Why you should register a company in KIZAD Free Economic Zone, UAE

«KIZAD» Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is a commercial, logistic, and industrial hub that provides for ideal conditions to set up a business company there. The FEZ is located in the United Arab Emirates and in the Emirate of Abu-Dhabi in particular.

«KIZAD» FEZ is a perfect place to open a factory or a trading company that are going to pay no taxes at all.

There are aluminum production plants, engineering companies, food processing and packaging enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, polymer producers, and car parts manufacturers in «KIZAD» FEZ.  What are the main advantages of registering a company in the Zone?

company in KIZAD

The location of «KIZAD» FEZ

Abu-Dhabi is one of the most prosperous Arab Emirates. It is located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Abu-Dhabi is among the top twenty economies in the world and offers a stable political system, highly professional business landscape, and attractive tax incentives to international entrepreneurs.  

The famous Arabic hospitality coupled with modern cosmopolitan way of living will make the place a comfortable home whichever country you come from.   

«Abu-Dhabi Ports» is the main developer, operator, and manager of ten commercial, logistic, and tourist seaports in the area.  «KIZAD» FEZ is part of the area too.  

Founded in 2006, «Abu-Dhabi Ports» aims to become a world-class seaport manager and provide industrial zone services to international business people thus diversifying the economy of Abu-Dhabi.

«Abu Dhabi Ports» provides integrated and optimized solutions via its system of seaports, support services, and infrastructural projects that attract foreign entrepreneurs engaged in shipment and logistics-related business activities.

By offering innovative solutions, «Abu-Dhabi Ports» plays a key role in the development of sea trade and production industry in the region.

Any business company will benefit from the central location and access to an advanced transportation network.

Located between Abu-Dhabi and Dubai, «KIZAD» FEZ will offer you direct access to various markets by sea, by land, by air, and also by the railway that is going to be constructed there soon. You can easily reach 4.5 billion consumers from that place!  

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oinformation from an expert on taxes and possible tax benefits of the jurisdiction appropriate to the company's structure.

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«KIZAD» gives access to Khalifa Port – the marine gateway to Abu-Dhabi

«KIZAD» FEZ is built around Khalifa Port that is one of the most advanced deep-water ports in the world. It is the first semi-automatic seaport in the region.

The complex services provided by Khalifa Port and «KIZAD» FEZ will bring long-term business advantages that include an exceptionally efficient supply chain.

Khalifa Port services 20 large shipping lines that connect the place with over 50 other ports in the world. This allows shipping goods from Abu-Dhabi to almost any place in the world. The same goes for shipping goods to Abu-Dhabi.

Air transportation opportunities in «KIZAD» FEZ

A company located in «KIZAD» will be located close to four international airports: Abu-Dhabi, Al-Maktoum, Dubai, and Ajman.  

The airports are fully equipped for international shipment of goods and they can provide an alternative means of transportation for your products.

Land transportation opportunities in «KIZAD» FEZ

There is an advanced network of highways in «KIZAD» and around it, which provides for wonderful land transportation opportunities in the area. The highways connect «KIZAD» FEZ with the Emirates and other Middle East countries, GCC countries in particular.

Railroad transportation opportunities in «KIZAD» FEZ

In the future, a company stationed in «KIZAD» will have the opportunity to transport goods by «Etihad Rail» that will connect the UAE with other GCC states.

Khalifa Port and «KIZAD» FEZ already have the necessary infrastructure that allows building and using «Etihad Rail».

Infrastructure in «KIZAD» FEZ

All the infrastructural objects are readily available in «KIZAD», which allows the company registered there to start business operations immediately. Your business will have access to the internal transportation network and all the utilities in the FEZ.

Internal transportation network and utilities in «KIZAD» FEZ

The internal transportation network is fully built and it gives access to Khalifa Port and the main highway.

Utilities such as electricity and drinking water supply, telecommunications, sewage, and special utilities such as industrial water supply are also readily available in «KIZAD» FEZ.

The infrastructural objects in the area are designed in a way that allows integrating the future railroad into the overall structure. Thus, your production facilities in the FEZ will have easy access to this means of transportation too. 

«KIZAD» FEZ as an integrated cluster

«KIZAD» FEZ consists of several industrial clusters. The producers are geographically grouped by the types of business activities that they are engaged in so that they can contribute to each other’s operations in a most efficient way.

