How can you buy or form an offshore company in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is an offshore jurisdiction that attracts foreign entrepreneurs by low taxes, availability of nominee service, and low cost of company formation and maintenance. How can you purchase an existing company in Gibraltar or register a new one there within a short timeframe?

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Who should be interested in buying or forming an offshore company in Gibraltar

A Gibraltar-domiciled company can be used for the purposes of tax management, asset protection, and engagement into international business activities. The beneficial taxation system, advanced infrastructure, predictability, and stability make the jurisdiction a wonderful platform from where you can start an e-commerce business, an IT company, a trading company, a real estate agency, or any other kind of business venture. DLT providers will be especially interested in setting up a company in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is quite friendly to cryptocurrencies. You can acquire a crypto exchange license there and engage in any sort of business that involves blockchain technologies.  

Besides, many large gambling corporations are domiciled in Gibraltar as the local gambling license is a rather reputable one.


information from an expert on taxes
and possible tax benefits of the jurisdiction
appropriate to the company's structure.

oinformation from an expert on taxes and possible tax benefits of the jurisdiction appropriate to the company's structure.

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The advantages of buying or forming an offshore company in Gibraltar

Incorporating in Gibraltar is beneficial for non-residents due to the absence of taxes provided that certain conditions are satisfied.

For instance, a non-resident company is income tax exempt if it obtains the income from business operations outside Gibraltar. It the income is obtained within geographical borders of the jurisdiction, it becomes taxable. One of the big advantages of having a Gibraltar company is being able to use local banks, which are crypto-friendly.

A non-resident company shall have a registered legal address in Gibraltar. If the company is to be considered non-resident, its shareholders and other beneficiaries shall also be non-residents of Gibraltar. They have to confirm their non-residents’ statuses by supplying bank statements or recent utility bills that carry their residential addresses.  

The advantages of a Gibraltar offshore company:

 The absence of inheritance tax, dividend tax, capital gains tax, and VAT;

 The absence of state tax inspections;

The possibility to open an account with any bank and any payment system in the world;

The high speed of company formation;

The low cost of company formation and maintenance.

The company register is open to the public in Gibraltar but nominee services are available and thus you can protect the company ownership information. There are no limitations on doing business abroad provided that it is legal. You can buy or form a company in Gibraltar remotely, without ever visiting the jurisdiction. 

The available company ownership forms:

company ownership forms in Gibraltar
  • Sole trader;
  • General partnership;
  • Limited liability partnership;
  • Non-profit making organization;
  • Trust;
  • Private company limited by shares, LTD.

LTDs are the most popular form of company ownership with those foreign entrepreneurs who seek to manage their taxes in a more efficient way and protect their capitals.  

Characteristics of a non-resident company in Gibraltar:

Corporate legislation
The Companies Act from 2014 allows non-resident companies in Gibraltar to do business in any foreign jurisdiction.
Legal types of business activities for an LTD Any that are not prohibited by law. Insurance, reinsurance, and banking businesses require licenses.
Registered legal address in Gibraltar and company secretaryRequired
Doing business in GibraltarTaxable at low rates (10%)
Company nameShall be unique and end in LTD 
Charter capital requirements2,000 GBP. Need not be paid.  
Types of company shares that can be issuedNo-par-value shares are allowed; bearer shares are not allowed
Number of shareholders and directorsMinimum one of each (a physical or a legal entity)
Place of shareholder meetingsAny place in the world
Disclosure of the information about company beneficiariesGibraltar has a public UBO registry from this year
Taxes for an LTD companyNone
Accounting requirementsNone
AuditNo audit for small- and medium-size companies
Currency controlNone 
Annual reportingNot required

A corporate bank account for a Gibraltar-domiciled offshore company

Regardless of whether you would like to open a new company in Gibraltar or buy an existing one, you will need a corporate account with a bank or a payment system. A non-resident company in Gibraltar cannot have a bank account in this jurisdiction, however, it is free to open an account anywhere else in the world.

Please apply for our free consultation on choosing the best bank to service your company.

How to register an offshore company in Gibraltar in a fast way

To make the registration process fast and seamless we recommend that you should apply for our assistance. 

The process of registering a company in Gibraltar begins with choosing a name that would conform with the requirements. Then the form of company ownership need to be determined and the corresponding document package collected. Then the state duty needs to be paid at the moment of submitting the application documents to the Company Registrar. The company will be registered within five to fourteen days.

How to buy a ready-made offshore company in Gibraltar

If you would like to buy an existing company in Gibraltar, you have to submit legalized passport copies for all company owners/ shareholders and proofs of their addresses. All the papers need to be written in English or translated into this language.

We will gladly help you buy a ready-made company in Gibraltar. In order to succeed at it, you have to do the following:


Identify your business goals and objectives.


Decide if you are going to need a virtual office.


Determine if an additional application document package will be required to open a bank account.


Submit all the application documents to our experts for inspection.


Pay our bill.


Obtain the corporate documents.

Buying a ready-made company in Gibraltar can take as little as one day only even though normally it takes several days.

The key advantage of this option is the speed of company acquisition: a couple of days and you are the owner of an offshore company! The most important thing to watch out for is the legality of the deal but we will take care of that. If you would like to buy a shelf company without a history, you will be well advised to purchase a company that has been on the shelf for less than 12 months.

If you have questions related to buying or forming an offshore company in Gibraltar, please call us at +381 6911 12327 or send us an email at the address specified at the top of the page. We always reply quickly! 

What types of offshore companies can be registered in Gibraltar?

Sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts, and other forms of company ownership are available but an LTD company is probably the best choice for anyone wishing to have a non-resident offshore company in Gibraltar.

What are the requirements to the name of a non-resident company in Gibraltar?

TThe company name shall be unique. Existing names cannot be used. Certain words are prohibited in the company name. The name shall end in ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’ if it is a limited liability company.

Why should I buy a ready-made company in Gibraltar?

The main advantage is the short timeframe of foreign company acquisition. Sometimes purchasing a shelf company in Gibraltar can take a few hours only.

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