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Ready-Made IBCs: the Marshall Islands is the Best

Until recently, shelf companies set up in offshore jurisdictions were considered by many foreign entrepreneurs and regulators as a way to launder money. However, it is time for radical changes: today, ready-made companies (also referred to as “companies on the shelf”) have become an absolutely legal method that helps start international operations in just a few days. 

Experts typically recommend the Marshall Islands as the best option for those who plan to open an IBC structure in a safe tax haven, get a business with a history, and quickly attract foreign partners using a scheme that is safe and completely legal. 

Ready-made IBCs on the Marshalls
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Is it better to form an offshore IBC in the Marshall Islands or acquire a ready-to-use one? The answer depends on many factors that our world-class experts will help you understand.

What is a Shelf Company and How Legitimate Is It?

The first thing every potential founder of an international business structure has to know: a shell company and a shelf company have nothing in common. Many foreign entrepreneurs look at shelf companies with caution due to the misinterpretation of the meaning of these terms: they associate it with serious fines and criminal proceedings that may be looming in the distance. 

A shelf company implies a ready-to-use International Business Company that is organized in strict accordance with the regulations adopted in the country where it is based – but does not conduct any activities. In fact, we are talking about a readily available business which does not currently engage in any operations but regularly pays renewal fees, has a legal address and a local office, is not in breach of any acts or laws, and can be assigned to a new owner to conduct any business within the permissible limits.

A shell company is, conversely, a fictitious structure that exists only on paper without any economic or real presence being available. We dissuade you from using this option for your business activities as such a choice is ineffective (at best) and may entail serious problems with the inspection structures (at worst). Such companies often come up in huge scandals like “Panama Papers” and exist as an illegal part of offshore schemes and money laundering. However, as new measures to combat financial fraud were introduced and the beneficiaries were made to get “out of the shadow”, offshore-based shell companies lost their popularity and, as a result, ceased to exist almost completely. 

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Conclusion: Ready-made IBCs “on the shelf” are not illegal, and they comply with all FATF, OECD and all global regulators. Such a company is free to open accounts with foreign banks and enjoy local benefits provided to offshore structures. In the case of the Marshall Islands, such benefits include high confidentiality, zero taxation, and remote business management.


with seasoned professionals on international
banking and where it is best to open
non-resident corporate accounts.

with seasoned professionals on international banking and where it is best to open non-resident corporate accounts.

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Ready IBCs in RMI – How to Buy and Use

We propose shelf companies that are set up without any infringement of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Laws, and it remains inactive for a week, month, one or several years. It should be emphasized that the structure founder is compliant with all established provisions as to maintaining documentation, paying fees, and having an office/registered agent.

Once an IBC is transferred to another individual or group of individuals, no new business registration procedure is required. Amendments are made to the constituent documentation, and a new beneficial owner is assigned to the IBC bank account.

That’s all! Your business in the insular state is ready to bring you a lot of benefits. You will

  • Save the time needed to form a new structure: a shelf company can become yours in a matter of 24-48 hours.
  • Get an entity with a history, which is often extremely important when you decide to expand the business or attract partners.
  • Obtain a concluded agreement with the registered agent and spare the time and effort searching for one.
  • Receive all constituent documents.
  • Get a bank account which is there waiting for you to start operations.
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If the business longevity and lifetime of an offshore entity seem irrelevant, take an opportunity to quickly open an IBC in RMI by studying our ready-made proposals and contacting the experts using the contacts indicated above. 

Why it is Profitable to Acquire Shelf IBCs

Ready-made IBCs can be a more profitable option for international businesses than registering a business from scratch, and there is a number of reasons for that:

  • All documents have been executed, so there is no need to bother yourself by contacting the Registrar and concluding an agreement with a registered local agent.
  • In some jurisdictions, the company should have experience and exist for some time to bid on contracts. With regard to offshore IBCs in the Marshall Islands, you can engage in the bidding process immediately after modifying the documentation to include a new owner. 
  • The trust of partners and customers, which depends on the “lifetime” of the business structure and its experience.
  • Access to corporate lending products, which is normally open to entrepreneurs who have not gone bankrupt or closed down.

Upon completion of the change of ownership procedure with our participation, you will receive the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Agreement with a registered agent
  • Bank account documents

Offshore IBCs in RMI: Tax Regime

Before purchasing a shelf company in the Marshall Islands, take an attentive look at the tax system in the Republic and other related requirements:

  • Corporate tax – 0%
  • There are no taxes on dividends, interest and royalties
  • Stamp duty is not charged
  • 100% foreign ownership is permitted
  • Reporting and declaration of taxes – not required
  • There is no currency control

Registration of documents for ready-made IBCs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands with the help of Offshore Pro Group experts is done remotely without the founder’s personal presence. You can use nominee service if you need to, which increases the level of shareholders’ and beneficiaries’ personal data protection.

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Not sure whether you want the Marshall Islands? Schedule a meeting with us, and our specialists will tell you what other jurisdictions are available.

Ready-to-Use IBCs in RMI: Bank Account

You can acquire a ready-made business entity in the Marshall Islands with a bank account – or without. Regardless of the option selected, you as a business founder have the right to set up a new corporate account, choosing a more convenient currency, bank, and service cost. This can be a multicurrency account, a payment system, a European bank, or an offshore financial institution to service IBCs in RMI.

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Contact our experts to open a personal or corporate account abroad quickly, safely, and (in some cases) remotely.

How Quickly Will I Acquire a Ready-Made IBC?

Want to start managing your IBC business in RMI without any delays? Buy a ready-made company by delegating all the hassle to our partners and experienced experts. The entire procedure takes several phases to complete – and we will do it all for you, so your personal presence is not required: 


Write to us using the information above to tell us about your wishes, goals, and tasks, indicating the type and purpose of your ready-made IBC.


List the business owners and shareholders. Specify your banking preferences if you have them.


Make an advance payment for the service package: 50% of the agreed sum. We accept any currency, including cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.


Deposit the remaining amount for the services rendered by our experts, and obtain the ready-made package of constituent documents.


Start your business as a proud owner of a ready-made IBC in the RMI.

This article is written as a brief outline rather than a detailed guide as there exist many technicalities related to the acquisition of ready-made IBCs in the Marshall Islands. If you feel that a shelf company will meet your needs, please get in touch with us ([email protected]) to get detailed advice or dispel your doubts.

Looking forward to helping you with your new business!

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