Why use an intermediary to register a Foreign Company?

Are you planning to expand your international business operations? Would you like to set up a company in a foreign country or register a branch there? Are you looking for a licensed registered agent? 

Offshore Pro Group experts will be delighted to assist you in solving these and other related issues. As one of the biggest and longest-established offshore service providers, staffed by professional lawyers, we have partners and correspondents in almost all countries of the world and we can help you register and maintain a company in almost any offshore, midshore, or onshore jurisdiction. 

With our assistance, you can select the business structure that will suit your purposes perfectly well, and be sure of getting one or more bank accounts that you will probably need in order to carry on business!

Legal support for foreign companies

We will analyze a variety of factors and help you choose the foreign country where your business venture can enjoy the largest possible number of benefits and high management flexibility. We will be happy to contribute to the growth of your wealth!

In the text below, we discuss three groups of jurisdictions that are attractive for setting up foreign companies there. Besides, we describe some auxiliary services that Offshore Pro Group can help you with.

Groups of jurisdictions offering benefits to foreign entrepreneurs   

Please note that we do not provide services to clients who seek to set up an offshore company for the purpose of evading taxes. We provide only legitimate international planning services.

We have divided jurisdictions attractive for foreign entrepreneurs into three groups. Each group offers its own benefits and has its own disadvantages. Depending on your primary business objectives, you can choose to register a foreign company in a country that falls into one of the following categories:


Tax havens;


Countries with low corporate taxes;


Countries offering tax benefits to foreign entrepreneurs.

Legal support in registering and maintaining companies in tax havens 

Due to the international campaign against money laundering and terrorism financing, registering a company in an offshore jurisdiction (or a tax haven) is not such an easy decision as before. However, the number of countries where the corporate tax is 0% is growing smaller. 

Most of these countries have had to adapt their legislations to the new – stricter – requirements and this concerns both company owners’ confidentiality and corporate taxes. Some tax havens still do not publish beneficial ownership information publicly, but experts believe that soon these registers will become open to the public under the pressure from FATF, the European Commission, and other authorities. THis applies especially to those jurisdictions that depend on larger countries, such as British Overseas Territories (BVI, Cayman etc) 

On the other hand, companies registered in tax havens now have the opportunity to do business in the jurisdiction where the company is domiciled, own property there, and participate in investment projects. These opportunities were unavailable before.

This said, there are certain benefits in registering a foreign company in a tax haven anyway. You might well find:

  • lower company registration and renewal fees
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Simpler accounting requirements
  • Exemption from audit. 

The economic substance requirements in some offshore states have helped to improve their reputation globally and are, in all honesty, quite easy to comply with as long as you are not trying to cut corners.

Besides, a company registered there will help protect your assets from corporate raiders and keep your company ownership confidential from your competitors.

You will of course have expenses even though you do not have to pay any taxes on the company’s global income if it is registered in an offshore jurisdiction. The expenses include the annual company registration fee, office rent, and the registered agent’s services. However, these costs are going to be smaller in comparison to the costs that you will incur in the countries falling in two other groups that we describe below.

Here is the list of countries that still can be referred to as “tax havens” and that are suitable for registering a foreign company there for the reasons given above:

  • Panama;
  • Marshall Islands;
  • Belize;
  • Nevis;
  • Bahamas;
  • Dominica;
  • Seychelles;

These countries are of course well known financial centers with flexible corporate legislations and attractive conditions for registering a company there and engaging in international business activities.   

Please note that if your offshore company is properly structured with good professional advice it is still possible to achieve tax benefits, open bank accounts etc. These advantages continue. What is no longer possible is to set up a company for $1000 and hide behind it!.

Of course, you can manage or own the company via a trust and hire a professional company director whose reputation will enhance your company’s credibility.

Legal support in registering and maintaining companies in midshore countries

The second group of countries that you can consider for registering a foreign company there includes countries that have not been subject to political attacks, at least not in recent years!

They are respectable jurisdictions that levy comparatively low corporate and other taxes. In addition, all these countries have made a number of bilateral agreements on double taxation avoidance with other states, which will also contribute to softening your tax burden if you register a foreign company there. In some cases, even though the cost is definitely higher, it will make a better economic sense to set up a company in a low-tax jurisdiction instead of a tax haven. 

The list of midshore countries includes the following ones:

  • Gibraltar;
  • Malta;
  • Cyprus;
  • UAE;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Liechtenstein;
  • Singapore;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Isle of Man;
  • Islands of Guernsey and Jersey;
  • New Zealand

All the countries listed above have very tough requirements for foreign entrepreneurs registering companies there. These include the obligation to develop economic substance, to have a local resident among the company directors (in most cases), to keep the books, to submit the accounting reports, and to have the records audited. This makes company maintenance more expensive in these countries. On the other hand, companies domiciled there have arguably better access to all sorts of banking services and extended corporate opportunities. (For example: Gibraltar companies have full unfettered access to the UK market.) 

