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Crypto Consulting: What Can Experts Do for You?

Cryptocurrencies and other crypto-assets as well as blockchain technologies are integral parts of the investor’s life today. Due to the high volatility of crypto assets, investing in them can make you rich fast but you can also go broke if you do not use professional consulting services. The investment option looks very attractive, however, as launching an ICO in the modern world allows raising funds for any business project that you might have in mind. This is the reason why crypto consulting services are growing in popularity.

You are welcome to apply for consultations on crypto-related issues with International Wealth experts. We will also be happy to help you register a company for your crypto project including ICO. We will advise on the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions where you can set up a company. Our specialists will also gladly assist you in opening a corporate account with a foreign bank. 

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Blockchain technologies as well as digital assets are attractive investment options as they bring new opportunities that were unavailable only a short time ago.

At the same time, legislations governing crypto operations can be dissimilar even in two neighboring countries. One country may have clear rules regulating the crypto company activities, the process of launching ICOs, the exchange of cryptocurrencies, and so on. The neighboring country, in its turn, may have crypto currency operations totally unregulated. If you would like to engage in a legal crypto business and make earnings in legal ways, you will be well advised to apply for our consultations on the matter. We have reliable partners in different countries of the world.

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Please note that exchanging cryptocurrencies or launching an ICO in a jurisdiction where crypto operations do not have an official status may lead to administrative or even criminal sanctions. Crypto consulting from International Wealth experts and our partners will let you avoid possible problems with fiscal and other regulating authorities of different national states.

Crypto consulting includes consultations on national corporate and fiscal legislations, legal support to startups engaged with cryptocurrencies and/ or blockchain projects as well as support in launching an ICO.

How can a crypto consultant help you?

A crypto consultant will research, analyze, develop, and test the blockchain technologies for you, study the relevant documentation, provide legal support to your business project, and help you build an integrated business mechanism involving crypto assets. The goal of crypto consulting is to transform your business objectives into technological road maps that you can use to achieve the desired results.

What makes crypto consulting from our experts especially valuable is our ability to combine the technological side of the matter with business skills. If you apply for our services, you will be able to create your own protocols and applications that will let you achieve your business goals. 

In addition to helping you solve numerous technical tasks, our crypto consultants will ensure that your (prospective) business conforms to all the legal requirements applied in the jurisdiction where you would like to register a crypto company. We will let you see all the benefits that you can acquire from engaging in crypto business and using the blockchain technologies.

How do blockchain technologies work?

A blockchain is a distributed public ledger that monitors and registers transactions between interconnected knots in a network. It helps companies to build new confidential and controllable networks, which guarantees that the transactions will conform to three main requirements: decentralization, immutability, and transparency.   

Working in the decentralized format, blockchain networks do not have the parental authorities: each bit of information is stored on millions of computers at a time. This means that the information cannot belong to a single subject. Instead, it can be used by all parties that have joined the network. This makes all the records publicly accessible on the Internet and easily verifiable. 

However, publicly accessible information should be secure. This is why the blockchain uses cryptographic hash-functions to remain immutable. A vast number of calculations and algorithms is performed at each knot of the network to ensure the security of the information. In simple words, after the data have been entered into the blockchain, it cannot be changed.

Finally, blockchain networks boast a new level of transparency that the financial world has never seen before. Even though all the transactions are publicly accessible, individual data remain encrypted and protected by complicated codes. Only the blockchain address is public, in fact. This feature allows keeping the transactions confidential on the one hand, but it also forces the subject to make legal transactions only. You are welcome to apply for a more detailed personal consultation on blockchain technologies with our experts.

The blockchain boasts the following advantages:

Transparency. The blockchain improves the transparency of the transactions. Every participant has access to all documents but he or she needs permission to share them or update them.

Improved security. The information is stored in a computer network connected by a secure validation mechanism, which provides for maximum security and confidentiality of the data.

Improved efficiency. Because the system uses one and the same digital book, every participant has access to the same information, which allows trusting each other and working more productively.

Decentralized cooperation. Any user can make transactions and participate in a blockchain. And because the transactions are recorded on multiple computers, no record can be changed without changing all subsequent blocks.

Four widespread blockchain technologies

1. Smart contracts

Smart contracts are digital protocols that allow automating making agreements. The formal allows digitizing the contract terms and conditions and keeping record of the negotiations in the blockchain where the smart contract is deployed. In other words, smart contracts help avoid misunderstanding and therefore, minimize the need for possible lawsuits. What is also important is that they make the participation of intermediaries such as attorneys or notaries unnecessary. The popularity of smart contracts is currently growing even though their legal force is still debated. Please apply for our consultations on making smart contracts by use of blockchain technologies.

2. Crowdfunding

Businesses are traditionally financed in one of the following three ways: a bank loan, venture capital, or self-financing. The problem is that none of the three ways of financing may be available to many business companies due to multiple reasons. This means that a promising business idea may lack financing that would let it develop and bring profit to the originator.

