IPO Abroad

An IPO or Initial Public Offering is an interesting way to attract new investments, to prove the efficiency and transparency of a company. IPOs are carried out in different countries and on different exchanges. A successful IPO requires a lot of preparation, starting months if not years before the IPO.

An ICO is the crypto equivalent of an IPO. Many companies now choose to offer digital tokens, meaning less bureaucracy and a faster move to market. 

International companies can participate in both IPOs and ICOs. There is no requirement to be incorporated in a specific country. For example, Marshall Islands is known as a top jurisdiction for IPOs even though it doesn't have its own stock exchange.

In this section, we talk about various solutions and available options for conducting an initial public offering or its digital equivalent. Below, we consider some articles that are focused specifically on bringing companies to the stock exchange listings or raising capital or ebt via public offerings.

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