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Imagine enjoying the sound of the ocean or the scent of exotic flowers every day as you wake up in the morning. Moving abroad will allow you to pamper yourself like that. But living abroad is more than just moving to a new place for a change of scenery or, for example, moving up a career ladder.

An immersive new experience can offer many possibilities, while confronting the traveller with unfamiliar obstacles and challenges along the way. Attempting to adapt to a foreign country and culture can confuse even a seasoned expat.

From opening a bank account and obtaining a tax number to buying / renting a home and navigating immigration bureaucracy - the InternationalWealth portal team is ready to provide a full range of services that make life easier for readers abroad.

This section contains useful articles about life abroad. Use the button below or scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of the most popular content. Additionally, we recommend taking advantage of a personalised consultation covering various aspects of life abroad. Send a request to [email protected] to get answers to your questions.

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UAE Megaprojects: 15 Initiatives That Will Change the Emirates

Would you like to find out what awaits the UAE in the next decade and whether the country is worth relocating to? There are a lot of interesting projects implemented here that are going to radically change life in the Emirates, which will result in an inflow of potential residents, an increasing cost of real estate (especially in the locations where interesting objects are going to be built), and better living conditions. Numerous skyscrapers, new resort areas, museums, hotels, and transport solutions will be a major draw in the coming years, making the Emirates an advanced country to live in.

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How Can an Expat Obtain a Driving License in the UAE?

A tourist visiting the UAE for a short period can drive on his/ her international driving license when in the country. Foreign legal residents originating from some countries can exchange their home country’s driving licenses into UAE driving licenses. Immigrants from some other countries have to take driving lessons and driving tests before they can acquire a license in the UAE. The ‘golden chance’ opportunity allows obtaining a UAE driving license within one day.

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Cost of Living in Singapore in 2023: Prices for Food, Accommodations, Transportation, and Recreation

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia with a population of 5.7 million people. The cost of living is generally high in Singapore. A single person needs at least US$ 1,500 per month to survive in the country. The average salary in Singapore exceeds US$ 4,000, which makes life rather comfortable for most Singaporeans. The most expensive items in Singapore are cars and apartments.

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Who Are the Happiest People in Europe?

What is the happiest place in the world and which country has the happiest people in Europe? Discover the happiest countries to live in the EU: according to the 2022 World Happiness Report. Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and Netherlands: which are the happiest countries to live in? Where are people the happiest in the EU: Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Brighton, Vienna, Paris, or Stockholm? Is finding the happiest place in the world possible?

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The Friendliest Countries and Cities of Europe for Tourists and Expats in 2023

All of us love to feel welcome. At the same time, a cautious attitude towards strangers is in our blood as it was a matter of survival for our ancestors a long time ago. Who are the nicest European people? In this post, we would like to explore the attitude toward foreigners typical of different European countries and cities. You may be on the lookout for a place to live, work, or travel – the ranking of the friendliest European countries and cities will help you with your choice. However, becoming a resident of another country is a serious matter that you’d better discuss with our experts.

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How Many Millionaires Are There in Monaco and How Does the Kingdom Attract Rich People from All Over the World?

Monaco is a tiny principality that has the highest density of millionaires and billionaires per square kilometer in the world. Why is it so attractive? First of all, the taxes here are really low. Second, the country offers a luxury infrastructure to cater to the needs of its rich residents. For example, you will find a good port to moor your yacht here and luxury casinos to spend an evening in. Are there any drawbacks? Of course. There is no affordable real estate here: you will hardly find anything that costs less than 2 million US dollars. In general, you have to be ready for a high cost of living.

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10 Largest Cities in Serbia: Useful Information for Prospective Immigrants

Belgrade, Kraljevo, Zrenjanin, Pirot, Sombor, Kneževac, Ivanjica, Negotin, Zaječar, and Senica are the top-ten largest cities in Serbia as far as their areas are concerned. Novi Sad is the second largest Serbian city in terms of its population but its area is considerably smaller. The only city in Serbia where more than a million people live is the capital city of Belgrade.

