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The biggest portal about international asset protection and diversification

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How to open accounts with offshore banks? How do foreign banks work? Which banks are the best in a particular country? Look for answers to these questions and more in this section of the InternationalWealth portal.

Diversifying your assets into a foreign (offshore) bank in the 21st century is not a whim, but a dire necessity for many people. Keeping all your money in one bank and even one country is a bit like putting all your eggs in one basket. And that basket is then constantly twisted on a long rope over your head in a room full of hard and sharp objects!

The distribution of assets across different economies, legal systems and on different conditions helps to reduce the risks of a one-time loss of savings. Plus, it opens up additional opportunities: investments abroad, education, travel, residence permit / permanent residence, citizenship by investment and more.

The InternationalWealth portal brings together a professional team of experts that helps entrepreneurs and other interested parties to open bank accounts around the world: with a personal visit or remotely. We offer a free consultation on the selection of an offshore bank account for individuals and companies.

You can find out more about offshore banks in the articles in this section.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a selection of in-demand materials and services about offshore banks.

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Banks and Payment Systems: Differences, Advantages, and Drawbacks

The market of financial services is large, but there are two categories of institutions that can open an account for your personal or corporate needs: traditional banks and payment systems (neobanks). Which of these to choose? Which one will satisfy your needs in the best way possible? Read the article to find out more as the right choice depends on the situation: if you have a high-risk business, for example, it will be hard for you to find a regular bank that will agree to onboard you, and a payment system will be a much more suitable option. If you are still in doubt, get in touch with our expert.

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Maximizing Your Wealth: Offshore Banking Opportunities in Mauritius

Offshore bank account in Mauritius: 7 key benefits. High interest rates, deposit security, flexibility, investment opportunities, lending programs, and efficient tax optimization in Mauritius. How did Mauritius emerge as a top offshore hub? Advantageous geographic location, political stability, legal system, and regulatory framework. Arbitration center in Mauritius. DTA agreements. Diverse business structures in Mauritius. Favorable taxation. Skilled workforce. Well-developed banking industry.

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Banking Scandals in Switzerland: from Past to Present

Switzerland remains the most reputable jurisdiction as far as banking services are concerned. However, history knows many examples when scandals in the Swiss banking sector have broken out. Most often, this happens because a Swiss bank is involved in some money laundering schemes or it helps its customers evade taxes. In other cases, a banker can be bribed to give a loan. The truth always comes out eventually and the bank faces serious consequences.

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Unveiling China’s Banking A-Listers: The Biggest Players in the Financial Market

Getting hold of the main drivers behind Chinese banks' high capitalization and asset levels. Comprehensive look into China's banking system. Discovering key insights into the Chinese banking system. Top ratings of China's biggest banks. Forbes Global 2000, S&P Global Market Intelligence 2022, and The Banker 2022. China Construction Bank, ICBC, ABC bank, Bank of Communications, and BOC – meet China’s top-5 banks.

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Do Swiss banks report to the EU?

Bank secrecy in modern Switzerland: reality or myth. Swiss banks have been automatically sharing bank customer info with the EU member states since 2018. What does Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) imply? The AEOI standard: bank customer data that are shared. Is bank secrecy still a reality in Switzerland?

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Top 5 Largest Banks in Europe by Total Assets in 2023

People have always liked (and will always like!) strength and power, so they want to cooperate with the strongest players in the market. If you open an account with the largest bank available, you get access to top reliability and resources, and this is the reason why the top 5 is a good idea to help you make a choice. In this post, we will present the top 5 largest banks in Europe by the total amount of assets and tell a few words about their services and peculiarities. You can become a customer of one of these financial giants in a matter of several weeks. Contact our experts for updated information.

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Banking Privacy in Switzerland: What Swiss Banks Provide Maximum Confidentiality?

Is your banking information going to be completely confidential if you bank is based in Switzerland? No, not completely. Official state agencies including fiscal authorities are going to have access to your banking information. However, the laws of the country efficiently protect banking privacy anyway: the bank account holder’s information can never become available to unauthorized third parties.

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Do Offshore Banks Report to IRS?

Perks of offshore banking. IRS and global tax administrations on a crusade against offshore banks. Circumstances when FATCA doesn't work and you don’t need to report tax info to the IRS. When isn't the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) effective? Tax information exchange persists: are offshore bank accounts worth opening? Professional services for you to avoid issues with offshore account setup and tax info exchange.

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Why do millionaires keep their money in Swiss banks?

Switzerland is the main banking center of the world. A great number of affluent people from different countries keep their money in Swiss banks. There they find an unparalleled level of banking security. Even though the interest on some types of bank deposits is negative in Switzerland, opening an account in a Swiss bank makes economic sense anyway.

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