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Anonymous International Debit Cards: a Secure Prepaid Solution for Travelers

People who often travel and make purchases on the Internet want one thing: anonymity when paying for goods and services. None of us likes our spending being controlled, right?

There are several ways to anonymously pay online and offline, and the most secure option among them is an international debit card, also known as an offshore card. And here are the questions asked most often:

  • Is it possible to open an anonymous card to pay for goods in any currency and withdraw money?
  • Which offshore banks or payment systems issue anonymous debit cards?
  • How to use an anonymous plastic card in Euro and USD?
Anonymous card for travelers

Let’s consider all legitimate ways to maintain confidentiality in financial transactions and decide on the best way to choose for traveling around the world or asset storage.

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Get an anonymous card issued through our experts by choosing the appropriate option – or seek free advice using the contacts indicated on the portal.

How Can You Transfer Money Abroad Without Your Ex-Spouse Knowing About the Operation? Anonymous Payment Methods

To date, 100% anonymity is almost non-existent. However, there are still ways not to disclose personal data to third parties and remain out of sight of your relatives and former spouses, avoiding unnecessary explanations.

Here is a list of ways to keep personal data confidential when you pay for goods/services, make purchases in the store, withdraw cash, or make a transfer:

  1. Cryptocurrency online payments may be absolutely anonymous if you handle them correctly, and the only drawback is that processing of some transactions may take long. Crypto tokens are great instruments for private payments which will help you keep your operations confidential. Crypto is more widespread as an online payment method, and it is rarely used for offline operations.
  2. Disposable Virtual Credit Cards are equivalent to regular credit cards, which can only be used to pay for goods or services on the Internet but give no right to withdraw money or make purchases in regular stores. The advantages of such a card include the anonymity of the owner, whose information is only known to the financial institution or is not requested at all. Cons include a limited validity period, small limits, and lack of access to real money or offline purchases.
  3. Gift cards are inherently similar to virtual credit cards, but may not be accepted by all services. They can be used to withdraw cash within the pre-payment limit. After cashing in, the card becomes inoperable and you may as well discard it.
  4. PayPal is a conditionally anonymous option allowing you to make transactions online. It also enables you to open an international account, which will be interesting for those who are planning to move abroad, travel frequently, make a lot of purchases, or conduct entrepreneurial activities.
  5. Payeer is an international Georgian payment system where you can keep cryptocurrency and fiat, as well as make transfers without verification. This includes anonymous debit cards, which are subject to a limit without verification of the customer’s identity. In case of major transactions you will have to confirm your identity in 100% cases.
  6. Google Pay is an international mobile wallet and payment system. It can be called a conditionally anonymous option, which is very convenient for Europeans.
  7. Cash App is an app and mobile wallet that is easy to create anonymously, but with a certain limit. For transactions with larger amounts, you will need to prove your identity and complete verification.
  8. Paysafecard is an Australian payment system that is in high demand in Europe and allows you to remain out of sight of ex, current or future spouses, relatives and interested parties when making payments in stores or transferring funds between accounts of the system.
  9. The cash payment method is a 100% anonymous payment option that is now losing its relevance, and fiat money is gradually replacing cards, digital assets, and cryptocurrency.
  10. The last option, which seems the most promising and reliable to us when it comes to anonymous transfers and payments abroad, is the international debit prepaid cards, so we will discuss them further in our material.

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International Prepaid Anonymous Debit Card and Its Features

An anonymous debit card is a standard bank card linked to a specific account that we use for any transactions, including cash withdrawals and transfers. A distinctive feature of the offshore card is access to any kind of foreign currency and almost 100% confidentiality of the beneficiary.

International anonymous cards are offered by many payment systems and foreign banks in the following variations:

  • Offshore international debit card without owner’s name: it allows the cardholder to use it in stores, on the Internet, and in ATMs for cashing. When transactions are made, the name of the owner will not be seen by the receiving party, and personal data will be stored in a secure mode in the bank or payment system that issued the plastic card.
  • An offshore virtual debit card is an analog of an international plastic card, but it does not have a physical carrier. It can be used to pay for goods and services on Internet websites but is not accepted in stores where there is no contactless payment. You can also withdraw cash from such a card at an ATM. There is an option of cashing out by transfer to another account or through exchanges, but this involves unnecessary financial costs and possible loss of anonymity.
  • An anonymous international prepaid debit card with a name. It usually displays the owner’s alias or company name to preserve confidentiality and prevent tracing all transactions on the account. Issuers that offer prepaid anonymous debit cards typically transact through third parties, which maintains a high level of owner confidentiality.

Offshore or Anonymous Debit Cards – Pros and Cons

“-“ If you want to withdraw money or pay for the goods in another currency, you will need to carry out the conversion, which means that interest will be withdrawn within a payment system (2% — 4%).

“-“ Transactions and transfers may incur a fee, especially in international transactions. The rate is low but considerable for large amounts (within 0.5%).

“-/+” Anonymity is conditional as the owner is verified in the issuer’s bank or payment system. However, no data is transferred to other countries and agencies, and an intermediary (a third party) is indicated instead of the owner’s name when transactions are made.

“+” Prepaid anonymous cards are international and can work in any country in the world.

“-/+” A prepaid offshore card is suitable for daily payments or one-time transactions. At the same time, it is not a reliable way to store and diversify large amounts that are best protected when kept in a trust or foundation, on an offshore bank account, or invested.

“+/-“ Offshore bank cards are presented most often in European or American currency, and less often in other monetary units or crypto assets. This is good for travelers, but sometimes creates obstacles to the use of other banknotes.

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Union Pay is an anonymous debit card that you can use to pay anywhere in the world, withdraw currency, and make transfers. Get our advice and use the service to get an offshore debit card issued today!

Which anonymous debit card is better – a virtual or plastic one?

Of course, getting a virtual card is much easier than messing with a plastic one – especially if there are no verification obligations and the entire procedure takes several minutes. However, this option limits your possibilities to some extent.

Take a close look at the difference between a plastic and a virtual prepaid card with an increased level of owner anonymity:

  • Plastic anonymous debit prepaid card – all transactions are allowed, including cashing in ATMs, transfers, offline and online payments.
  • Virtual – payment only by contactless method (not available everywhere), online transactions, cash withdrawal by transferring funds to another account (not always available).
  • The plastic card has a renewable limit and can be replenished by the owner in any way, including cryptocurrency (if it is present in the list of available ones).
  • Virtual one-time credit cards are issued with a certain prepaid limit, after which they are no longer replenished.

As you can see, a plastic card is always a better choice. If you want to bring your confidentiality to a new level, get a plastic anonymous debit prepaid card issued – and enjoy your incognito status!

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If you wish to open a foreign bank account for travel, transfers, and other purposes, as well as to receive a prepaid offshore debit card with a high level of confidentiality (anonymity) of the holder, please contact us using the information above or a live chat.

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