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One of the possible tasks of offshore trusts companies is to manage succession planning and inheritance in the most tax-efficient way, protecting intergenerational wealth. This allows you not just to avoid paying unnecessary taxes ("tax avoidance"), but also to structure the inheritance process, override forced inheritance procedures that exist in some countries, and choose the legal system under which you want your estate to be dealt with.

For passing assets held offshore on to your heirs, it is possible to use ordinary offshore companies, specialized trusts and foundations. The correct strategies might differ depending on the asset class: for example, real estate requires different strategies depending on the company it is located in. Listed stocks require different strategies from NFTs. And so on…

In the section, we consider basic and advanced issues related to the transfer of assets and property by inheritance: how to work out the structure of the company, what assets it makes sense to transfer to an offshore company, trust, fund.

We offer free consultations on asset protection, family wealth and succession planning with suitably qualified experts from the offshore world. In the first instance, email us ([email protected]) or send us a text message and we can start the conversation.

Below, you will find the most requested InternationalWealth articles on offshore succession planning.

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