce.

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