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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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Looking for answers to questions? The InternationalWealth portal's consultants, as well as our partners and correspondents around the world, are ready to help you.

The portal is intended to give you background information and education: but to take action you will of course need to talk to an Offshore Consultant or an Offshore Service Provider about your individual situation. These are the people who can make things happen for you: get you a company or trust, open you a bank account, or obtain a second passport for you.

As in any profession, some players are better than others. There are of course scammers offshore, but the majority of Offshore Consultants and Offshore Service Providers are genuine, honest people. We are in the business not just to earn money, but also because of a true interest and our philosophical / megapolitical leanings. We are here because we believe in a free global economy, with an absolute minimum of government interference.

By dealing only with Offshore Consultants and Offshore Service Providers recommended by the InternationalWealth portal, you can be sure that you are dealing with experienced and honest professionals. We've done the hard work conducting due diligence on our recommended providers and partners so you don't have to.

Offshore consultants take a broader view of the big picture than local experts. They take into account the situation in the world, as well as changes in offshore companies and the financial services industry themselves.

Are you an Offshore Consultant or Service Provider yourself? Or a lawyer, banker or businessperson who is interested in the offshore arena and looking to get started? If so, we would like to hear your proposals about how we can work together. In the past, we have run training courses, and we often know of informal meetups around the world where professional offshore consultants and service providers can exchange ideas. The first step is to make contact. For best results, please write a detailed email about yourself, your ideas and your goals. 

Our team is ready to advise you in a variety of areas:

  • investments abroad
  • opening international bank accounts
  • registration of companies
  •  obtaining business licenses: banking, cryptocurrency, gambling, brokerage and others
  • obtaining a residence permit / permanent residence / citizenship abroad
  • business structuring

- and much more

Below you will find a selection of the most requested and relevant materials and offers from offshore consultants and offshore service providers. You can also explore the rest of this portal to read articles from experts and professionals who are open to do business.

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