Intellectual Property Protection

How do you hold intellectual property offshore?  That is the topic of this section. 

The most valuable part of many businesses is intellectual property. IP (Intellectual Property) refers to trademarks, software, know-how, technologies and features that are essential elements of your business. These assets may be registered, as in the case of patents or trademarks, or unregistered - copyrights, manuals, processes etc. They are all valuable intangible assets without which your business could not survive.

Of course, in each country the process of registering a trademark or patent is slightly different. The cost of services varies greatly, depending on the territory in which the patent is valid. You can register in the United States or the European Union for example - but in other parts of the world you need to register certain assets country by country.

Holding intellectual property offshore in an SPV such as a corporation, trust or foundation is a standard way to protect these key assets from the risks of day-to-day business like tax, bankruptcy or political instability.

In this section, we talk about the peculiarities of the legal systems of different countries, how to register intellectual property offshore, and what are the benefits and advantages registration in particular jurisdictions.

We also offer advice on the offshore registration of trademarks, patents and other IP:

Below, you will find popular articles on offshore intellectual property protection.

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How You Can Protect Your International Business: General Recommendations and Concrete Steps

How You Can Protect Your International Business: General Recommendations and Concrete Steps

If you want to protect your business, you can take several important measures. These include incorporating your company, acquiring insurance, keeping business records, reducing the operational costs, concentrating on what works best, investing in the advertisement, working with the clients and for the clients, increasing your income, playing by the rules including the unwritten ones, and protecting your business from criminals. Protecting a small-size business is more problematic due to lack of funds but it is possible anyway.

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