Offshore Anonymous Debit Cards

People naturally strive for privacy, hence the popularity of anonymous debit prepaid cards. But is it possible to remain truly anonymous in the world of modern technologies that register every move you make? In this article, we will discuss the degree of anonymity that is feasible, see how to purchase an anonymous offshore debit card, and look at the ways of controlling the money on it.

Anonymous Cards


Let’s make it clear that anonymous offshore debit cards, which are so actively advertised by offshore service providers, are not absolutely anonymous. The bank cannot promote cards that do not leave information about your name and address when used at an ATM or in a store. Even the most desperate offshore bank cannot openly advertise the fact that you can make anonymous purchases online under any address (the bank’s address included!) using a certain type of card distributed by the bank. 

Absolute anonymity (when someone buys something using the funds that originate from an unknown source) is a direct path to money laundering, and so it is impossible to implement. But you can still make it much harder to trace your transactions, and this is the degree of anonymity you can reach with the help of a debit prepaid card.

Some offshore banking services providers take a Visa or MasterCard card product offered by offshore banks (which really allows you to withdraw money from an ATM and even make purchases anonymously) and sell this product to you. Such a card may be called anonymous for a number of reasons: it does not have a name on it, you can buy it without a passport, or you can give this card to any other person for use. This may be the anonymity you need, but not the anonymity in a legal sense.

According to Visa and MasterCard, as well as the financial laws, anonymity means the absolute anonymity described above. As we found out, it does not exist. The world organizations that control payments were surely provided with some strong arguments by Visa and MasterCard about the benefit, need, and legality of the product called “anonymous cards”, and this is the reason why these products are authorized and sold. But you should know that there are limits to their anonymity.

An anonymous offshore debit card provides the following possibilities:

  • To withdraw the money anonymously in any local currency. The ATM does not display your name, and there is no information about you on the card magnet strip.
  • You can make any purchases anonymously in any store or online.
  • If your card falls into the hands of any tax authority, there will be no direct evidence that you are the card owner.

Tracing your Information

When you buy a card from a bank, you are required to provide your ID and the card is sent to you by mail, so the bank knows who the cardholder is and where he or she lives. Every ATM withdrawal and bank transaction is registered as well. Moreover, you will need to reload your prepaid card using an account that cannot be anonymous, so the card will be associated with your bank account. This is the present-day reality that cannot be canceled with any product.

However, the information collected at each step is different, and anonymous debit cards do complicate the tracing of your personal information. An anonymous card holder is not required to report information to any country. Another step towards more anonymity is to engage an intermediary that will get your ID and send you the card by mail, so this information will not be disclosed to the bank. And this is the service that our experts at Offshore Pro Group can provide.

Reloadable and Non-Reloadable Anonymous Cards

You may see anonymous debit cards with Visa, MasterCard, or other respectable logos sold in stores. Such cards can typically be used to buy some products or withdraw money, but they cannot be recharged. They are similar to gift cards for one-time use.

The anonymous cards we offer can be easily reloaded using your bank account, and they can be used for several years.

Ways to Use an Anonymous Debit Card

An offshore anonymous debit card is very convenient for traveling as the funds you withdraw are provided in the local currency, so there is no need to exchange money or pay high cash withdrawal interest rates charged by credit cards. If you want to limit your spending to a certain amount per day or per week, you can plan transfers in this way. If your debit card is lost or stolen, your risk is limited to losing the amount available on the card.

An anonymous debit card is a good instrument for those who want to control spending. For example, you transfer some money to your children or wife for personal expenses. And if you are a top executive who needs to make some sensitive purchase, you can give a debit card with the required amount to your subordinate to make the transaction as anonymous as possible.

An anonymous debit card is like a wallet that you give to other people, and you have full control over limiting the amount of money or recharging it whenever needed.

Legal Ways of Receiving Anonymous Debit Cards

We often receive e-mails with a request to open an offshore bank account and get an anonymous debit card. If this is what you need, please specify the country of your citizenship and/or tax residency, as well as the type of offshore bank account you want to open (corporate or personal), and our experts will find the best option for you. 

You do not always need to open an offshore bank account in order to obtain an anonymous offshore debit card. But if you actively use an anonymous card or several cards, you definitely need an offshore account in the bank that issued the anonymous debit card to you.

We know two legitimate forms of receiving anonymous debit cards that you can use with our help or on your own:

  1. Anonymous debit cards similar to gift cards

In some offshore banks, you can order up to five anonymous debit cards by opening a personal bank account. The bank calls such cards gift cards or travel cards. You can use them to withdraw money anonymously in your country without opening an offshore account. Your name will not be visible on the surface of the anonymous debit card or in the disbursement reports transferred to the bank by the ATM. 

The bank assumes that you use one debit card for travel, give another one to your wife to cover any shopping or household expenses, the third one goes to your child, and the fourth and fifth can be used for any other purposes. 

