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The Commonwealth of Dominica: a classic Caribbean offshore with an attractively priced citizenship-by-investment program

We would like to start by stressing that this section is dedicated to the Commonwealth of Dominica and not to the Dominican Republic, which is a different state.

The most attractive feature that Dominica has is its citizenship-by-investment Government program. We hope that this section will help you discover Dominica that is not only an offshore jurisdiction but also one of the few wild islands left in the world. In this country, the British law, the high-quality legal services, and the popular economic citizenship program go parallel to harvesting coconuts with the help of machetes.

Country section - Dominica

The fact that there are comparatively few offshore companies registered in Dominica makes this jurisdiction worth considering. If you feel that it is a bit too crowded in Nevis or Belize, go to Dominica and enjoy its fantastic nature!

I. Offshore products and services in the Commonwealth of Dominica

In this section, you can find information about the procedures and the costs of establishing a business company in Dominica and obtaining economic citizenship of the country. The articles here also describe our packaged services: a company in Dominica + an account with a foreign bank that will service Dominican-based companies. As offers come and go on a regular basis, you will be well advised to apply for our consultation if you are interested in obtaining a product or a service in Dominica.

Articles about products and services in Dominica

II. A second passport of Dominica

In this section, we discuss the Dominican citizenship-by-investment program that gives a great chance to acquire a second passport. The program has been going on for more than twenty years now but it still has some ‘grey spots’ (such as citizenship for the economic immigrants’ children, for instance) that only licensed Citizenship by Investment Consultants will be able to clarify. The program constantly develops and some changes occur regularly both in the prices and in the conditions, thus the articles may go out of date. One of the latest changes, for example, is the termination of the requirements that prospective citizens of Dominica should visit the country at least once – they do not have to do it any longer. Anyway, by reading the articles in this section, you can develop a general understanding of the Dominican citizenship-by-investment Government program and become better prepared for a personal consultation.

III. Dominica as an offshore jurisdiction

As our readers are not indifferent to what kind of offshore jurisdiction they want to establish presence in, we talk about the image that Dominica has with the international financial community in this section. If the country gets involved in an offshore scandal, you will learn about it here. If some changes are introduced in the Dominican financial sector, we will also inform you about them in this section.

Articles about Dominica as an international financial center

IV. Offshore company registration in Dominica

You can register a company in the Commonwealth of Dominica remotely, without visiting the country. You can talk with the consultant via modern communication means, you can also use them to submit the required Due Diligence documents, and you can make payments by a bank transfer or by use of an electronic payment system. In this section, we discuss the specifics of setting up business companies in Dominica.

Articles about company registration in Dominica

V. Business in Dominica

This section is for those who would like to establish a business company in a wild corner of the world. As the economy of the Commonwealth of Dominica develops, new contributions to this section will be made.

Articles about business in Dominica

VI. Citizenship of Dominica in exchange for investment into real estate

There are not many real property pieces in Dominica that you can invest into thus qualifying for citizenship of the country. There are even fewer property pieces whose construction has been completed thus far. In this section, we will follow the development in the construction sector in Dominica and inform you about new opportunities to acquire citizenship of the country by investing into real estate there.

Articles about acquiring citizenship of Dominica by investing into real property in the country

VII. Interesting facts about Dominica for investors into second citizenship

If you have been thinking about visiting Dominica, the articles in this section are probably going to make the decision come sooner. Waterfalls, whale watching, diving, hiking in the wilderness, visiting the places were ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie was shot, fishing, bathing in the hot springs – everything can be found in Dominica!

Articles about Dominica’s attractions

VIII. Practical recommendations for visitors of Dominica

Dominica is a country of exceptional natural beauty. It is mostly visited by North American tourists who come there on cruise ships as well as scientists, and eco-tourists. The articles in this section will let you plan your trip to Dominica in advance. Previously, it was necessary for all new citizens of the country to visit it at least once. When this requirement was cancelled and when visa-free access to Schengen zone countries was granted to Dominicans, the popularity of the local citizenship-by-investment program increased dramatically.

But even though the foreigners acquiring citizenship of Dominica do not have to visit the country now, many of them want to take a look at it anyway and get acquainted with the local people and the wonderful nature. This section will help you plan your visit to Dominica in a more efficient way, develop an understanding of what you can do when in the country as well as what you should not do there, and realize what items you need to put in your suitcase.

Articles about things to do and not to do in Dominica

IX. News from the Commonwealth of Dominica of interest to economic citizens of the country and business owners who have registered a company there

Dominica news articles


X. Events in Dominica

In this section, we discuss various summits and conferences that are held in Dominica (at least in part). Most of these events are dedicated to the citizenship-by-investment opportunity and thus they will be interesting for prospective investors.

Articles about summits and conferences in Dominica

XI. Investments into the Commonwealth of Dominica

In this section, we describe the investment opportunities that you can make use of in Dominica. We mention the opportunities available within the frameworks of the citizenship-by-investment Government program and the opportunities available outside the program.

Articles about investments into business and real estate in Dominica

XII. Life in Dominica

In this section, we publish the articles that may be interesting to those who plan to move to Dominica and live there forever.

Articles about Dominican ways if life

XIII. Taxes and taxation system in Dominica

In this section, we talk about corporate taxes that are applicable to business companies registered in Dominica. Besides, we discuss the taxes levied on tax residents of the country. The latter topic is also relevant for those who would like to register a company in Dominica as the ‘economic substance’ requirement is in place and it presupposes hiring personnel in addition to acquiring tangible assets in the country.

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in Dominica

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