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Are you looking for recommendations on how to quickly and remotely start your business abroad?  Many entrepreneurs who are going to move their business assets offshore, open a branch, a partnership, or a subsidiary in another country, refer to for answers and advice.

Our associate partners all over the world offer a comprehensive scope of solutions related to immigration and commerce. 

Register an offshore company with the help of professionals

Registration of a foreign company on a turnkey basis is among our experts’ most popular services, including the following objectives:

  • to provide expert consultations and assistance in choosing the country for starting a new business, branch, office, etc.;
  • to assist in the preparation of a portfolio of the required corporate documents;
  • to represent the interests of the owner/founder before different authorities in the country of the business registration;
  • to assist in the opening of a bank account (corporate and/or personal);
  • to render or arrange accounting services, legal assistance, translation, apostille of documents, and help in other matters according to the agreed list.

If you are looking for professional consultants who can perform the online registration of your business plus open its account abroad, you are welcome to contact our experts at the e-address given at the top of this page.

Business Structure Types Abroad

Registration of a foreign company involves the selection of a suitable business structure type. The names or acronyms of legal structures recognized in different jurisdictions may not be the same. But in most cases their types (forms) are similar.

Let us consider several structure types that are often chosen by non-residents when registering their businesses in different jurisdictions.

A foreign branch of a parent company is a step towards the global expansion of the owners’ business. Such a legal entity is not an independent economic entity. As it depends entirely on the parent company, all profits, losses, and liabilities belong to the parent company.

A foreign or an offshore representation office is a temporary business venue set up for running some company’s management and activities abroad. This office is not a legal entity, cannot perform commercial activities, and cannot make a profit of its own.

Ltd (Limited) stands for a private limited liability company. It is mostly a household business.  Its shares are not available to the general public. The shareholders have limited liability (i.e. only in the number of their investments into the company). The number of shareholders is less than 50 people.

PLC (Public Limited Company) is a public company, which is often found in the UK and Ireland. It can offer the shares on a stock exchange, its shares can be transferred freely. Its shareholders are not personally liable for the debts of the corporation. Such a company can have over 50 shareholders, 

A joint-stock company is a company with the capital divided into shares owned by the founders and third parties. Members and partners are not liable for losses of the corporation, and the shares can be transferred to other members of the JSC.

A Partnership is a form of registered business involving the cooperation of two or more people. Quite often it is beneficial to foreign entrepreneurs conducting a joint business. There are several forms of partnerships, including the following most popular ones:

  • A general partnership, formed between two or more people. The amount of profits is divided equally among the participants. 
  • A limited partnership has a general partner and a limited partner in the business structure. 

 A sole proprietor is a sole business owner. This person is often also the head of the company. The revenues are classified as personal income. A sole proprietor pays taxes as an individual and is personally liable for any losses.

An LDC (Limited Duration Company) is a company with a limited term of operation, which means that after some specified period the company is liquidated. Such forms are very popular in offshore zones, particularly in the Cayman Islands.

A non-profit company is any corporation which registration in a foreign country is for any purpose other than commercial. The most popular activities of such organizations are funds, trusts, charity, management, and investments.

When searching for an answer to the question of how to become rich, one needs to start with the selection of the right legal form of incorporation and the choice of the most suitable jurisdiction. You are welcome to refer to our experts’ advice and turnkey services of registration of your company abroad. Please send your request to the e-address given at the top of this page. 

Please note: The selection of a bank for an offshore company is the most complicated task due to several restrictions for such corporations. By contacting our experts, you will receive advice on choosing a banking institution, as well as their assistance in opening an account.

Professional Business Registration on a Turnkey Basis 

Offshore Pro Group offers professional services of company registration in all parts of the world. Our portal belongs to the class of international law firms and has associate partners on all continents. 

The process of forming a legal entity in one of the foreign jurisdictions, including offshore zones, can be done remotely or in person, either as a separate service or in integration with other services: 

  • set-up of a bank account;
  • office rent;
  • citizenship by investment;
  • real estate purchase;
  • the choice of a low-tax haven or offshore for registration of a foreign business;
  • investments;
  • tax planning;
  • accounting;
  • other services.

