Uruguay: Climate in Summer, Winter, and Off-Season

Uruguay proclaimed its independence in 1825. Before this time, there were just 30,000 people living in the territory of this small state, and in 2023 we have a population of about 3 million people. Uruguay is a Latin American country in the Northern Hemisphere where the summer and winter are not like the European ones and the climate is more subtropical and moderate, without snowfalls or frosts.

Today Uruguay has become a popular destination among foreign entrepreneurs and immigrants as many of them dream of living on the Atlantic coast and enjoying sunny days. But this may be a mistake as the proximity of the ocean means higher humidity and temperature above zero in winter does not guarantee really warm weather.

Climate and weather in Uruguay

Let us look at the climate and weather in Uruguay during the year and see what other warm countries are now open for immigration.

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Uruguay: The Country of Eternal Summer or Not?

The small South American country enjoys well-deserved popularity not only with foreign tourists but also with immigrants. Uruguay is known for its stable economy and wonderful climate suitable for agricultural activities.

Uruguay accepts 15,000 foreign immigrants a year on average, and this indicator started rising in the past few years. This population growth is connected, among other things, with the attitude of the country’s government to the current geopolitical conflicts: Uruguay’s authorities did not take any side and are friendly and welcoming to Europeans.

Климат и погода в Уругвае

However, if you intend to relocate to Uruguay, you need to study not only its economic aspects but also the peculiarities of its climate. The fact that the summer in the country falls on the winter period in many other countries may cause temporary discomfort and problems with adaptation in the Latin American jurisdiction.

Uruguay has a subtropical climate, but it does not mean that you will enjoy eternal summer and wonderful weather. In reality, the country’s climate is very similar to the Las Pampas region in Argentina where snowfall is an unusual phenomenon, but you cannot say that the winter is very warm.

Cold winters in Uruguay are connected with the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. As Jules Verne wrote about pampero winds back in 1868, this polar wind from the Southern Atlantic influences Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil in the winter months. +15°C on the thermometer does not always mean that it is time to take out your sandals. Humidity and cold during the winter in Uruguay can totally dispel your idea about eternal summer and warm sun.

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What Warm Countries Can You Relocate To?

If you live in a northern country or any country with a harsh climate, you may want to relocate to a place where you can enjoy sunshine, sea and beaches most of the year. Of course, economic and other conditions are just as important, but suppose your first priority is the climate.

So where can you relocate to live on the ocean or sea coast and enjoy warm weather? Here are some countries that are ready to accept visitors not only in the beach season but also for permanent residence:

  • Uruguay is a South American country where summer falls on winter months and winter falls on summer ones (depending on where you live, of course). Foreigners can get a residence permit and citizenship in Uruguay using quite a straightforward procedure, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.
  • UAE is a country of summer heat and permanent warmth, and also luxury and oriental flavor. The Emirates offers investment programs that make it possible for foreigners to get a residence permit. The UAE will also offer you low or even zero (in some cases) taxes, which will be especially interesting for entrepreneurs planning to start a new business abroad or open a branch here.
  • Turkey is a maritime country popular for relocation that gives the right to visa-free stay, as well as an opportunity to get a residence permit and permanent residence by investment in real estate or registration of companies.
  • Thailand is a country of beaches, sea, and a wonderful climate. If you decide to migrate, all this may become a part of your life for the time of stay or for good.
  • The Dominican Republic is a myth or a dream for someone that may come true. Relocation to the Dominican Republic is possible, though you may face some difficulties. Contact the experts of our portal to get professional help and answers to all of your questions.
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What Weather Can You Expect in Uruguay in Each Season?

The Uruguayans often face sudden weather changes as the country is not surrounded by the mountains that serve as a natural barrier against the winds and bad weather on other continents. However, there is an advantage here: there are no periodical droughts or floods in Uruguay.

Uruguay’s climate has its distinct seasons: the summer is hot, the spring is mild, the autumn is warm, and the winter is cold. There are minor differences between the country’s northern and southern regions: it is warmer in summer and colder in winter in the north.

Reference: if you are used to harsh winters, the “warm” winter in Uruguay may seem too hard for you due to high humidity. This climate is not suitable for people with asthma, people that have problems with the musculoskeletal system, heart diseases, and so on.

Summer Weather in Uruguay

The summer in Uruguay falls in December, January, and February. And this is the best period for life and rest when you can bask on the beaches, go hiking, and just enjoy the ocean. The warmest summer period falls at the end of December — start of January when the temperature may reach +35°C (it rarely gets higher). 

But you should be prepared for a cool night time. For example, the weather in Montevideo is more deceptive, and you may have a cool night after a warm day due to a sea breeze. 

Autumn in Uruguay

Autumn in Uruguay is not cold, but summer heat is gone, too. There are often heavy rains in Latin America in autumn that may last for 2 and even 3 days. The temperature ranges within +15-25°C.

Winter in Uruguay

The weather in winter is very unstable in Uruguay, and high humidity makes every breath of wind seem freezing. The temperature in winter is on average +15°C during the day, and at night it may fall to zero and below. 

The residents of the Northern Hemisphere that are used to summer weather from June to August are not ready for the winter in the Southern Hemisphere with its humidity and strong cold winds. It should be noted that the climate in Uruguay is not very favorable in winter: it is very damp here, with the predominance of rains, sleet, fogs and frosts. 

The temperature is more moderate in the north of the country, and the coldest month of the year is July. 

Spring and Off-Season in Uruguay

The weather in South America, in particular, in Uruguay, is hard to predict, but the off-season is considered to be the best time for visiting this beautiful country. The spring (from September to November) has mild weather:

  • The temperature is about 20 degrees above zero
  • You can often enjoy Indian summer
  • It may be cooler at night, so you should have warm things

Spring is the time when nature wakes up, and the country residents look forward to the summer and a popular carnival that lasts for 40 days. 

Reference: the warmest water in the ocean is in April when it is cheap and comfortable to have a rest in Uruguay. The peak of the tourist season is January and February, but the prices get really high during this time.

Uruguay or Other Countries: Where to Relocate?

Uruguay is a country of wonderful beaches, harmonious nature, and favorable climate, and it occupies a privileged geographical position among the South American continent states. You can open a profitable business here, invest in real estate, or found a new resort on the ocean coast. Also, you can easily get a residence permit and even citizenship in the country, which is the main goal of immigration for many foreigners.

However, there are a lot of other countries where you can:

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