Opening an offshore brokerage account is a key strategy to diversify risks, gain access to profitable investment instruments, and protect assets. Brokerage accounts are opened by individuals and legal entities. Frequently, brokerage accounts are also opened by family offices, offshore trusts and foundations.

Brokerage accounts are principally used to buy and sell stocks on major markets such as the NYSE or the London Stock Exchange. Most allow you to trade futures and options. Offshore brokerage accounts allow Lombard loans or margin trading. Other brokerage accounts specialize in foreign exchange (forex) markets such as MT4 accounts or alternative investments. Crypto trading has now crossed over into the world of traditional offshore brokerage accounts so you can buy, sell and hold crypto assets through offshore brokerage accounts. Still others allow you to buy into little known but potentially lucrative stock markets such as those of Africa or Latin America. Many brokerages also offer cash management accounts with checking privileges or credit cards. 

Depending on the goals and size of the investment portfolio, we are ready to recommend brokers around the world: some are ready to work with small investors (from about ten thousand dollars upwards) whilst some are more geared to those who are interested in placing large portfolios - a few million and above.

It is possible to open a brokerage account either with a personal visit or remotely. Offshore brokerage accounts are opened at banks, brokers, and trading platforms by individuals, companies, trusts, family offices etc.

Which countries offer the best offshore brokerage accounts? In Latin America, we recommend Panama and Paraguay where brokerages are known as casas de valores. In Africa and Asia, the best offshore brokerages are in Seychelles and Mauritius. Switzerland has some of the best international brokerage accounts in Europe, alongside London. Last but not least, the USA is a great place to open an offshore brokerage account if you are not American!

Just from the brief introduction above, you'll gather that there are many different types of offshore brokerage houses, so choosing the best option requires a process of elimination based on your personal needs. It's best to talk to someone who knows the market already. 

We recommend that you visit the free consultation on the selection of a foreign account page. This will enable our experts to evaluate your personal requirements and recommend the best solutions.

Also fee free to send questions about offshore brokerage accounts to or contact us via WhatsApp.

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