Legal support in registering and maintaining companies in the countries offering tax benefits

The third group of countries includes onshore, high tax jurisdictions where the taxes are generally high but where some tax incentives are available to certain kinds of businesses. Innovative, hi-tech, IT and similar types of companies are often registered in these national states. Besides, each country listed below will have its own preferential business areas. If you engage in one of such areas of business, you will be eligible for some tax incentives too. 

The list of countries offering special benefits to some types of businesses includes the following ones:

  • Estonia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Switzerland;
  • Serbia;
  • Canada;
  • Sweden;
  • Denmark;
  • Ireland;
  • USA;
  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • Austria.

These countries put forward strict requirements to the companies registered there and the maintenance costs are comparatively high. However, a company domiciled in any of these jurisdictions will have an easier time dealing with banks, regulatory authorities, and prospective business partners. We will gladly assist you in setting up and maintaining a company in a large number of foreign countries including those that have not been listed above.  

Please note that in order to qualify for tax incentives your company will have to meet certain conditions. In some cases, acquiring a license or a permit may be required. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining those too.  

How a foreign company can be used  

When registering a foreign company, it is important to clearly understand what your primary objectives are. Our clients usually set up foreign companies for the following main purposes:

Diversification of Risk;

Accesst o new markets;

Asset protection;

Tax planning;

Inheritance and succession planning;

Improved data protection;

Avoiding currency control and other currency restrictions.

Today, taxes are a cost of doing business: generally, companies are expected to pay taxes in the jurisdictions where they make a profit. Increasingly, tax is presented to the public as a moral obligation rather than a legal obligation, leading to companies effectively payoing taxes as a PR expense even where they are not legally obliged to (cases such as Google, Starbucks etc).

Sometimes, both the company profit and the stockholders’ profits are taxable in another jurisdiction. In such cases, double taxation avoidance treaties can help.   

If you are planning to set up a foreign company, we will be happy to advise you on the corporate legislation of the country that you are considering. We will let you know about the specifics of the local markets, the culture of the local people, the accounting requirements, the taxation system, and so on.  

Our company registration and maintenance services  

We practice an individualized approach to our clients’ requests in all cases. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will suit everybody: each business project requires a special solution. We will gladly help you choose the country that will let you achieve your individual goals.

In addition to the offshore and foreign company registration service that we offer, our experts will be delighted to assist you in performing the following tasks:   

  • Prepare the documents required for starting a company in a foreign country;
  • Plan taxes for an international business structure;
  • Provide accounting support and file annual reports;
  • Audit the financial reports;
  • Acquire licenses and permits;
  • Structure a holding that contains several companies registered in different jurisdictions;
  • Prepare the application documents for opening a foreign bank account;
  • Submit an application for pre-approval to various financial institutions;
  • Choose the best bank or payment system for your foreign company (please apply for a free consultation on the matter). 

We will gladly provide professional support to you at every stage of foreign company formation beginning with choosing the prospective company name and ending with the company liquidation. 

Some other services that we provide include the following:

  • Registering a foreign branch of your company;
  • Re-domiciling your foreign company;
  • Finding professional company directors who are residents of the jurisdiction where you want your company to be registered (if required);
  • Settling and drafting trusts and funds;
  • Finding managers and secretaries for your foreign company (if required);
  • Administering the company on your behalf;
  • Acquiring consultations from world-renown specialists;
  • Acquiring foreign residence or citizenship;
  • Assisting with buying/ selling foreign property.

If you are interested in setting up a foreign company that will suit your purposes, meet legal requirements, and will be easy to maintain, please contact us by email, live chat or WhatsApp. We will be pleased to answer all your questions pertaining to this endeavor.

Where should I register a foreign company?

There are three types of foreign countries that we specialise in for setting up a company there: tax havens, midshore jurisdictions, and those onshore countries offering tax incentives in some business areas. We cannot say which type of jurisdictions will suit you best, as each case has to be analyzed individually. If you reach out to us, however, we will certainly help you find the optimal solution that will come up to your expectations.

Will I be able to open a bank account for my foreign company?

Yes, opening a corporate account with a foreign bank or payment system is quite possible with our assistance regardless where your company is domiciled.

Do you guarantee you can open a bank account for my new company?

We are not a bank, so we do not have the ultimate decision when it comes to account opening. However, if you pass our due diligence you will normally be able to open a bank account. In other words, we would not take you on as a client if we were not sure we could open a bank account for you. Every case is different, but if this is a concern for you (we know some clients have been burnt before by unprofessional company registration agents) we can probably work out a deal where will return your money if the account is refused. This is done on an individual basis, since obviously we cannot offer to everyone!

What is ‘preapproval service’?

Before filing an actual application for services to a foreign bank or payment system, you can apply for a preapproval. A smaller set of documents is required in this case and the service does not cost very much. If the bank preapproves your application for services, it means that it is prepared to give your application serious consideration. A preapproval is a provisional consent of the bank to provide services to you.

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