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Countries that Have the Largest Number of Transnational Corporations in 2024: Statistics

The world is facing hard economic challenges at the moment but the number of transnational corporations has increased in 2023-2024. Besides, some corporations have relocated their headquarters to new countries looking for better fiscal conditions or trying to avoid certain restrictions.

China is at the top of the list of countries that have the highest number of transnational corporations (TNC). It was at the top of the list published by Fortune 500 last year too. What other jurisdictions host large numbers of TNCs? Where are the wealthiest companies headquartered? We provide some statistics below.

Transnational Corporations

Number of transnational corporations by the country: Fortune 500 list

Obviously, the statistics for this year are unavailable thus far but we have figures for 2023. Below we list the countries with the largest numbers of TNCs.

  1. China has 142 corporations and the best known of them are Huawei Technologies, Lenovo and Haier.
  2. The United States of America ranks second: there you will find 135 large corporations. These include Microsoft, Apple Inc., NVidia, Amazon, and others. Microsoft and Apple are the companies with the highest rates of capitalization.
  3. Japan has preserved its third place in the list. The number of TNCs is 41 in the country. The best-known ones are Toyota Motor Corporation, Sony Corporation, Keyence Corporation, and others.
  4. France ranks fourth for the number of corporate headquarters in the country. 
  5. Then comes Germany with headquarters of 27 TNCs located in the country. These include SAP, Siemens, Schwarz Group, BMW, Volkswagen, and others.  
  6. Great Britain ranks sixth in the list: in 2023, 15 TNCs had headquarters in the country.

All the countries listed above are well-developed countries, leaders of the world economy. Shares of the companies that we have mentioned are publicly traded and they are attractive for investors because they can serve as efficient asset protection mechanisms.


A transnational corporation is a company that is headquartered in a certain country but it conducts business operations all over the world. The global reach brings higher profits and besides, some jurisdictions where TNCs work offer beneficial tax conditions.

At the same time, every TNC started as a small company (Bill Gates started in a garage). This means that any company can potentially grow into a transnational corporation. The first step towards building such a corporation would be launching a company in a country with a favorable geographical position, a stable economy, and a beneficial tax regime.

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