When applicants do not know all the intricacies of the legislation of a particular jurisdiction, the consequences of the company registration do not always meet expectations. They have to face many risks associated with the expansion of business, diversification of assets, and advancement to the international level in trade relations. 

To protect the company from competitors, to reduce taxes, to maintain and increase capital in one of the best banks in the world is a sophisticated complex task that requires some preliminary analysis. 

We offer legal support at all stages of the registration of a turnkey company abroad. 

Before taking any legal steps, you can have a free consultation, which will serve as an introduction to the international business community.

Requirements and documents for turnkey company registration 

One of the key requirements for the registration of your business entity in a foreign country is the submission of an application portfolio including your corporate documents. 

The list of the required set of papers differs depending on the business profile, structure, and country of incorporation. 

There are some standard documents that you will need to submit in any case. Our experts will help you compile them according to the requirements:

  • the proof of the office address;
  • the Certificate of the CEO and the Certificate of the shareholders;
  • the Certificate of the registered local agent;
  • copies of passports of all founders and shareholders (the Apostille and notarization can be also arranged by our experts);
  • the basic corporate documents: the Minutes of the first meeting of the directors, the Articles of Agreement, the Corporate Memorandum, the bank statement of the contribution of the minimum amount of the authorized capital.

Most countries allow fiduciary services (of a nominee).

Foreign account – how to open it and where?

One of the important steps of a foreign company’s registration on a turnkey basis (either in an offshore or any other jurisdiction) is the opening of a bank account for the legal entity or/and the natural person. It is important to choose the right bank. We recommend to make it before the start of the registration activities. 

Our experts cooperate with well-known financial platforms, as well as payment systems, with which you can open a multi-currency and foreign currency account, as well as get access to online banking 24/7.

Please note: The selection of a bank for an offshore company is the most complicated task due to several restrictions for such corporations. By contacting our experts, you will receive advice on choosing a banking institution, as well as their assistance in opening an account.

Questions & answers about registration of companies abroad

How much does it cost to register a foreign company on a turnkey basis?

The total cost depends on the form of business and the requirements of a particular country. A package fee covers the preparation of documents, registration of the company abroad, rental of offices, the opening of a bank account (optional), taxes and fees, registration charges, and legal address for (one) year.

How long will it take to register a non-resident company remotely – in an offshore or another country?

It is impossible to give a definite answer because everything depends on the situation and can take from 3 days to 3 months. During the incorporation period, the following activities need to be performed: to compile the package of application documents, rent an office, open a bank account, have the beneficiaries’ documents verified, check the legal name of the entity in the registry, submit the application portfolio.

What is a company registration number and where do I get one?

The Company Registration Number (CRN) is a unique numerical code issued by the registry after the formation of a legal entity.

How much do offshore companies cost?

The cost of a shelf company depends on the availability of the detailed corporate documents, as well as on the country. For example, you can buy an offshore entity in the UK for less than 10 thousand euros, and buy a turnkey business in Turkey with a guaranteed income as well as citizenship for 400 thousand euros or more.

When can I start doing business and trading in a foreign country?

A registered company can start operating immediately upon the receipt of the incorporation documents

How to open a corporate account with a foreign bank?

For some categories of companies, a corporate account may not be available due to the restrictions set by the country of incorporation or the lack of complete information about the beneficiary. Our experts will tell you how to open an account and in which country it is most profitable to do it.

How to register an offshore company remotely:


Contact us at the e-address of given at the top of this page.


Discuss your wishes and opportunities with our consultants and sign a services contract.


Provide documents as requested by our experts and transfer the fee for the turnkey services (this can be in Bitcoin or any convertible currency).


Suggest a company name that will be checked by our partners for availability.


Open a corporate account in the country where the business is being registered or in another country.


Receive a certificate of incorporation of your foreign company (in person or by courier).

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