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Offshore bank accounts allow us to diversify risks, protect personal information, and gain access to profitable investments. Offshore accounts are useful financial tools for both individuals and businesses.

This section of the InternationalWealth portal collects articles on how to open offshore bank accounts all over the world.

The InternationalWealth portal experts offer free consultations on the selection of personal and corporate offshore accounts worldwide:

With our professional assistance, you will quickly analyze and shortlist the most relevant banking and financial institutions that offer to open accounts in person or remotely (so that you wouldn’t need to travel across the world to apply). Choose from a menu of pre-approved personal, corporate, brokerage, or deposit accounts recommended by a knowledgeable consultant based on your own needs.

Why should you choose to our experts when choosing a bank account?

  • Every client has a unique profile, needs, and ambitions when opening a personal international bank account. If you hope for fruitful cooperation with the bank, you need to explore a lot of aspects. That’s where our expert insights are very important.
  • Your success in opening an offshore corporate bank account strongly depends on the business profile, and the quality of the application file.  When assisting you, our expert will take into account your business plans and all benefits of the most suitable bank account.
  • Offshore banking is full of "unwritten rules." Many interesting and beneficial offers are not publicly available, so our experts will share the most recent updates.
  • The expert will explain to you what requirements you need to meet in order to open an account with the bank of your preference. Providing detailed and credible explanations about your future transactions is key!

Please find below the most popular articles on offshore bank accounts.

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All articles on the topic – Offshore Bank Accounts

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Where to Open a Foreign Account for Your IT Business?

Did you know that the IT sphere is regarded as a high-risk business and not all banks are prepared to cooperate with IT companies? It seems strange as this is one of the most popular business areas right now, but it often remains non-transparent for banking institutions. The latter are concerned about adherence to compliance requirements, and they cannot always check what an IT company is really doing – what if it is engaged in software development for fraudsters? This results in certain challenges for IT business owners. In this article. We will take a look at how IT companies can handle banking.

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Can Offshore Company Open Bank Account in Dubai?

An offshore bank account in the UAE is not only a reliable business tool, but also an indicator of the company's prestige and respectability. But how to open such an account for a foreign company or investor? Our experts have prepared for you a comprehensive guide on this topic.

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What Are Some Dangers of Offshore Banking?

Offshore banking is a legitimate way to protect assets, reduce costs and expand investment opportunities, but it is not without risk. In this article, our experts explain some of the dangers of offshore banking and advise how to minimize or circumvent the risks.

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Business Bank Accounts Opening Abroad: Timesaving Advice

Business Bank Accounts Opening Abroad may be a shortcut to your goals or a long odyssey full of twists and U-turns. Which way do you prefer? Here is a step-by-step roadmap and timesaving advice from our experts. Without further ado, get a head start - learn what you need to know and act fast!

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