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What is a business license? A business license is basically permission from the government to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. 

At its most basic, a business license is required to start any business. In the world of offshore, however, when we talk about licensing we generally refer to licenses for specific regulated activities. For example:

  • Bank licenses
  • Crypto trading
  • Electronic Money
  • Brokerage
  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Insurance/Reinsurance
  • Pharmaceutical trading
  • Cigarette trading

Obtaining a license offshore can often be simpler, faster and more transparent than in your home country. 

To obtain a license, in most cases, you'll need to register a company in the country where the license will be obtained. Of course, you will also need to satisfy additional requirements depending on the license applied for: experience of the owner / employees in the chosen field, authorized capital, education, qualifications etc.

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The most interesting articles about offshore business licenses can be found below.

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Comoros or St Lucia: Which One Offers a Better Banking License?

The importance of banking licenses for financial institutions about to start their operations. Banking licenses in St Lucia: incentives offered and incorporation requirements for St Lucia banks. Banking license types in St Lucia. Company registration in the jurisdiction: legislative requirements for international banks and documents to submit. Comoros banking licenses: requirements, key benefits, and license types. Comparative analysis of banking license costs in Saint Lucia and Comoros.

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Gambling Licenses in Comoros and Curaçao: Which One Do You Prefer?

Curaçao's gambling license: legislative changes and amendments as of 2024. B2C and B2B gambling licenses in Curaçao. Associated annual fees and audits. Gambling licensing in Comoros. Significant tax benefit for licensees. Acquiring a gambling license in Comoros: requirements to meet and fees to pay. On a final note: other licenses you can get for your business in Comoros.

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Cryptocurrency Licensing: Thailand vs. Portugal and the Comoros

Crypto licensing: legal requirements and market regulations. Cryptocurrency licensing in Thailand: virtual currency dealers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and digital asset brokers. Cryptocurrency licensing in Portugal: documents to submit. Cryptocurrency licensing in the Comoros: Moheli and Anjouan as the preferred islands for cryptocurrency startups. Why choose the Comoros for crypto licensing? Summing up.

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New Curacao License for International Level Gaming

Period required to update the Curacao gaming license. New license types in Curacao: B2C licenses for operators and B2B licenses for payment providers, platform providers, and game providers. Real presence as an old new trend. Crypto payments and taxes under the updated legislation. License fees.Transition period for current customers.

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How Can You Verify that an Online Casino Has a License?

Some countries prohibit online casinos while others allow them and issue gambling licenses to them. If an online casino has a license, it should mean that its operations are legal and playing there is safe. It is not always the case, however, because some national states issuing licenses to online casinos do not actually monitor their activities and thus the safety and fairness of their operations cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, licenses issued in some other states are completely trustworthy.

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How can you acquire a cryptocurrency license?

Cryptocurrencies are relatively new business instruments but many entrepreneurs appreciate their potential today. If you acquire a cryptocurrency license, you can legally obtain profits in the country where your company is registered. A few countries issue cryptocurrency licenses. Some others allow crypto operations without licensing them, while some countries make such operations illegal. Why should […]

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