Offshore Companies: Business Planning and Professional Assistance

Are you thinking about diversifying your assets and business… or possibly changing your tax domicile, and opening a foreign/offshore bank account? These days, it is almost impossible to do this on your own. We at Offshore Pro Group are leaders in professional assistance in offshore company registration and offshore bank account opening. We offer a guarantee of a professional procedure, safe and compliant offshore business, and a hands off approach from the beneficial owner.


Offshore Pro Company Group has many years of experience in international banking and corporate sectors. We cooperate with partners and correspondents from more than 100 countries and provide professional services exclusively on a fully compliant platform.

We guarantee:

  • security and safety
  • compliance with all legal requirements
  • offshore company registration and offshore bank account opening, fully compliant with existing international and local norms
  • legal confidentiality and privacy of each client and their business
  •  professional services on all corporate and banking matters arising in offshore company formation.

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on which jurisdiction is best for
your business, preferred tax regime,
company structure.

on which jurisdiction is best for your business, preferred tax regime, company structure.

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Offshore companies registration worldwide

There are more than a hundred “offshore” zones and countries with attractive tax regimes for specific niches and international companies. The choice of jurisdiction depends on multiple factors. Firstly, it is the tax residence country(ies) of the offshore company’s founder.

By contacting us, you will benefit from a direct connection with an offshore registered agent or offshore trustee in more than 100 offshore jurisdictions worldwide. The offshore company registration and bank account opening procedure is turnkey, meaning we do the heavy lifting for you. Your role is limited to the preparation of certain due diligence documents, and providing a basic explanation of your proposed offshore business in the place of incorporation.

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Read how the offshore company registration procedure works in our article How to register an offshore company in 2022.

Professional assistance in all offshore business matters

The general principle of registering an offshore company is quite straightforward. It includes several stages. In addition, it depends on the company’s legal form and activity type. Read on to find out what assistance you can get from Offshore Pro Group experts.

Offshore license: turnkey assistance

Clients often have questions about licensing a particular business activity in an offshore or foreign country. Activities that fall under this requirement are as follows:

  •  insurance and re-insurance
  •  financial services, including cryptocurrency exchanges and banks
  • trade in certain goods and services
  • gaming and gambling
  • brokerage, etc.

By contacting us, you the client will receive comprehensive advice and assistance on obtaining an offshore license in your chosen field of activity.

Offshore company liquidation and restoration

In some cases, you might need to cease offshore business activities and strike off the company from the register, or re-domicile the business to another jurisdiction. Alternatively, you may need to restore a company to the register after its renewal. The offshore business liquidation procedures can be voluntary, forced or simply left to lapse or be struck off.

In the latter case, our clients often do not fully understand the significance of the process. However, it’s important since it might be your money at stake!

  • A company will usually be struck off from the register if an offshore business does not comply with its legal obligations, including payment of annual fees to the country of incorporation, for example.
  • “ Striking off” does not require any effort from the founder. After payment of all fees, the company can be restored to the register.
  •  The period during which an offshore company can be restored depends on the country of incorporation’s laws – and usually averages 25 years.

If you have any questions about offshore company liquidation, transferring your company to another state or country (redomiciliation), or striking it completely off from the register… contact our experts for help and a free online consultation on this issue.

Assistance in drafting corporate documents for a foreign or offshore companies

This point is one of the most significant when registering an offshore company and requires extensive experience and legal literacy.

We offer:

  • drafting of standard and non-standard corporate documents
  • preparation of the company’s Articles of Association and Memorandum, or Operating Agreement
  • customised drafting of shareholder agreements, trust and foundation deeds etc.

Our experts usually provide such assistance as a part of an offshore trust or company registration procedure or when a client purchases a ready-to-use offshore company.

Offshore holding structures registration

Many entrepreneurs choose to manage and control their assets using foreign companies, trusts, foundations etc.

The offshore business structures that we can incorporate for you are perfectly tailored for this “holding” purpose. Registration of offshore holding companies does require special care and analysis. On the positive side, owning assets or shares using an offshore company structure makes it difficult, if not completely impossible, for unwelcome parties to forcibly seize these assets.

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Contact our experts for prompt assistance in opening a holding structure in an offshore jurisdiction or any foreign country with a high level of confidentiality and a stable banking sector.

How to buy a ready-to-use offshore shelf company

If you need a business “yesterday” – you can solve this need by purchasing a ready-to-use offshore company with bank account or taking over an already existing business abroad. Our clients’ goals in this matter are very different, but may include:

  • business migration
  • re-domiciliation of an offshore company to another country for preferential access to banking services or creation of economic substance
  •  expansion into new markets
  • participating in tenders and government contracts that require a certain time in business
  • purchase of an offshore ready made operating company with bank account to sign urgent deals that you have already shaken hands on

We offer ready-to-use offshore companies for sale registered in various countries, including Panama, Europe, Oceania, and the Caribbean region, as well as other offshore zones, and Asia.

It does not take much time, and as a result of buying a ready made shelf company with or without ready made bank account, the client receives certain benefits such as:

  • ready-made company in a safe low-tax zone
  • corporate offshore banking account
  • credit card merchant account
  • set of corporate documents already apostilled
  • tax and/or VAT number
  • office and employees such as professionally-qualified directors (economic substance) if necessary (accountant, auditor, tax consultant, etc.)

Jurisdictions, where you can buy a ready-to-use offshore company or register a new business with our expert support, include Nevis, Panama, Marshall Islands, Saint Lucia, etc and also Serbia where we offer ready made companies with bank accounts. You can find more information about ready-made companies and countries for incorporation in our product section.

Offshore bank account opening

Offshore Pro Group’s experts’ area of excellence is undoubtedly in opening investment and current bank accounts in offshore zones and for “high risk” offshore companies. We cooperate with dozens of financial institutions, neobanks, and payment systems where you can open a personal and/or corporate bank account remotely.

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For help with opening offshore bank accounts, please contact our experts at the specified contacts or fill out the form. This will allow sending your application to several banks at once for PRE-APPROVAL.

InternationalWealth expert assistance

InternationalWealth is part of the Offshore Pro Group and offers comprehensive assistance to residents of different countries in formation of offshore companies.

We are a multinational and multilingual website whose experts are professionals in their field and independent consultants with a neutral political position.

Our goal is to help clients, within the law, without discrimination based on nationality or political views.

Services you can order on a turnkey basis and receive in the shortest possible time include:

  1. Offshore companies registration and their annual maintenance.
  2. Ready-to-use offshore companies with or without bank accounts.
  3. Opening bank accounts in leading banks and payment systems worldwide.
  4. Trusts and holding structures registration.
  5. Investment and charitable funds registration.
  6. Financial and banking licenses applications.
  7. Referrals to tax consultants in many jurisdictions.
  8. Merchant account, PayPal, e-commerce.
  9. Migration, residence permit and a second passport and citizenship applications.
  10. Assistance in organizing substance and professional business management in offshore zones.
  11. Problem solving for existing offshore companies, for example blocked accounts or missing registered agents.

The main reasons that entrepreneurs trust us include our many years of experience, professional registered agent and corporate secretarial services, high level of confidence in our services, and affordable fees. Most important is the knowledge that at Offshore Pro Group, things get done! Contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail.

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