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What Is the Most Valuable Company in Europe in 2023?

Europe is well-known for its strong entrepreneurial history and the influential corporations that hold important roles in the global economy. However, among all of them, which business stands out as the most valuable company in Europe in terms of both market value and respected brand image?

The most valuable company in Europe

What makes a company valuable?

Many factors affect how valuable a company is:

  1. Profits: This is how much money the company makes from its sales. It’s a really important factor in determining the company’s overall value and identifying the most expensive company in the world.
  2. Profitability: This indicator shows how well the company can make profits. It’s another important thing to consider when you evaluate a company’s value.
  3. Potential for growth: This is how much the company can increase its sales and profits in the future. It’s a key factor in determining its value.
  4. Valuation multiples: These are numbers that compare the company’s price to its earnings, sales, and book value.

Analytical agencies often use these factors to compare different companies and create rankings based on their value.

The most popular rankings of valuable European companies

  • Forbes Global 2000 is a yearly ranking that assesses the largest publicly traded companies in the world based on their market value. It is published by Forbes magazine. The most noteworthy European companies on the current list, as of June 2023, are Shell (United Kingdom) in 11th place, HSBC Holdings (United Kingdom) in 20th place, and TotalEnergies (France) in 21st place. However, the top 10 places in this ranking are mostly taken by American and Chinese companies.
  • Fortune Global 500 is another annual ranking that showcases the biggest companies globally, ranked by their revenue. It is published by Fortune magazine. Among the European companies featured on this list, the closest to the top are Volkswagen (Germany) in 8th place, Shell (United Kingdom) in 15th place, and Glencore (Switzerland) in 23rd place.
  • Brand Finance Global 500 is an annual ranking that focuses on identifying the most valuable companies in the world. It is published by Brand Finance, a consulting company that specializes in brand valuation. In the latest report, The World’s Top 25 Most Valuable Brands for January 2023, several German companies made the list, including Deutsche Telekom in 11th place, Mercedes-Benz in 16th place, and Allianz in 24th place.
  • Interbrand Best Global Brands is an annual ranking that showcases the most valuable brands on a global scale. This ranking is published by the consulting company Interbrand. As of June 2023, the most valuable European brands are Mercedes-Benz (Germany) in 8th place, BMW (Germany) in 13th place, and Louis Vuitton (France) in 14th place.
  • Statista, an analytics company, also releases yearly lists featuring the largest European brands. In the most recent ranking for 2022, Mercedes-Benz (Germany), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), and Shell (United Kingdom) secured the top positions.

Since these rankings use different criteria to evaluate companies, you should understand the methods they use before comparing them. Forbes Global 2000 looks at market value, while Fortune Global 500 focuses on revenue. Brand Finance Global 500 and Interbrand Best Global Brands focus on brand value to measure brand strength and importance.

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Ranking of valuable EU companies by Market Cap ( is an online platform that comes with a compilation of the most valuable companies globally, determined by their market capitalization. Market capitalization represents the total value of a company that is publicly traded. It is calculated by multiplying the price of 1 share by the total number of shares available. On the, users can explore rankings of companies categorized by country, industry, and other factors. Additionally, they have the option to compare these companies with alternative assets such as gold, silver, or bitcoin.

Here are the top 10 companies in the European Union with the highest market capitalization as of the beginning of June 2023, according to

CompanyCountryMarket capitalization, USD bln.
Novo NordiskDanemark359.81

Looking at the table, we can see that a large number of companies from France (5) are among the top 10 in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking. This shows that France has strong brands and successful companies. Additionally, several companies from other countries have made it into the top 10, such as Denmark, Ireland, Germany (1 each), and the Netherlands (2).

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The most valuable European companies

Let’s take a closer look at the list of the most valuable companies in Europe.


LVMH is a French company that makes luxurious products. It includes the famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton and the makers of Moët and Hennessy beverages. LVMH is the first European company to be worth more than USD 500 billion. 

Its success comes from the increasing demand from wealthy people. The company owns 75 luxury brands, like Tiffany & Co., Christian Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, TAG Heuer, and Bulgari.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a Danish pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing medicines for diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, and other chronic illnesses. It is a global leader in producing insulin and other diabetes treatments and one of the biggest manufacturers of growth hormones and weight loss medications. 

As of June 2023, Novo Nordisk has a market value of USD 359.81 billion. Although not the highest-valued company in the world, this pharmaceutical producer is ranked 20th among the world’s most valuable companies based on market capitalization, claims.


A company from Denmark, ASML specializes in making equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. They create small circuits on silicon wafers, which are used to make computer chips. ASML is a top player in this industry that works with major clients like Intel, Samsung, and TSMC. 

As of June 2023, ASML is the 3rd most valuable company in the EU, worth USD 282.47 billion. It ranks 30th on the list of the world’s most valuable companies.


Shell is a British and Dutch company that deals with oil and gas. They search for oil, refine it, and sell it, along with other energy products. Shell also produces chemicals, biofuels, and renewable energy. It’s one of the largest companies in the world in terms of revenue and is among the top 6 oil companies. 

As of June 2023, Shell’s market value is USD 199.37 billion, making it the 54th most valuable company globally.

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Total Energies is an energy company that produces and sells electricity and natural gas. It operates in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is publicly traded and listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As of June 2023, TotalEnergies is valued at USD 143.64 billion, making it the 81st most valuable company in the world.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is a German telecommunications company that offers communication, internet, television, and cloud services to individuals and businesses. It owns popular brands like T-Mobile, Magenta, and Telekom Deutschland.

As of June 2023, Deutsche Telekom is valued at USD 104.12 billion and ranks 131st among the world’s most valuable companies according to


Mercedes-Benz is a famous German car brand that produces cars, commercial vehicles, buses, and specialized vehicles. It is part of the Daimler AG group, which also owns other well-known brands like Smart, Maybach, and Freightliner.

Relying on, Mercedes-Benz is valued at USD 83.63 billion, placing it at the 163rd position on the list of the world’s most valuable companies as of June 2023. 

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LVMH, Novo Nordisk, and ASML are recognized as the top companies in Europe in terms of market capitalization, indicating their significant value. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Deutsche Telekom are renowned for their strong brand reputation. These companies have demonstrated exceptional stability and growth, even in challenging economic conditions, and have established a formidable international presence. NB: these rankings represent just a fraction of the assessments conducted on European companies.

These companies are also judged based on other things. For example, Shell, Volkswagen, and Glencore made the most money in Europe in 2022.

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