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International Health Insurance Any Time Anywhere

Your international health insurance should be the top priority arrangement when you are planning to travel or move abroad. 

Whether you are a globally-minded outbound personality or an employee of an international company sent on a mission outside your own country for some time, planning the trip will provide you with a lot of interesting insights and experience.

International Health Insurance

A variety of unexpected situations in another part of the world may take you aback if you are unprepared. One needs to analyze the possibility of sudden adverse events and uncertainties, particularly in the pandemic and recession. However, in the hustle and bustle of chores and paperwork before the trip,  travelers often tend to postpone and even forget to consider the purchase of quality health insurance for oneself, the partners, and the family.  

Therefore, we would like to share our practical advice in the field of international health insurance, which will help you make an informed decision according to your personal needs.

International health insurance: how to plan your life abroad 

Medical insurance abroad is intended for those who are going to live or work in a certain country for a long time. 

The main objectives of the insurance policy include the following ones:

  • to cover treatment for both emergencies and/or routine care, 
  • provide individuals with the flexibility to choose their physician and facility,
  • as well as the ability to receive treatment any time and anywhere within the area covered by the selected plan.

We recommend you to consider the following 5 dimensions for more secure health protection in any situation:

  • Ultimate financial security
  • Premium access to healthcare
  • Minimum daily expenses
  • No language barriers
  • Faster services

Ultimate financial security

As in all insurance products, the main advantage of private health insurance policies is their ability to protect you from unexpected financial losses.

The cost of treatment and care may seem relatively reasonable in your country or you may have access to compulsory health insurance, so you might be rarely interested in its cost.

However, the actual prices for treatment vary greatly from country to country, and it can be incredibly expensive in some locations. The possible expenses covering the necessary treatment in the host country may turn out to be hardly affordable. 

Moreover, the required services might be unavailable locally, and there can be situations when repatriation or treatment in another jurisdiction may be required. 

Nevertheless, the policy will help you save a lot of money and time, and help you find the right specialists in an emergency.

Premium access to healthcare

If you are moving to a host country with a comprehensive health care system, you will probably rely on public services for the duration of your stay.

Even if the public health care in some jurisdictions can meet your basic medical needs, the international health insurance program guarantees reliable access for you and your family to the highest quality medical care and the choice of the best specialist.

This means absolute freedom to choose the facility and the doctor that you prefer, and most importantly, all health care decisions will be based solely on your actual requirements.

Minimum daily expenses

The international insurance policy is not limited to the emergency medical care scenario alone. In many minor health situations, whenever regular health care is needed, your insurance policy will help you minimize the daily costs associated with treatment.

The coverage, depending on the plan, may include such expenses as a visit to a general practitioner or payment for dental services, laser vision correction, some other essential procedures.

The plan may allow you to adapt your policy even during the most important periods in your life, and guarantee inpatient or outpatient treatment during pregnancy and childbirth.

No language barriers

One of the most difficult issues that foreign individuals may face during their stay abroad is the language barrier. Sometimes foreign individuals cannot access qualified local health care because they are not proficient in the language.

Thanks to international insurance, you have the opportunity to get advice in your native language, and your insurance representative can provide you assistance in communicating with the clinic staff.

This approach helps foreigners feel more secure in any situation.

Faster services

In most countries of the world, many public hospitals and clinics can be overcrowded,  with long queues and long waiting lists for the popular specialist. 

However, private medical facilities can provide faster consultation and the necessary timely solutions.

With an international insurance program, foreigners can use private clinics to avoid long queues.

If you have a desire to get additional high-quality protection abroad for you and your family, contact us by the e-mail given at the top of this page, and we will contact you to arrange the services of an experienced international health insurance expert. 

Be safe, stay well. 

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