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What Are the Benefits of a Nevis LLC?

Looking for a suitable jurisdiction to register a foreign company and protect your assets? Choosing Nevis to incorporate an LLC won’t fail you. Easy registration procedures, low taxes (or even no taxes), and excellent asset protection are the perks the above island in the Caribbean comes with.

Benefits of a Nevis LLC

In terms of advantages, Nevis surpasses other options. While the Cayman Islands offer similar asset protection, setting up a company there is more expensive. A Nevis LLC at the same time is convenient, secure, and affordable.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these essential benefits.

LLCs in Nevis and their advantages

Nevis comes with many advantages for businesses that make it special. It focuses on keeping personal data safe, provides a strong and highly secure system to protect assets for LLCs, gives you second-to-none control over your company, lets you customize the business to fit your needs, and offers other benefits that are worth checking out.

When it comes to registering a brand-new LLC in Nevis, the jurisdiction is quick. It usually takes just 2 working days to set up a Nevis LLC. Yet, if you need extra documents like an apostille, the incorporation procedure may take around 5 to 6 working days.

Personal data confidentiality

In many places around the world, especially those focused on business expansion and development, the public can access information about who owns and runs a company. FYI: Nevis does things differently. 

Unlike other countries, Nevis doesn’t share details about company managers, directors, and owners with the public. Instead, the above private data are kept safe by a registered agent. The latter only reveals them in special circumstances, like investigating terrorism or drug trafficking.

If you register your company as an LLC or corporation in Nevis, you don’t have to file annual tax reports. Remember though that it’s still important to keep proper accounting records. Yet, you are free to choose any location in the world to handle the task. Just let the registered agent know your preferred location.

Are you aware that along with the usual benefit of limited liability for business owners, you can enjoy other perks? To learn more about them, you are welcome to schedule a personal consultation with International Wealth experts.


on which jurisdiction is best for
your business, preferred tax regime,
company structure.

on which jurisdiction is best for your business, preferred tax regime, company structure.

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Nevis LLC to protect your assets

Undeniably, asset protection is a major advantage of any Nevis LLC. 

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In plain language, it is very difficult for others to take away or control the assets owned by a Nevis LLC. Yet, this protection only holds if you haven’t knowingly broken any laws, like trying to move assets after a lawsuit has been filed against you.

The laws in Nevis are strategically designed to provide maximum protection for investors. Here are some key aspects:

  • Nevis courts do not recognize judgments from foreign courts. If you have lost a lawsuit in another country and your assets are in Nevis, you will need to start a new legal process in Nevis.
  • Class-action lawsuits are not taken by Nevis courts. Only individual cases are considered.
  • Before documents are submitted to the court, a mandatory insurance fee of at least USD 100,000 shall be paid.
  • Only local attorneys may be hired. This rule limits the availability of experienced professionals as the best ones usually work for local registered agents.
  • To substantiate their case, the plaintiff shall provide evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the standard they typically use in criminal law. Compared to regular requirements, this one necessitates thorough preparation.

Another advantage is that a lawsuit disputing the transfer of a specific asset to a Nevis LLC shall be filed within 2 years of the transfer. If the deadline is missed, the Nevis court will reject the claim, and the Nevis LLC will proceed with its operations without any interruptions.

However, if the plaintiff convinces the court that the evidence supports their case and wins, several challenges arise. Firstly, the court’s decision and the plaintiff’s claim on the defendant’s company ownership are valid for only 3 years. Mind that the above claim is not subject to extension.

Secondly, the court’s ruling applies only to the individual owner of the company who is involved in the case. In the case of multiple LLC owners, the shares of the other participants remain unaffected.

Thirdly, in most situations, the plaintiff may not claim ownership of the actual asset within the company. Instead, they are only allowed to seek the dividends the defendant received.

Other perks Nevis LLCs can offer 

The manager of a Nevis LLC can exercise full control over the company, even if they don’t own it. The said manager has the authority to manage the company and all its assets.

A Nevis LLC may have multiple participants. Its owners are either individuals or companies from almost any country. An opportunity exists to be the only owner of the company and also its director or manager at the same time.

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Nevis offers the advantage of low taxes. It comes without corporate tax if income is earned outside the country. What is more, you won’t be subject to withholding tax, stamp duty, or capital gains tax in Nevis. As a bonus, the jurisdiction imposes no currency restrictions.

If you so desire, you can move your LLC to another place or bring a foreign company to Nevis to enjoy the benefits mentioned.

A Nevis LLC has the right to own and control different types of assets, such as money, investments, properties, and sometimes cryptocurrencies.

The great thing about a Nevis LLC is that it can operate as a regular trading enterprise, a holding company, or simply a safe place to keep your money. By combining an LLC with a Nevis trust, you will enjoy the highest level of protection for your assets and information.

Even though Nevis is an offshore location, one big advantage is that International Wealth experts can help you open a bank account there. The above opportunity exists not only in Nevis but in other jurisdictions as well. You may also choose to open and maintain accounts in payment systems.

We highly recommend you contact International Wealth for a free consultation before you register an LLC, be it in Nevis or elsewhere. Our experts will clarify the options available for opening a bank account to you. Schedule a free consultation with International Wealth professionals by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to use any communication method that suits you.

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