The Most Unusual NFTs of 2021 and the Best Projects of 2022

The year 2021 brought about a new metaverse based on the blockchain. During that year, ordinary artists rose to become world-renowned NFT superstars in just a few months, and many brands acquired non-fungible tokens worth billions of dollars. Of course, some investors believed (and still do) that picture tokens are nonsense, but so far this segment does not show any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, prices for some of the non-fungible tokens continue to skyrocket. Navigating in the world into cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be difficult and financially risky, but at least for the artists who have become billionaires this path has certainly been successful. Given the incredible amounts of money that even the most unusual and wild NFTs have generated, these tokens are hard to ignore.

Today, half a dozen projects of digital paintings and other works of art are launched every day, which leads to a constant increase in sales of this type of digital assets. Let’s take a look at the most unusual NFTs that were created in 2021, as well as the projects that digital asset investors should keep an eye on in 2022. 

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TOP 10 Most Unusual NFT Pictures and Collections in 2021   

Over the year 2022 the NFT market is expected to finally consolidate its position. At the end of Q3 2021, market capitalization reached 14 billion USD, and in January 2022 it already exceeded 20 billion USD. Development of NFTs enjoys strong support from public figures and artists. It is quite possible that in the nearest future we will see the use of non-fungible tokens in other areas, for example, in the form of registration of property rights or participation in electoral voting.

Will there be a downturn? That seems unlikely: right now this market segment is constantly growing, and some companies are already restructuring their activities, shifting the emphasis from social networks to business in the metaverse. Let’s take a look at the most unusual NFTs created in 2021 and the money their owners managed to earn. The TOP 10 included the following works:

  1. The WarNymph collection by a Canadian singer Grimes – babies with wings guarding Mars against an apocalyptic backdrop. 10 digital pictures sold for 5.8 billion USD within 20 minutes.
  2. Digital toilet paper from the American company Charmin, sold for a whopping 4,100 USD for such a product. This is by far the craziest and most unusual unique token with custom design.
  3. Digital fragrance Cyber ​​Eau des Parfum by Look Labs from Germany. Scanned bottle packaging and fragrance created a digital image that is being sold for 18,000 USD.
  4. The photo of a model Emily Ratajkowski, sold for 175,000 USD. In 2014, the artist Richard Prince integrated this image into his painting, the model bought it and put it up for auction at Christie’s as a digital painting.
  5. An NFT collection of the musician Imogen Heap’s short audiovisual clips that are carbon negative was sold on the OpenSea marketplace for 3,400 USD.
  6. The source code of the WWW web browser, which is now owned by an unknown buyer. The 5.4 million USD deal took place in June 2021 at Sotheby’s and confirms ownership of the original 1989 files made by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web.
  7. NFT-grown cannabis plants – each of the 3D tokens is stored on the blockchain as unique and non-exchangeable. Potential farmers can sow, grow and harvest cannabis plants and sell them on the Ethereum blockchain for 1 USD.
  8. Unique colors “Vampire Black” or “Youtube red” from one of the platforms that can be resold in the auction. The price of such exotic digital shades is 100 USD.
  9. A Blockchain Wedding – Two San Francisco-based Coinbase employees used a special token and an Ethereum smart contract to get married. The exchange of wedding rings was also carried out in NFTs, which are now displayed in the couple’s wallets as currency.
  10. A random set of numbers of “The n project” – a total of 8888 tokens consisting of 8 random numbers from 0 to 14, which cost approximately 4,500 USD each. You can permanently secure your personal lucky number on the blockchain. Incredibly, in September 2021 the market capitalization of “The n project” was 40 million USD. 

There are, in fact, quite a few examples of such unusual NFTs. Sometimes they even seem crazy, bearing a distinct trace of madness; nevertheless, they continue to bring high income to their owners. For example, tennis player Alexandra Oleinikova from Croatia sold part of her right forearm in the form of a unique token for USD 5,000, and the NBA immortalized basketball achievements with the “Best Shots” collection and earned USD 208,000 from its sale.   

If you are only planning to invest in this relatively new market segment, we recommend you to study in more detail, what NFTs are and how the hype around non-fungible tokens is growing. 

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TOP 5 NFT Projects to Follow in 2022

Technological advances in NFTs are ushering in a new phase of the digital world with the transition to the metaverse. Celebrities from world-famous singers to movie stars and various public figures are investing in digital assets and posting them on social networks, which leads to an increase in sales of paintings and other works of art digitized on the blockchain.

