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Open Foreign Bank Accounts Online

A myriad of companies and private persons worldwide are planning to open international bank accounts online soon. They are on the lookout for a more varied menu of banking services, investment options, opportunities for asset protection, diversification, access to foreign markets, or just a better future overseas. 

However, in today’s world, it has become more difficult to open an account abroad without the assistance of professional consultants. 

On the one hand, mobile phones, the internet, and new information technologies have expanded banking opportunities. On the other hand, it is not the client who selects the bank, but the banks decide whether to agree or refuse to open an account, continue or halt a business relationship with the client. Banks have become very cautious and choosy. 

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Online solutions allow applicants to open international bank accounts remotely, so the owners do not have to pay an in-person visit to the foreign financial institution.

Why would you need to set up a bank account abroad remotely?

  • You can save a lot of time by not traveling overseas to submit the application. Instead, you can apply from any place on the globe wherever you have access to an internet connection.
  • You can save a lot of money on travel costs - visa arrangements, tickets, transfers, hotels, etc. 
  • You can save the nerves and feel independent from possible travel inconveniences and adverse circumstances, especially during the pandemic (health risks, travel bans and containment measures, passenger restrictions, challenging flight connections, quarantine, etc.)   

Thus, your personal and corporate objectives are quite attainable remotely thanks to modern digital/online technologies.

Not all banks agree to open accounts remotely, though. So it is important to check the availability of the service with every particular bank, or take advantage of our database. Information on products in our above-mentioned catalog is regularly updated. 

You can open an account in a foreign bank only if you have carefully prepared your application portfolio of documents. 

The standard list of documents for opening an account in a foreign bank remotely:

  • Passport copy of the account owner (or the company owner and director - for a corporate account);
  • Proof of residence address of the account owner (or the company owner and director - for a corporate account);
  • Proof of legal origin of funds (tax return, accounting report);
  • For business clients: the business structure, a brief of the company's activities, corporate documents.

The list of papers to be submitted is country- and bank-specific. Our consultants will provide all the relevant details when helping you to shortlist the financial institutions. 

Every bank works with a certain category of clients, so it's important to choose the one (or several banks) that will accept you without too much hassle.

Please note that our experts offer the unique Pre-Approval service to our private and corporate clients who would like to know in advance if the bank agrees to accept the application in principle.   

To select a foreign bank for the remote account opening, please refer to our InternationalWealth experts for advice and help. 

Our consultants with long-standing experience are ready to offer you:

  • Certainty - accurate selection of banks that are willing to offer you services
  • Security - proven reputable banks interested in long-term cooperation with you
  • Predictability - follow the expert's advice, prepare the documents as recommended, and you will enjoy the nearly 100% chance to open an account remotely.

The first step to your account setup is a FREE private online consultation with our expert. You can book it now by submitting a clickable form or by writing to our e-mail address or whatsapp chat given at the top of this page.

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