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What Large Companies Are Investing in Bitcoin and Why They Do It

Interest in Bitcoin continues to grow amid economic uncertainty. Large companies view Bitcoin as an instrument of protection against economic crises. It is actively used not only for short-term profits but also as a long-term investment. Bitcoin is an important component of many companies’ strategic financial plans. Today, it is turning into the central element of many corporate strategies.

What Large Companies Are Investing in Bitcoin

Corporate investors in BTC

In the world of finance, Bitcoin is becoming a more and more significant asset for leading corporations. Investments into this asset allow large companies to diversify their assets and strengthen their financial strategies. Let us point out a few large investors in Bitcoin and consider their strategies in this sphere.


MicroStrategy Company has invested a considerable amount of money in Bitcoin. Currently, it owns around 174,530 BTC. The total value of the coins is about 9.1 billion US dollars. The company aims to use Bitcoin as a contingency asset to protect itself from inflation. The investment also contributes to the growth of value of the company’s shares.  


Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins in early 2021. Afterwards, the company sold 10% of its bitcoins to demonstrate the fact that it was a liquid asset and an alternative to fiat money. Currently, Tesla continues to possess a large amount of Bitcoin, which indicates its interest in the cryptocurrency.  

Block Inc.

The company has integrated Bitcoin with its products, particularly with its Cash App. Users can buy, hold, and sell bitcoins with this application. Block Inc. invested 220 million dollars in bitcoins, and their value is estimated at 382 million dollars. The company is interested in promoting Bitcoin as a means of payment and an investment instrument.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

Galaxy Digital Holdings, a stock market company run by Michael Novogratz, actively participates in the crypto industry and holds around 16,400 BTC. It has invested around 190 million dollars in bitcoins, but the value of its coins is currently considerably higher. The company not only holds bitcoins but also provides a wide range of crypto services.


Being one of the largest crypto exchanges, Coinbase has a significant amount of bitcoins – around 9,000 BTC. These assets play a key role in ensuring that the exchange remains liquid and operationally stable. The importance of Bitcoin for Coinbase can hardly be overestimated because it serves as the basis for many transactions and other operations on the platform.

Reasons why companies invest in Bitcoin

As the economic situation is unstable, corporations actively look for reliable investment objects. Bitcoin offers wonderful opportunities for portfolio diversification and strategic investments. Many large companies choose Bitcoin as a strategic asset because they value its potential for strengthening their financial stability and stimulating growth. Investments in Bitcoins help companies preserve and grow their wealth.

Asset diversification

Many companies are investing in Bitcoin to protect themselves from inflation and currency risks. This is especially sensible during periods of economic instability when traditional assets such as stocks and bonds can lose value. Bitcoin is not directly linked to any national economy, which makes it an attractive instrument for portfolio diversification. Cryptocurrency investments help companies reduce the overall risks of their investment projects.

Strategic investments

Companies also use Bitcoin to increase their net worth. True, Bitcoin is volatile, which makes it a high-risk investment object, but if managed wisely, it can bring significant profits. While traditional markets demonstrate low profitability, cryptocurrencies serve as an alternative investment object that can yield good profits. This fact attracts companies that are prepared for moderate risks in an attempt to increase their profits.

Leadership in modern technologies

Companies looking to position themselves as technology leaders often choose Bitcoin as a demonstration of their innovativeness. Investing in cryptocurrencies allows companies to emphasize their commitment to the digital economy. This also signals investors and customers that the company is at the forefront of technological advancement. Investments into cryptocurrencies strengthen the reputation of a business company as an innovative and forward-looking player in the market.  

Marketing advantage

Investments in Bitcoin can also serve as a powerful marketing instrument. Companies that use cryptocurrencies in their operations often attract mass media, which helps to increase their visibility and strengthen the brand. This is especially important in industries where innovations and modern technologies play a key role. Bitcoin is a symbol of innovation, and its use can greatly improve the company’s image.  

Long-term strategy

Companies often consider investments in Bitcoin as part of their long-term strategies, preparing to use cryptocurrencies more widely. They anticipate that cryptocurrencies will become commonplace in the financial landscape in the future. These investments allow companies to adapt to new economic realities before they even take place.

This approach strengthens the company’s current position and guarantees an important role for the company in the future digital world. Investing in Bitcoin today can give the company a significant competitive advantage tomorrow. This is a strategic decision that shows the company’s preparedness for new financial technologies.

Risks and criticism

Bitcoin remains a high-risk investment object and this fact should not be forgotten. Price volatility, regulatory changes, and security issues can seriously affect the company’s assets. Experts and analysts often don’t see Bitcoin as a long-term investment object.

Bitcoin volatility

Bitcoin is known for its volatility – its price changes often. This fact should make companies holding bitcoins somewhat uneasy. For example, the price of Bitcoin reached a historic maximum in 2021, but it lost more than 50% of its value within a few months. This makes it a high-risk investment object, which should turn off anyone looking for stability.

Regulatory issues

The regulatory issues are another risk factor for corporate investors in Bitcoin. National Governments may introduce legislative acts that restrict or prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies and their exchange. For instance, China prohibited all operations with cryptocurrencies in 2021, which caused prices to fall. This factor puts pressure on the investment strategies that the companies use.

Storage and security

Cryptocurrency exchange hacks and loss of access to wallets can lead to significant financial losses. For example, the Coincheck exchange hack in 2018 resulted in the loss of over 500 million dollars worth of NEM tokens. Such incidents emphasize the need to implement stringent security measures.

Experts’ doubts

Many experts and analysts express doubt about Bitcoin as a long-term investment object. They point out the digital nature of Bitcoin and lack of internal value that gold or other traditional assets have. In addition, economists such as Nurel Roubini have criticized bitcoin for excessive exchange rate volatility. This fact can affect the level of investors’ trust and, consequently, the price of the coin.

Expert recommendations

Some well-known experts have shared their opinions about the use of Bitcoin as an investment object. Tom Lee, a co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, predicts that the price of BTC may reach $180,000 by the end of 2024 due to the fact that the American SEC has finally agreed that launching Bitcoin BTF is legal. Ben Weiss, a co-founder of CoinFlip, is also optimistic about the potential impact of ETFs and halving on the price of BTC. Historically, halving has always raised the price. 

JPMorgan Chase is a bit less enthusiastic about the issue. The bank believes that the Bitcoin price may reach $45,000 under certain financial conditions. The diversity of opinions expressed by financial experts and institutions emphasizes the need for exercising a balanced approach to investing in Bitcoin. Yes, such investments can be highly profitable, but the price of Bitcoin fluctuates, and regulatory risks remain.  

Investors must keep track of the regulatory changes affecting the cryptocurrency market. They should also consider the opportunity of diversifying their investment portfolios in view of the fact that Bitcoin is volatile. Our experts will gladly help you compare the conditions for acquiring crypto licenses in different jurisdictions. In this way, you can make an informed decision.


Large corporations invest in Bitcoin with the intention to diversify their portfolios and put money in a profit-generating asset. However, some risks are associated with such investments including high volatility and regulatory uncertainty. At the same time, it is important to realize that large businesses putting money into Bitcoin are prepared for price fluctuations and possible regulatory changes.   

Investing in an innovative asset is an exciting experience in any case. Our experts will also be delighted to assist you with choosing a jurisdiction for registering a crypto company.

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