We have taken a look at the most unusual NFTs created in 2021 in different parts of the world. Now, let’s list the projects that crypto investors should watch closely in 2022. These include: 

  • CryptoPunks, one of the first projects launched back in 2017;
  • CryptoDragons – a limited collection of 10,000 regular, epic, and legendary NFT eggs created by artificial intelligence;
  • Deadfellaz – 10 thousand unique NFT pictures of zombies;
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) – a unique collection of monkeys created in August 2021;
  • Axie Infinity – blockchain game with its own economy (currently one of the cheapest). 

NFT Metahero is planning to attract at least 10 million new crypto users In 2022 by integrating 3D scanning and smart contracts into the new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project. The goal is to get them to evaluate real-world objects and digitally visualize them.

The new Decentraland project associated with Paris Hilton is also quite interesting in 2022. Launched in July 2020, the project allows users to enter the world of virtual reality and build houses, create avatars, and sell digital collectibles that the users make themselves. 

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Development of NFT Market in 2022

Judging by the screaming headlines in the media and the growing hype around NFT paintings and other digital art, the market is moving into the public arena and getting really big. Moreover, given that NFTs are powered by the Ethereum blockchain technology, the future of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets looks quite bright, too. Today, non-fungible tokens demonstrate the ability to become a real and serious area of investment, which is spurred on by the participation of famous personalities and big businesses.

Crypto art can take a great variety of forms, from digitized well-known artists’ paintings to the authors’ own x-rays or even digital representations of their body parts, as was in the case of the Croatian tennis player mentioned above. The nascent industry and the amazing profits that the participants in this market have already made should not be viewed as an accident, since each participant is trained in computer science.

It is quite possible that in the near future young people around the world will get interested in creating NFT pictures and trading them on the blockchain, and this new passion will become a more popular pastime than blogging, which today involves almost all segments of the population. Moreover, this activity may practically supplant digital piracy – if you exchange, say, digital cards, you can get another digital card, but not its complete analogue.

At the beginning of 2022, digital land began to gain popularity. NFT tokens of this type allow you to buy plots of land or property in the virtual space and even rent or sell them. The site can also be used for advertising, which makes many crypto investors optimistic about the prospects of such activities.

Finally, I would like to remind you that crypto assets are still classified as high-risk investments. It is important to think carefully about such investments, and its’ even better to create an investment portfolio with different classes of assets. NFT paintings and other digital works of art will be there as long as the hype around them is maintained, as is the case with cryptocurrencies. However, it is NFT investors who are already on their way to the metaverse, where literally every one of us will find ourselves – eventually.   

The experts of Offshore Pro Group are ready to provide detailed individual consultations on investments in crypto assets, including buying NFTs and trading cryptocurrencies. In addition, we invite you to take a look at our own NFT collection, which is located on one of the most popular virtual platforms.  

What were the most unusual NFTs the world saw in 2021?

Some non-fungible tokens are so non-standard that they can even be called crazy. In any case, they either have already brought some money to their owners or will bring some profits in the future. For example, Grames’ WarNymph Collection sold for 5.8 billion USD, and custom-designed toilet paper was auctioned for 4,100 USD. The digital source code of WWW gave its creator 5.4 million USD, and the random set of numbers in “The n project” brought 4,500 USD for each unique single number.

Which non-fungible tokens should we focus on in 2022?

The trends in 2022 in terms of the most popular tokens have not changed compared to 2021. The most popular and most actively bought and sold NFT images have been the CryptoPunks, CryptoDragons, Deadfellaz, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) collections. Between the end of 2021 and the middle of 2022, the popularity of the blockchain game Axie Infinity, the characters of which are still among the cheapest, has been skyrocketing. Presumably, pretty soon the hype around the game will cause the value of these unique tokens to increase significantly.

How risky are investments in NFT pictures?

Just like with any other type of crypto assets, digital games and paintings, as well as other types of digital art, remain high-risk investments. It is impossible to predict how long this segment will last, but today you can already see how the market of NFTs is evolving into an official financial segment. For example, non-fungible tokens can be used both in ordinary life and in business, allowing you to work, study, and hold conferences in the virtual space. It is expected that such digital assets will not lose their relevance, since they are favoured not only by large businesses, but also by ordinary people.

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