Legal and Accounting Consulting in Serbia for Individuals and Legal Entities

When immigrating to Serbia to do business or just moving there for permanent residence, it is important to have reliable connections with experienced legal consultants who will help you solve legal and accounting issues. Such consultations may be required for both non-resident legal entities and individuals who decide to move to live in the Serbian Republic.

Legal consulting in Serbia

Contact the experts of our international portal and get a full range of legal and accounting consultations and factual assistance in the following areas:

  • Turnkey services for opening a sole proprietorship or a DOO (similar to LLC) in Serbia;
  • Getting a work permit;
  • Obtaining CHI and VHI;
  • Legal and accounting support for business in Serbia;
  • Assistance in organizing relocation of employees;
  • Opening personal or corporate accounts;
  • Individual advice on tax planning and accounting.

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Consulting in Serbia – Why Is It Necessary, and Who Can Benefit from It

When moving to Serbia, foreign citizens face a lot of problems that may be connected with legal issues, banking services, company registration, tax and accounting records, as well as documentation, including the work permit itself. In each individual case, it is important to take into account all the legal aspects of the Balkan jurisdiction and the specific requirements that must be observed in Serbia.

Surely, you can try to solve all those problems yourself, but it’s not really very likely that you will succeed and get the expected results, because in that case you will need the following:

  • study all the current laws of Serbia and apply them in practice;
  • in disputable situations, substantiate one’s position in front of an opponent, who is most often a legally savvy Serbian employee or an employee of a law firm abroad;
  • prepare accounting and reporting, as well as create the tax balance without harm to your company, which is extremely difficult to do without experience and relevant knowledge;
  • visit a lot of authorities in Serbia to get a legal work permit for foreign employees or for yourself personally;
  • and at the same time be in time everywhere, which is not typical for Serbia at all.

In such situations it is best to seek professional help. Together with our Serbian partners, we are ready to provide a full range of services for individuals and legal entities who are only planning to relocate to Serbia or have already moved and encountered some problems on the spot.

Accounting Consulting in Serbia

These are professional services of our accounting and reporting consultants in Serbia, which are provided in various modes:

  • single consultation in accounting, which includes audit of your company’s accounting;
  • periodic services at certain times and for specific tasks;
  • ongoing accounting and legal consulting on a contractual basis (for one year, six months or other periods the parties agree upon).

Depending on the task and the problem that needs to be dealt with, accounting consulting in Serbia may be required before a tax audit, to induct a new in-house accountant, or to solve issues on an ongoing basis. The last option is most often chosen by large companies, including branches of foreign enterprises.

Also, this service is in great demand when registering a new company in Serbia or re-domiciliating a foreign company, which the experts of our portal will be happy to help you with. 

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When you order a service for opening a sole proprietorship, a PEO, a branch, a trade structure or a JSC in the Republic of Serbia, we can offer additional services, including legal and accounting consulting, opening a bank account, tax planning, obtaining a work permit, obtaining a residence permit, etc.


Legal consulting in Serbia 

Any business is risky – even novice entrepreneurs understand that. It is especially difficult to start activities in another country, when there is not enough experience and knowledge of the local legal requirements connected with the labor code, customs activities, tax planning, and other corporate topics.

Legal consulting actually allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • maintaining ongoing direct contact with a professional lawyer in Serbia;
  • gaining experience from the advice and support received during the consultations of a legal officer;
  • saving money on hiring a full-time lawyer and avoiding important risks.

Why Does a Company in Serbia Need a Legal Consultant?

Based on our practice and experience, we can say that legal consulting in Serbia will help you solve very serious problems that may be related to different legal areas, not necessarily to business planning:

  • Immigration issues, visa, residence permit, and a legal work permit in Serbia;
  • Assistance to legal entities that are just starting their journey on the Serbian market and may face various kinds of legal issues. For example, when signing an agreement with a foreign customer/partner, relocation of employees to Serbia from another state, customs disputes, etc.;
  • Debt obligations of counterparties, which are extremely difficult to collect without legal support;
  • Consulting on intellectual property that also requires protection;
  • Legal disputes within the company, including disputes between shareholders and employees of the company;
  • Bankruptcy, changing business’ domiciliation, liquidation of the company and opening a brand-new company in Serbia. 

All these labour and legal issues are next to impossible to solve without a consultation from a professional lawyer.

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Don’t try to solve complicated problems on your own, especially those related to reporting, banking, documentation, and legal aspects of different activities in Serbia. Contact the professionals and get an introductory free consultation today!


with seasoned professionals on international
banking and where it is best to open
non-resident corporate accounts.

with seasoned professionals on international banking and where it is best to open non-resident corporate accounts.

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Accounting and Legal Consulting Services in Serbia from Our Experts 

What services will you get as part of legal or accounting consulting in Serbia when you contact the specialists of our portal?

Tax LawOptimizing taxation, declaration of profits, preparation of documents for verification by tax authorities, consulting on DTT and taxation.
Commercial LawConsulting on the legal character of certain actions, export and import of goods in Serbia, and on conducting trade within the country.
Labour LawRelocation of employees to Serbia from another state, assistance in obtaining a work permit, legal advice in resolving labor disputes, etc.
Accounting and Document FlowAccounting consulting for individual entrepreneurs and LLCs in Serbia with actual assistance in reporting, accounting and providing a consultation to your staff member.
Serbian Corporate LawLegal and accounting consulting for branches of foreign companies and newly established companies in Serbia. Turnkey solutions for opening sole proprietorship and DOO in Serbia. 
BankingOpening a corporate and a personal bank account in Serbia and abroad, including the opportunity for remote opening.
Real EstateConsulting of foreign citizens and legal entities on the issues of making real estate transactions (security, legal literacy, etc.) for offices, retail venues, warehouses, production areas, apartments, cottages, and land plots. Checking the acquired property and eliminating possible risks.
Serbian Residence Permit and Permanent Residence Legal consulting on the accelerated procedure for obtaining a residence permit and Serbian permanent residence on the basis of employment, marriage, business registration, purchase of real estate in Serbia, etc. Practical help in these issues.
Documents and Legal RequirementsConsulting on all topics connected with moving to Serbia, as well as paperwork, visa regime, obtaining a compulsory medical insurance and voluntary medical insurance policy, support for admission to a university, registration at a police station, and other issues.

When you contact our experts, you will receive a full range of services, legal and accounting consulting and professional turnkey solutions.

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