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Second Passport, Residence-By-Investment, Economic Citizenship Programs vs Naturalization

You have the right to choose where to live, when to travel, how to use your assets worldwide. Your most valuable resource is your freedom. 

Just think of what freedom is, and you will understand every reason for obtaining dual or multiple passports or residence permits by joining economic citizenship, residence-by-investment, Golden visa programs. 

In today’s world, to become more independent, agile, enterprising, and free from circumstances, you need a second passport (a second citizenship) or at least a residence permit to travel to the countries of your choice. Anyone can be a holder of multiple passports and Golden Visas granting you the liberty to cross borders any time, move to other jurisdictions on business, for education, marriage, residence, or other purposes.You can get citizenship by naturalization, but it is a long and uncertain path. The fastest and most predictable way is to apply for economic citizenship (by investment). In just 3 months to 3 years, you can become a citizen of another country, get the freedom to settle, run your company, and move across dozens of countries in the world.

A second citizenship allows you to become a true master of your destiny. Second passports for your family members enable you to set up a suitable sweet home away from home in the country you would like to live, work, rest, and raise children in.

The fastest way to becoming a citizen of some jurisdictions is through investment. By investing from USD 100,000 in the foreign economy or project, you can get a passport in 3 months to 3 years.

As a citizen, you can reside permanently on the territory of the country, as well as travel visa-free to dozens of countries.

The most popular citizenship by investment programs are offered by Nevis, Malta, Cyprus, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Turkey.

During the Coronavirus era, second passports and residence permits issued by different countries have proven different degrees of utility. While freedom of movement became unavailable to most other potential travelers, holders of several passports were welcome around the world. In nearly all countries travel bans and restrictions forbade crossing international borders without a very compelling reason. Even though the quarantine on arrival was a must for inbound national passport holders, they were happy to be let into their home country. Citizenship has remained a valid solid reason for the entry.

The most far-sighted families, who had chosen to obtain passports in some safer and more favorable destinations in advance, were prepared to move to a better place (where they had thoughtfully bought real estate). They were the luckiest ones who could calmly travel to their remote homes to wait out the lockdown and other threats of the pandemic.

After international connections get fully restored, passports granting visa-free and easy access to a large number of countries will become even more useful.

At least one second citizenship is needed to arrange for yourself a proper plan B with a cozy and safe shelter for permanent residence, business, visiting relatives, and/or holiday stays. 

Your third, fourth, other passports will widen your horizons and secure your freedom to change places

Your passion for travel and your growing collection of passports/residence permits will allow you to ride the tidal wave of disruptive changes in the world and follow the paths of other happy ‘nomad HNWIs’ (as visionaries call them). No wonder that economic citizenship has become a very popular demand.

You can obtain a second passport and economic citizenship by investment in government bonds, national priority projects, real estate, business registration in many attractive jurisdictions. The average investment amount ranges from USD 100,000 to over EUR 2,000,000.You are welcome to order a free private consultation with our experts for choosing the right program/jurisdictions. You can book it by contacting us at the e-mail address or in messengers given at the top of this page.

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