If it is essential for you not to be easily identified with the help of your offshore prepaid debit card, instruct your children and household members to restrict the use of the card by withdrawing cash at the ATM! Also, they should never associate their offshore prepaid debit cards with various customer cards in stores or reports on large purchases (the amount set in each country is different). 

Practice shows that it is more profitable to withdraw the maximum possible amounts in the local currency rather than use the anonymous card for small purchases in the store. It is another reason to associate the use of your offshore prepaid debit card with ATMs only.

You can get such a gift or anonymous card free of charge by opening an account with the Swiss Bank (corporate or personal) using our services. Cards are available in euros, US dollars, and Swiss francs. These anonymous Swiss debit prepaid cards are easy to recharge from your personal or corporate Swiss bank account by making an internal transfer.

Remember that you get only one of five prepaid debit cards free of charge, and the rest can be purchased directly from the bank at a symbolic price. These anonymous cards issued by a Swiss bank are not subject to an annual maintenance fee, but the bank takes away 1% of the money transferred to the debit card. 

If you pay with these prepaid debit cards in the store, you will be charged CHF 1.50, EUR 1.00, or USD 1.00 per transaction. The fee for withdrawing money from an anonymous prepaid debit card at an ATM is CHF 5.00, EUR 3.00, or USD 3.00 per transaction.

Some banks allow non-resident holders of foreign bank accounts to acquire many offshore prepaid debit cards. This opportunity is used by service providers that open a bank account and order a large number of anonymous debit prepaid cards associated with it, and then offer you to purchase a card without providing a passport. 

Remember that if you buy prepaid debit cards issued in the name of unfamiliar third parties, you risk losing your money transferred to the card. It is undoubtedly better to acquire an anonymous prepaid debit card directly from the bank as you will be able to renew and recharge it safely and on favorable terms. 

An offshore anonymous card with your name on it cannot be traced if used properly, and your money will not be lost. Your expenses for opening a personal bank account in Switzerland and purchasing one anonymous prepaid debit card will not exceed 300 euros.

  1. An anonymous prepaid debit card as part of the corporate payment system

We offer these cards to customers and readers of our portal in the following two cases:

  • The client wants an anonymous prepaid debit card but does not want to open an offshore bank account.
  • The client wants to order 50 to 100 anonymous prepaid debit cards to pay bonuses to his employees or sales agents.

And we are happy to announce that Offshore Pro Group has become a member of the corporate payment system in one of the offshore banks in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in order to provide customers with such cards!

Notice blue

And we are happy to announce that Offshore Pro Group has become a member of the corporate payment system in one of the offshore banks in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in order to provide customers with such cards!

Now we have the right to distribute offshore prepaid debit cards to our customers. You will need to take a few steps to benefit from our offer:

  1. Pay the cost of the prepaid debit card and its delivery by courier ($185).
  2. Send the scanned passport and proof of residential address to our e-mail. Those who want to order 50 prepaid debit cards should understand that each card will require sending a passport copy and a copy of proof of current residential address.
  3. After receiving the card, be ready to send us a notarized copy of your passport and a printed proof of address by mail. We trust our customers and allow them to forward notarized documents after they receive their prepaid debit card.

All information and a prepaid debit card usage guide will be sent to you along with the card. In the case of corporate payment system cards, gift anonymous cards, or travel cards, you will always be able to check your card balance and transaction history online.

If you buy a prepaid debit card without providing a copy of your passport and information about yourself, you lose not only control over your money but also the possibility to monitor your card balance and transaction history. So we would like to caution you against such operations.

There are probably many ATMs of different banks in your city, and only you can track which one is the most profitable to use for withdrawing cash through an ATM. We can tell you how to reload your anonymous prepaid debit card and when you can expect the money to be charged. 

We can guarantee excellent service, and a licensed offshore bank guarantees the safety of your money. But it is up to you to control and calculate the offshore prepaid debit card balance in relation to the currencies and prices of ATMs in your city.

Below are the prices for prepaid debit card recharging.

  • The fee charged by the offshore bank for incoming SWIFT transfers depends on the amount:
    • For amounts below USD 5,000 – USD 9
    • For amounts between USD 5,000 and USD 70,000 – USD 15
    • For amounts above USD 70,000 – USD 25
  • Cash withdrawal from an ATM (maximum amount – USD 2,000 per day, 5 transactions at the most) – USD 3.85 +1.15% (a fee charged by MasterCard)
  • Purchases in a store using an anonymous prepaid debit card (maximum amount – USD 25,000 per day, 10 purchases at the most) – USD 1.25
  • Offshore card replacement or blocking authorized by you – USD 15.00
  • Unforeseen offshore prepaid debit card replacement due to theft or loss – USD 10.00
  • Replacement of the Internet code used to check the offshore prepaid debit card balance – USD 15.00

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