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Business Licenses in Offshore Jurisdictions: All License Types to Obtain Abroad

Certain types of activities require business licenses. Most often these are activities that affect the interests and safety of many people. You are welcome to refer for our services in helping you to apply for business licensing and obtain the following types of licenses:

  • Banking license
  • Insurance license
  • License for the issue of electronic money and cryptocurrencies
  • FOREX-licensee
  • Gambling license
  • Other.

The state protects consumers, their health, and welfare. So some activities require mandatory licensing.

A company can obtain licenses abroad if it meets the national requirements set by the target jurisdiction.

The most in-demand license types to apply for abroad are:

·         Banking licenses - for banking business, granting loans, opening accounts

·         Brokerage licenses - for investments, capital management

·         Electronic money issuance licenses - it can be both analogs of usual fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. This license varies in type, depending on the intended business activities: from a usual wallet to the full-fledged issuer of electronic currencies

·         FOREX licenses

·         Gambling licenses - to set up casinos, betting, online lotteries

·         Insurance, reinsurance, and other licenses.

Depending on the country and the license type, the requirements for the beneficiary company will vary in such aspects as:

·         Authorized capital of the company

·         Experience of managerial staff

·         Reputation of the managerial staff

·         Availability of a physical office in the company's country of incorporation

·         Other factors.

If you need to apply for any of the license types to obtain abroad you need to carefully prepare the documents, and in many cases, you have to communicate with state and public authorities.

The application processing time takes from a few weeks to several months.

We recommend that you should consult with experts in advance and take advantage of their help so that you could apply successfully and get the license soon. Thus you will avoid mistakes, confusion, communication gaps, and the results will arrive faster.

To learn more about obtaining a business license abroad, please write to our e-mail address given at the top of this page.

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