All about Fintech

Fintech - short for financial technology - is one of the most rapidly developing and global areas of modern business. Fintech encompasses various businesses: payment systems and gateways, investment and savings applications, money transfers and remittances, forex trading, and of course crypto currencies. 

Fintech uses the latest technology to simplify, accelerate, and reduce the cost of payments for companies and individuals.

To work in the field of fintech, you often - but not always - need to be regulated. It is more accessible than banking, and there are several levels. Licenses in some countries are more profitable and more respected; others are cheaper, and can be obtained more easily and quickly.

In the section, we talk about the features of fintech in different countries, how to launch a startup in this area, and how to get a license. We pay attention to legislation, prospects and pitfalls.

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Below, you will find in-demand articles on Fintech.

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