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How to Measure the Success of a Fintech Company: Rankings of World Leaders

What is the highest valued fintech company in the world? The answer to this question depends on what you mean by value:

  • number of hired employees
  • net income
  • attracted venture investments
  • market capitalization.

All of the above indicators are important for business development, so it is necessary to analyze the leaders of the fintech market for each of the four parameters separately. For brevity, we will form the top 10 companies that are at the top of the fintech sphere, so the rest of the players can understand the prospects for this business field.

Top 10 fintech startups with the best business growth in 2022

What is the number 1 FinTech company in terms of business growth? Business growth should be understood not only as the amount of net revenue for the year but also as an increase in the number of employees.

Top fintech companies by these indicators are:

Fintech company nameLocationActivity fieldNumber of employeesAnnual income
1. SquareSan Francisco, USASaaS payment solutions6,913USD 16.7 billion
2. FiservBrookfield, Wisconsin, USAPayment solutions34,529USD 15.8 billion
3. PaytmNoida, IndiaPayment app13,121USD 2.4 billion
4. WorldpayCincinnati, Ohio, USADigital currencies for business9,117USD 1.9 billion
5. TSYSColumbus, Georgia, USAPayment technologies8,939USD 1.7 billion
6. StripeSan Francisco, USATools for creating an online-business8544USD 1.6 billion
7. PaysafeMiami, USAPayment platform5,430USD 1.5 billion
8. AdyenAmsterdam, NetherlandsPayment platform2,808USD 1.3 billion
9. SumUpLondon, UKDeveloper of mobile POS terminals6,405USD 1.2 billion
10. FTXBahamas, NassauCryptocurrency exchange1,310USD 1 billion

Top 10 fintech startups that raised the most funding

The calculation of venture investments is carried out for the entire period of the company’s activity, starting from the moment of foundation. No investment fund will give a start-up a huge amount of money at one time. Funding usually occurs in rounds.

So, who is the biggest fintech company in terms of raised investment? Here is the top list:

Fintech company nameLocationCategoryFunding amount
1. StripeSan Francisco, USATools for creating an online-businessUSD 2.4 billion
2. ChimeSan Francisco, USADigital bankUSD 2.3 billion
3. FTXBahamas, NassauCryptocurrency exchangeUSD 1.8 billion
4. GoodleapRoseville, USALending performance tracking softwareUSD 1.6 billion
5. CircleBoston, USAUSDC Coin creatorUSD 1.5 billion
6. RampNew York, USAMachine learning expense management platformUSD 1.37 billion
7. BrexSan Francisco, USABanking productsUSD 1.2 billion
8. FireblocksNew York, USADecentralized financeUSD 1.2 billion
9. TripActionsPalo Alto, USATravel and expense softwareUSD 1.1 billion
10. CartaSan Francisco, USATrack ownership of shares and optionsUSD 1.1 billion

Top 10 fintech companies with the largest capitalization

It is worth clarifying that the market value of any company is a variable and relative indicator that changes after any business action. The remaining startup success indicators are specific numbers that can be taken into account and calculated:

  • how much investment the company has attracted
  • how many staff it hired
  • how much it earned in a year.

What is a company capitalization assessment, and who is the biggest FinTech company by this indicator? This parameter depends on the value of shares in circulation, which changes daily. We will consider the ranking of the most expensive fintech companies by capitalization as of February 1, 2023 (source — Google Finance).

Fintech company nameLocationCategoryShare priceMarket value assessment
1. VISAUSAPaytechUSD 211USD 473 billion
2. MastercardUSAPaytechUSD 375USD 358 billion
3. TencentChinaRegtechUSD 383USD 187 billion
4. IntuitUSAFinancial solutionsUSD 452USD 127 billion
5. PayPalUSAPaytechUSD 87USD 99 billion
6. FiservUSATechnical solutions for paymentsUSD 108USD 68 billion
7. SquareUSAPaytechUSD 87USD 52 billion
8. AdyenNetherlandsPaytechUSD 1625USD 49 billion
9. CoinbaseUSACryptocurrency exchange platformUSD 78USD 18 billion
10. GrabSingaporeEconomic mobilityUSD 3USD 14 billion

Having studied this mini-rating, we can conclude that the top fintech companies are located in the United States. It means that an ambitious startupper should go to the United States to implement their fintech business idea.

Indeed, the USA is the cradle of various startups. However, according to Findexable’s Global Fintech Index, new fintech ecosystems (a collection of companies working together to achieve goals) are emerging and evenly distributed around the world:

  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Oceania.

Here you can explore best countries for startups in 2023.

New fintech companies are popping up wherever people use money. And this means that starting a business is possible anywhere. Please, contact our experts at [email protected] for advice on any business issues.

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