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Medical tourism means travel abroad for medical treatment. InternationalWealth has many years' experience of writing about medical tourism, dental tourism and other forms of travel for medical treatment. Medical tourism is often a route to obtain better treatment at a lower cost. Medical tourism also allows access to treatments that are potentially unavailable in your home country.

In the past, this usually involved people from less developed countries who traveled to highly developed countries with an advanced level of medical services, seeking treatment that was not available at home.

Today, medical tourism is also popular among citizens of developed countries who travel to developing countries for cheaper treatment, or to receive medical services that are not available or unlicensed in their country of residence.

Is medical tourism cost-effective and useful? How developed is the health care system of a particular country? How to solve visa issues, transfer funds and arrange accommodation for relatives during treatment?

This section contains useful articles about medical tourism, offering answers to these and other important questions on the topic of medical tourism. Below is a selection of the most interesting articles about medical tourism, according to the readers of the portal.

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