Foreign Bank Accounts

How do I open an offshore or foreign bank account? 

This is a question frequently asked by entrepreneurs, travellers, and people who want to preserve, protect and nurture their assets. An offshore bank account is about diversification of risk.

Opening foreign and offshore bank accounts has been our core business since 2008. Whether you are a start-up looking for offshore payment processing, or a wealthy individual looking for elite private banking services, the InternationalWealth portal is here to help.

At InternationalWealth, part of the Offshore Pro Group, we publish important, visual and versatile materials about foreign bank accounts. We cover the following topics:

  • How to open a foreign account? 
  • Where are the best offshore banks
  • Which is better: a bank account or a payment system?
  • Features of opening foreign accounts
  • Reporting requirements on foreign accounts
  • The cost of opening accounts abroad
  • How to open an offshore account for an individual?
  • How to open an offshore account for a legal entity?
  • Do you need a trust, corporation or LLC to open a bank account?

Offshore Pro Group's experts offer free consultations on the opening of bank accounts overseas in the best offshore banks:

With their help, you can quickly obtain pre-approval, choose the solution that suits you and start the process of opening an offshore bank account.

Below you will find a list of the most interesting, according to the readers of the portal, articles about foreign banks.

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A Belize LLC with a Serbia Offshore Bank Account

A Belize LLC with a Serbia Offshore Bank Account

Do you know the golden formula of business? It contains two elements: an offshore company to take advantage of low taxes and a corporate account with a solid European bank to ensure reliability and speed of transactions. However, the current deoffshorization trend is making it hard to directly combine these two elements: banks with a reputation refuse to work with offshores or tend to check too many details. However, we have a good solution for you: set up a company in Belize, register a branch in Serbia, and then open an account for your branch with a Serbian bank. Read on for more details.

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Why Panama is Still Good for Offshore Banking

Why Panama is Still Good for Offshore Banking

An offshore account in Panama will be helpful to many people. Whether you're looking to create an emergency hatch, move to a warmer country, or open a non-resident corp in Panama, our article on Panama offshore banking will be helpful to you.

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Serbian Banking: Do Currency Controls Affect Foreign Investors?

Serbian Banking: Do Currency Controls Affect Foreign Investors?

If you are a foreign investor and your business is connected with currency transactions in Serbia, it is natural that the success of your company will require you to know the financial regulations to the extent necessary to ensure safe operations. In this article, we will give you a summary of the main aspects of Serbian legislation that each international investor, especially a beginner, should know. We will also give an overview of the Serbian banking sector and list some restrictions for non-residents. Please contact our experts if you have any questions about payments in Serbia.

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