Offices for Business Abroad

The days of "letterbox" or "shell" companies are over. These days, for credibility purposes and to comply with laws, an offshore company should have "substance" like a real office, employees etc.

Paradoxically, though, in recent years the rest of the world has shifted decidedly towards remote and home-based working. It is common now for staff in big companies and even government departments to be working remotely, often even from other countries.

This conundrum actually opens up opportunities. A company needs to have substance available - for example a desk and a filing cabinet - and an employee paying social security contributions and taxes, at least for part time work. 

Of course, licensed or regulated offshore businesses might have more significant substance requirements, such as a local responsible director and local compliance personnel. 

The cost of setting up substance is case-by-case. It depends on factors like the country, the size / level of the office, and additional services.

On the other hand, an officially-registered branch in an "onshore" country of an offshore company can neatly fulfill substance requirements. This workaround is particularly useful for IBCs that may not be permitted to open offices in their countries of registration.

In the section we talk about real and virtual offices and professional staffing services in different countries.

To find out more about setting up substance in the country of your choice, email your request to us:  Please make your initial request as detailed as possible so we can get back to you with a meaningful and detailed answer.

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