Products manufactured by one resident company in the Zone can be used by another resident company.

This method of grouping the manufacturers gives rise to research, innovations, talent and skill development.

«KIZAD» FEZ for innovations

«KIZAD» FEZ is always on the lookout for innovative solutions, which will bring one more advantage to your company registered there. For instance, there is a ‘liquid metal’ way that allows economical and energy-efficient transportation of melted aluminum.

Besides, that is an eight-lane highway that allows transporting oversize cargo from the factory to Khalifa Port. Широкая дорога:

There is also a production water cooling system offered by EMAL resident company. It guarantees that the water used in production is cooled before dropping in the sea thus bringing no damage to the flora and fauna in the sea. In addition, there is a seawater desalination system available in the FEZ.

Homing personnel in «KIZAD» FEZ

In the nearest future, residential accommodations will become available very close to «KIZAD» FEZ (5 to 10 minutes away).  

The personnel will be homed in accordance with the strict requirements to homing industrial zone workers that are in effect in Abu-Dhabi.

Personalized solutions for «KIZAD» resident companies

Companies resident in «KIZAD» have a wide choice of land lots, warehouses, and offices to rent. There are complex offers for light industry enterprises.  

Land lot rent in «KIZAD» FEZ

In «KIZAD», you can rent the land lot that fits your business purposes. If your business grows in the future and requires more land, it is readily available there.

The «KIZAD» administration is very flexible about land lot rent. Lots can be divided or united depending on your needs. The rent agreement that you sign is a beneficial long-term agreement.

Warehouses in «KIZAD» FEZ

Minimize your costs by storing the products in KIZAD Logistic Park. The Logistic Park is one of the leading warehouse centers in the region. It consists of wisely designed warehouse modules.

The warehouses are equipped with loading docks with adjustable floor levels. Besides, it is possible to rent a mezzanine office above the warehouse.

KIZAD Logistic Park spreads over the FEZ and beyond. The warehouse modules located outside KIZAD FEZ number 105 with a total space of 118,964 square meters for rent. The warehouse modules located within the Zone number 32.  

Office space in «KIZAD» FEZ

The offices in «KIZAD» FEZ and the workstations are fully equipped and ready for use. They provide for the possibility to carry out business tasks in an efficient manner without overpaying for the office space.

The administration of «KIZAD» FEZ occupies the first floor of the office building, which makes it very convenient for obtaining UAE visas for company employees. 

Light industry modules in «KIZAD» FEZ

Light industry modules are scheduled for construction in the near future in «KIZAD» FEZ. There will be a Light Industry Module Park in the Zone where companies working in this sector will find everything that they need for successful operations.

Бизнес-парк «KIZAD» Business Park and District Centre

The Business Park’s objective is to support companies working in «KIZAD» Free Economic Zone. It is expected that the Park will contain office buildings, showrooms, a hotel, and other facilities.

The prospective District Centre will contain such infrastructure objects as a mosque, a medical clinic, food stores, and other social infrastructure facilities.  

Nonstop support for «KIZAD» resident companies

«KIZAD» FIZ administration provides full support to the resident companies at all stages: from the very beginning and on.

In «KIZAD», you will find competitive prices for utilities. The electricity and water supply bills are going to pleasantly surprise you. The same goes for office and warehouse rent prices.   

In addition, registering a company in «KIZAD» FEZ as well as extending the licenses is always fast and simple.

Taxes in «KIZAD» FEZ

There are neither personal nor corporate income taxes in the Zone. There are no restrictions on capital investment nor disinvestment. There is no currency control. No VAT is levied on international trade operations in the UAE. There are neither import nor export customs duties in the FEZ (if goods are exported outside the UAE).

Please apply for our professional consultation on registering a company in «KIZAD» Free Economic Zone. We are always eager to help!

What taxes are payable in «KIZAD» FEZ?

There are no UAE taxes in the Zone.

Can the owner of the company registered in В«KIZAD» obtain an UAE visa?

Owners and employees of KIZAD-registered companies are eligible for UAE visas as well as the members of their families.

Is it possible to build a production plant in «KIZAD» FEZ?

Yes, «KIZAD» FEZ suits manufacturing companies very well.

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