Professional and Business Immigration, Residence Permits and Permanent Residence Permits for HNWIs

Your reasons for moving abroad may be diverse: professional and business immigration, your kids’ education abroad, health treatment of family members, or the desire to enjoy more safety and comfort in a country of your choice. In any case, for permanent relocation it is necessary to obtain an official residence status: either a residence permit or participation in a permanent residence program.

HTWIs have several options: get a good-paying job, start their own business and get a business visa, invest in real estate to obtain the Golden Visa. Some people can move on their own or with their family. So many people, so many needs and solutions.

Permanent residence in another country requires a long-term visa or residency status: either a residence permit or a permanent residence permit

A residence permit is issued for a period of at least 6 months with the possibility of extension. A permanent residence permit is most often issued for a period of 5 years with the possibility of extension.

A permanent residence permit offers greater opportunities for a foreigner residing in the country. According to the regular procedure, one has to hold a residence permit status for several years, satisfy several conditions, and then obtain permanent residency status.

Long-term visas (residence permits) are also issued to foreigners on certain grounds: employment, reunification with one’s family members, study.

However, some programs allow you to move abroad on your own terms. These are business visas for entrepreneurs (business immigration) and visas for investors (for example, for the purchase of real estate). Depending on your situation and the country, you may be granted a residence permit or a permanent residence permit..

The most popular permanent residence programs award residence by investment - often called Golden Visas. By purchasing real estate or other assets in the country, the investor receives residency status in return. The average investment amount is 300-700 thousand euros.

Golden Visa programs are available in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Malta and some other countries.

Who can qualify for a residence permit/permanent residence permit by investment? These are persons who have proven the legal origin of funds and can afford to acquire foreign assets that meet the requirements of the program (most often the amount threshold, plus the asset class).

Who qualifies for a business visa? Persons who have registered a company abroad and meet the program requirements set for the authorized capital, type of activity, number of employees, etc.

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