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Secrets of Polaco: All You Need to Know About Serbian Lifestyle

Are you interested in Serbia as a place for relocation (along with your family or business) or do you simply want to visit the country? You will often hear the word polaco from the Serbs, and it has come to denote their peculiar lifestyle. It means a laid-back atmosphere where people are in no hurry to do anything or achieve goals at a tremendous speed: they are busy enjoying their life. There is no point in rushing as anything can wait – this is the philosophy of a true Serb that is ingrained in the local infrastructure: there are a lot of cafes where you can just sit leisurely over a cup of coffee for hours.

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Is Luxembourg richer than Switzerland?

Despite Switzerland’s reputation as the center of attraction of European wealth, Luxembourg scored higher in 2023 wealth rankings. Compare the key features of the two wealthiest European countries.

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Is Paraguay a good place for expats?

The most important things to know about Paraguay as a place for relocation. Key features of the most attractive cities, cost of living, taxation, and permanent residence programs

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Caribbean Islands for the Ultra-Wealthy: Enjoy Luxurious and Exclusive Resorts

More than just beautiful vacation spots: things the Caribbean islands may offer their guests. Enjoy the beauty of Musha Cay in the Bahamas, Virgin Gorda, Necker and Mosquito Islands (BVI), Jumby Bay Island (Antigua and Barbuda), Cayo Espanto (Belize), and Parrot Cay (Turks and Caicos Islands). Admire St. Barts, Nevis, Mustique, Canouan (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Anguilla (British Overseas Territory), St. Lucia, Barbados, Grand Bahama (the Bahamas), and Bermuda (the Bermudas).

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Safest and Cheapest Caribbean Islands: Choosing the Best Option to Live

Are you dreaming of living in the Caribbean? No wonder: many people are attracted to this region by stunning landscapes, good weather all year round, and a relaxed lifestyle far from large city hustle and bustle. In this article, we discover two important aspects of living in the Caribbean: personal safety and prices. Some islands are suitable for people on a tight budget, and some are definitely not. As for safety, Caribbean islands differ one from another as well. In the text below, we discuss the options that will be perfectly safe for you and your family if you take care to comply with the rules.

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Uruguay: Climate in Summer, Winter, and Off-Season

If you are looking at Uruguay as a destination for relocation, you should definitely know what its weather is like. This is a warm country with a subtropical climate, but we cannot talk about eternal summer: humidity is high, and it makes gusts of winds in winter seem freezing even if the temperature is not very low. Summer is quite hot, and in autumn you should expect heavy rains that may last for 2 to 3 days. Also, the weather is quite changeable as a warm day may be followed by a cool night due to the ocean breeze. Read our article to discover more about the climate of this South American state.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Switzerland? The Cost of Living in One of the Most Expensive Countries in Europe

What is the cost of living in Switzerland? The answer to this question will depend on many factors, including the chosen city, the needs of specific expats, the entertainment they prefer, and more. However, our experts will try to give you an idea of the living costs, including the average rent in Switzerland, food, transportation, and other expenses.

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How Much Money Does a Foreigner Need to Live in Uruguay in 2023?

Are you thinking of relocating to Uruguay – or maybe you just want to consider this country as one of the viable options? It would be wise to get as much information about the country as possible, especially about the cost of living as one of the most important parameters. The cost of living in Uruguay is quite affordable if you have sources of income abroad. If you rely on the local labor market, things may be more complicated. The overall cost will depend a lot on how large your family is, where you live, and how much you usually buy. In this article, we provide average prices for you to make your budget.

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Serbia: National Economy and Income Level in 2023

Serbia is not among the richest countries in Europe but its economy has been growing steadily. Skilled professionals as well as active entrepreneurs from other countries will find a great number of advantages in Serbia if they choose to relocate there. Obtaining a residence permit in the country is not a difficult task at all.

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Can EU Citizens Live and Work in Switzerland?

Rules for staying in Switzerland for citizens of the European Union. Types of residence permits EU nationals willing to live in Switzerland may get. Can EU citizens live in Switzerland without a job? Major differences between Swiss cantons. Is it easy to move to Switzerland from the EU? Expert assistance with residence permits and second citizenship abroad.

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The Wealthiest Cities in Europe: GDP per Capita Rating

Luxembourg, Dublin, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Milan, Stockholm, and Copenhagen are the first seven cities on the list of the wealthiest cities in Europe. The list is based on the GDP per capita indicator. The article describes the key characteristics of each of the richest places in Europe.

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