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Buying an Offshore Card. Where and How Do I Buy an Offshore Card for Myself and My Business?

We would like to offer you ordering an offshore card. But first, we would like to tell you about the peculiarities of these cards, and the new trend in the industry. After all, we can by habit call the cards offshore when they are not it. At the same time, they offer a wide range of opportunities, including an extremely high degree of anonymity for their holder.

Offshore Card

What Do We Mean by Offshore Cards?

When a client is interested in an offshore card, most often it is not so much about the card issued by an offshore bank, as about the degree of anonymity it gives. For many years offshore banks have indeed been offering and still do offer cards with no information about the holder. However, the offshore banks experience more and more difficulties with maintaining these cards, being under constant scrutiny of international organizations.

But this does not prevent you from buying an offshore or anonymous card from anywhere else.

What types of anonymous cards exist?

Anonymous Debit Cards or Gift Cards

This is a special product offered by certain banks, when the institution issues the card as a gift, and it is not related to a specific name. These cards have the following subtypes:

  • Prepaid cards that work like gift cards in stores. You can spend as much as you have in this card account, and then you can throw the card away or use it to scrape ice from your windscreen.
  • Debit cards that can be replenished. In this case, it is most often recommended to replenish your card with a large amount (let’s say, 10,000) and then withdraw cash from ATMs for your personal use.

Often such a card is called a travel card, since your data is safe during your travels. At the same time, you can use it in your everyday life.

Anonymous Corporate Cards

This approach will allow you to get dozens of cards issued at once with no specific names. These cards can be distributed among your employees and can be used for business trips or receiving bonuses.

Anonymous Payment System Cards

They are a tribute to new technologies. You have probably heard about such payment systems as PayPal, WebMoney, Paysera and others. Many of them allow you to link your own Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay system card to your internal account. As a result, you can use your regular card for payments in stores and online, but these payments will be actually made from the digital payment system account.

With a correctly chosen payment system you will get the right to order a real offshore or anonymous card. Your name will not be on it, and your details will not be displayed in an ATM or in a store.

Perhaps in the near future these cards will become the most convenient, fastest and affordable method of privacy protection. The reason is simple. It is easier to open an account despite the presence of due diligence, and the cost of opening an account is lower than with the bank.

Client data is stored in the payment system and under current rules it is not required to be disclosed and exchanged automatically.

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Data Storage and Anonymity

Before considering specific options for cards, it is worth mentioning the very concept of anonymity. Offshore cards do not provide total anonymity. The ensure a high level of privacy. Thanks to what?

Thanks to the fact that a bank or another financial institution (payment system, for example) does not transfer any data about the cardholder to ATMs, stores or other outlets where the card is used. Most often this is replaced by an account number with the payment system or another number.

It is impossible that a random person walks in from the street and is given an anonymous card. As in the case of opening an account with a bank or a payment system, the client will be verified, and only if they do not violate the law, do not launder the proceeds of crime, they will be issued a this type of card. The financial institution keeps the information about the client. It will only hand it over to regulatory authorities if the person violates the law or makes a direct request (under certain conditions).

The anonymous card is an instrument to protect your personal information. At the same time, each person is obliged to declare their income, pay taxes on it and not to violate the law. An anonymous card allows you to get rid of unnecessary attention, but does not relieve you from your responsibility to comply with the existing rules.

What Offshore Cards Can I Buy?

We would like to offer you several options for obtaining anonymous offshore cards.

It can be a travel card by a Swiss bank where we will help you open a bank account.

You can also get a Union Pay system card. This is a prepaid card that you can use later for cash withdrawals or shopping in stores. You can replenish this card using crypto currency, bank transfer or do it via payment systems.

A more advanced option is the anonymous Union Pay card that is issued by the Philippines payment system. The main currency of this card is euro. When withdrawing euro from ATMs, no fee is charged, and if cash is withdrawn in any other currency, the conversion fee is only 1%.

It is also possible to buy an offshore MasterCard by the European payment system. Just like with other cards, it does not show the holder’s personal data, but you can replenish it using crypto currencies, bank transfers, payment systems. It is allowed to keep up to 20,000 dollars on it.

Should you have any other questions about these and other offers in the portal, please feel free to ask them at [email protected].

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