Blockchain crowdfunding is an alternative way to raise funds for your business project. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a new fundraising instrument. Everybody can become an investor and receive a coin (token) as a sign. Blockchain technologies simplify the crowdfunding procedures and offer a new instrument of economic cooperation. A low-risk ICO will allow the initiator to keep the product under control while keeping the processes transparent, which helps receive financial support from investors. Besides, no intermediaries are required and the investors can rest assured that their money will end up where it should. Of course, the process is regulated with the help of a smart contract.

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Please apply for our consultations on launching an ICO!

3. Supply chains

With traditional methods of supply chain management, it is always difficult to trace the goods at a given point in time. Besides, the human factor can be involved as well as fraud and theft risks.

Blockchain technologies make supply chain management much simpler. Every link in the chain is documented and the information is absolutely transparent. All the parties involved – the sender, the receiver, the shipment company, and the regulator – can have immediate access to the information. This allows making informed decisions in a fast way. Besides, the automated operations will help reduce costs associated with manual data processing. What is more, the data will be perfectly secure as blockchains cannot be altered or deleted. Only authorized parties will have access to the information. 

Please apply for our crypt consulting services to learn more about the supply chain management opportunities that blockchain technologies bring.

4. Stock trade

Blockchain technologies can potentially simplify trading in the stock markets as they allow confirming transactions in peer-to-peer networks without any intermediaries. This makes it easier to transfer property rights and allows reducing the transactional costs. Besides, it will boost trust to you as a trader on the part of the investors.  

IN a blockchain environment, stocks exist in the digital form and all transactions are documented in real-time mode. So corporate traders, for example, can delegate their voting rights to a trusted agent, which will simplify the validation of stock property rights and reduce the transaction time.  

If you would like to provide stock trading services with the use of blockchain technologies, please apply for our consultations on the opportunity. Write us an email and we will respond on the same day. 

ICO-related crypto consulting

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has made a new fundraising opportunity available. We are talking about ICO – Initial Coin Offering.

It is comparable to an IPO when the company goes public and starts trading its stock thus raising additional funds for further development. However, going public involves several important challenges. First, the company should have a recognizable brand name. Second, some geographical limitations will apply. Third, the regulating authorities impose a number of requirements that can make it impossible for the company to go public.

Launching an ICO allows collecting the funds required to carry out your business projects. People from all countries of the world can act as investors. Many of the most successful blockchain projects started with ICOs.

When launching an ICO, the person seeking crowdfunding sells tokens to investors. The tokens represent the share of ownership that each investor has in a business project. 

If this fundraising technique is new for you, you certainly need some crypto consulting. But even if you are an experienced cryptocurrency dealer, our consultations will help you find the best ways to launch an ICO thus raising more funds for your business ventures. Tokens can be of several different kinds (or different standards) and you have to choose the token standard that suits your business purposes best.

We will be happy to support you at all stages of your ICO project including campaign planning, writing the white paper, issuing tokens, legalizing and marketing them, and so on.

We will also gladly consult you on launching an STO – Secure Token Offering, –which is one more fundraising instrument available today. Please apply for our crypto consulting services and we will help you with the following matters:

  • Choosing the most suitable jurisdiction where you can launch an ICO.
  • Ascertaining that issuing tokens is going to be legal and secure.
  • Validating your product.
  • Legal monitoring of your crypto-related activities in the chosen jurisdiction.
  • Issuing the tokens.   
  • Assessing your base assets to determine the price of the token.  
  • Assessing the risks involved.
  • Ascertaining that your crypto-related activities conform to the SEC and CFTC rules.
  • Compiling financial and audit reports.
  • Selecting the most suitable bank where you can open a corporate account for your crypto company.
  • Preparing the white paper and technical documentation.
  • Providing legal support in remote company formation in the chosen jurisdiction.
  • Representing you in a court of law in case a regulating authority files a lawsuit against you that can be disputed.

If you would like to open a crypto company abroad, you will have to open a foreign bank account. This rather complicated task needs to be handled with care. Please apply for a free consultation on choosing a foreign bank account together with professionals.

Please write to [email protected] and request crypto consulting services from International Wealth experts.

What is crypto consulting?

Crypto consulting is related to the legal aspects of going into crypto business. Each national state will have its own corporate and fiscal legislation governing the use of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and ICOs.

Can you consult me on launching an ICO?

Yes, we will gladly consult you on launching an ICO. We can advise on campaign planning, writing the white paper, issuing tokens, legalizing, and marketing them.

Why should I seek your advice on crypto-related matters?

We have partners in all jurisdictions that are crypto-friendly and that are recommendable for registering a crypto company there. Our partners are highly knowledgeable both on the legal and technical sides of the matter. Their professional advice will let you make the best of your crypto business project.

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