How to Get a Debit Card in Serbia

Opening a bank account in Serbia is a good idea, and here you can find a lot of reasons why.

Let’s see how to obtain a debit card from a Serbian bank and look at its benefits.

Debit Card in Serbia

Debit Card Options

You can get a debit card at virtually any Serbian bank even if you are not a resident.

Cards are provided to individuals and legal entities. The only possible obstacle is that you have to appear in person to open a personal account and receive a debit card from the bank.

You will need:

  1. a completed card application (in Serbian)
  2. an ID (a passport and a residence permit)
  3. an account opened with the selected bank (and a full set of documents required for this).

Banks in Serbia can offer you a number of payment systems:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • DinaCard (national payment system). This option may be of interest to those who get their salary in Serbia, including people working remotely for a local company. The only currency available is dinars.

The list of cards and their subtypes may vary depending on the selected bank.

Choose a bank product only after you clarify all the details, possibilities and conditions associated with services provided by the bank. For example, not all banks will connect your debit card to an online/mobile banking service. You can also get an anonymous debit card.

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Foreign clients are served in Serbian banks only in English.

Why You Need a Serbian Bank Debit Card

Almost all banks issue debit cards; the difference between them lies in card levels, possibilities offered, maintenance rates and total cost.

Virtually any Serbian debit card provides the following opportunities:

  • basic ones – payment for goods and services in Europe and around the world. You can also receive additional bonuses and use programs, such as cashback
  • buying goods and services over the Internet in any country, from anywhere in the world
  • access to your account when travelling abroad (Europe and beyond)
  • remote booking of services (hotel reservations, flights, trains, etc.)
  • instant money transfers
  • needless to say, special-purpose savings are also available

The debit cards issued in banks in Serbia are accepted all over the world, which is very convenient nowadays.

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UniCredit Bank Serbia Debit Card Offers

UniCredit Bank, one of the leaders in the banking sector of Serbia, is very popular among foreigners. Here are the debit card options provided by UniCredit Bank Serbia.

  1. VISA Classic

Modern contactless payment. Free withdrawals from UniCredit Group ATMs throughout Europe. Advanced payWave technologies to make your purchase much easier and faster.

  1. VISA Gold

If you look for something more than a classic payment card, Visa Gold is just right. This debit card provides more flexible payment settings and variability. Take advantage of additional benefits, high security level and a chip module.

  1. MasterCard

Ample opportunities for travelers, high protection degree and many additional features. You will love advanced payPass technologies helping you to buy quickly, in the simplest and most convenient way.

  1. DinaCard

A national debit card allowing cash withdrawal and payment for goods and services in the Republic of Serbia. It is more convenient for local residents.

As you can see, the choice of debit card is individual and depends on the benefits that the client needs.

Opening a Bank Account in Serbia

In any case, you cannot get a Serbian debit card without opening a local account. What is more, if you consider obtaining a residence permit in a European country, Serbia offers very favorable conditions in this regard. You will have an opportunity to become EU citizen later on, which also requires opening a bank account in the country (this step is a prerequisite to get a residence permit in Serbia).

As you have seen above, you need professional help to choose a bank and specific options, and then fill out applications in Serbian.

We have long enjoyed the closest ties with many banks in Serbia and other institutions in the country. Therefore, we offer you to use our experience and high qualifications to open an account in Serbia.

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