Offshore Experts’ Resources: Must-Read List

To write unbiased articles, one needs reliable sources of information. My readers and colleagues often ask what helps us stay invariably alert to the most important developments in the offshore world and always maintain such relevant coverage in the publications.

Frankly speaking, being an editor, I continuously follow news in offshore, onshore and midshore jurisdictions, as well as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

However, to cover all important events would be impossible, so we advise our readers and offshore experts to read wider about offshores. Here are just a few titles of resources that we consider reasonably reliable and can recommend rather than the mainstream mass media:

The Economist

Although the editor’s views are keynesian and interventionist (unlike the libertarian and business-oriented views of the team), I always find The Economist a perfect source of news about Asia and Africa. I really like its country-specific analytical articles contributed by The Economist Intelligence Unit.


I like the Follow on FORBES option feeding me updates from my favorite reporters and contributors.

Freedom’s Phoenix

This is a libertarian website that picks up local news from all over the world, so you can read the news that has not been processed by mass media in a way that pleases your government.

Russia Today

Now that the U.S. has again unleashed the Cold War against Russia, it is important to have access to information about Russia which is not distorted or fabricated. Russia Today proves to be almost the only English-language media about Russia that is not subject to the U.S. approval.

Bruce Schneier

Schneier on Security

Bruce is a security expert with a healthy distrust of major governments. He publishes a free monthly newsletter called Cryptogram, which is a perfect addition to his blog. Some of his articles are too technical, but there is quite a lot of simple and easy to understand information. I recommend his excellent article about NSA spy activities.

Tax News

This is a very useful resource that I have been following since the beginning of 2000, as it contains news about taxation policies in all offshore jurisdictions. We also appreciate the web-based source for the quality of free reports on all countries related to offshore business. Some of the reports have long been out of date, but the overall coverage of the jurisdiction is excellent.

Threat Level

This is an excellent source of knowledge about security, privacy, and legal issues that we constantly face in the globalized world connected by the Internet web.

Besides, I am very interested in the views of Liberalism supporters and their topical blogs, such as the ‘Early Warning Report’ and’ Freeman’s Perspective’, covering the current world affairs.

I can also recommend to offshore experts the ‘SovereignMan’ blog at Just recently, their Russian-speaking author Mark Svoboda has become a regular contributor of articles, including those written for our blog. I also like the ‘QWealthReport’ blog with the healthiest and broadest outlooks over the offshore world and a focus on the bigger picture.

We recommend that you become a regular reader of one or several resources mentioned hereby.

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