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Business registration abroad is multifaceted. Before launching a new business, you should take into account the peculiarities of the country of registration, laws, taxation and legal systems, amongst other important factors to consider. Even the process of registering a company itself varies greatly from country to country.

The section of the International Wealth portal is designed to give you practical, actionable know-how on registering, running, or buying a business abroad. We consider costs, offer checklists, help you draw up instructions, and find life hacks that apply to offshore companies and bank accounts.

This section is where the advantages and disadvantages of specific countries for registering a company will be found. Plus, we will advise you on the types of businesses that are in demand or those receiving additional benefits.

Let's compare and show you the most important differences between the best offshore company jurisdictions in terms of taxes, benefits, agreements to avoid double taxation, and the ways to work with banks and financial institutions..

We recommend signing up for your free consultation on offshore company setup. You will save time and turbo-charge a profitable business abroad while avoiding bureaucratic headaches. We will also help you find an offshore bank account so you can receive and send payments and protect your wealth in one or more safe jurisdictions.

Below you will find the most interesting and important articles of the Business Abroad section.

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UAE Free Economic Zones: Features and Benefits of the Emirates’ FEZs

Why set up businesses in UAE's Free Economic Zones? Dubai's Free Zones. Abu Dhabi's Free Zones in the UAE. Sharjah's Free Zones in the UAE. Free Zones in Ras Al Khaimah. Fujairah's Free Zones. Free Zones in Ajman. Umm Al Quwain's Free Zones in the UAE. Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates: summary.

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How to Start and Grow Your Online Business on Amazon in the UAE in 2023

Who can sell on Amazon in the UAE? How to start selling on Amazon UAE. Amazon trading and its advantages in the UAE in 2023. How to get an Amazon license in the UAE. Do you need a trading license to sell on Amazon? Obtain a trading license for Amazon in the UAE as an individual. Business licenses for Amazon in the UAE. Final thoughts.

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How to Start Your Own Business: Complete Guide

How to start my own business? This question worries many of our readers. Therefore, our experts have prepared a detailed guide for beginners that will help avoid common mistakes and greatly simplify the start of an entrepreneurial career.

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Virtual Offices and Online Licenses: A Guide for Non-Resident Entrepreneurs in Dubai

How a virtual office can boost your business in Dubai. Why non-resident business people should consider virtual offices in Dubai. What a virtual office means for your business in Dubai. How to get a virtual license for your business. Who can apply for a virtual business license in Dubai? How a virtual office and license can benefit your business in Abu Dhabi. Final thoughts: how virtual office solutions help foreign freelancers and companies in Dubai.

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What is the Most Profitable Business in Singapore? Top Ideas for a Startup

It is not very hard to start a business, but conceiving a good business idea is a more difficult task. What is the best business to start in Singapore? What are the Singapore business opportunities that can bring real profit? What are the most profitable businesses according to statistics? What are the most viable business ideas for Singapore if you are on a tight budget? What business to start in Singapore if you are a newcomer? We know how important these questions are and how difficult it may be to find the answer. Read the article to discover what the most profitable business in Singapore is!

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Small Business Opportunities in Dubai for Both Locals and Foreigners: A 2023 Guide

What makes small businesses choose Dubai? Foreign ownership options, a stable economy. tax competitiveness, the jurisdiction’s strategic location, and safety assurance. Strategies to protect income from taxes for small businesses in Dubai. Business license options for small businesses in Dubai: choose from industrial, professional, tourism, or agricultural licenses. How to start a small business in the UAE as a foreign entrepreneur.

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Small Business: Advantages and Disadvantages, Statistics, Professional Tips

What are the advantages of owning your own business? Many people seek self-realization and independence, and these are the main pros of a small business they need. Others want to have a better remuneration for their efforts or have more free time. However, the benefits of small business are just one side of the coin: there are certain drawbacks that are also discussed in this article to make the image as true-to-life as possible. We also analyze statistics of success and failure and the initial stage and give professional recommendations on how to make your small business last long. Enjoy!

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Build a Successful Business: Choosing the Right People and Hiring Your First Team

When should you start hiring employees? Navigating your company’s operations: essential tips. The financial dimension – a vital aspect of business planning. Outsourcing vs. in-house teams: which is right for you? Startups vs. established companies – tailoring your workforce. Company culture – your key to long-term success. Essential roles for building your business from the ground up. Where to find ideal candidates for your company?

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How to Grow Your Business Competently: Main Recommendations of Experts

Any business owner starts a business hoping to achieve success. However, business requires development: you cannot just repeat the same actions every day and achieve better and better results. How to elaborate a business development strategy that will work? Is it just about marketing and sales or are there other aspects that should be taken into account? What should a company do to be ahead of competitors? How to set business goals competently? Read the article to find answers to these questions and take advantage of useful tips provided by our experts. Contact us for help with your business.

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LLC Formation in the USA for Foreign Nationals: Which States Offer the Most Affordable Company Setup in 2023?

Advantages of establishing an LLC in the USA for non-residents. Strategies for minimizing taxes on global income in the USA. Top US states for foreign-owned LLCs. How to ensure privacy: exploring top US states for anonymity in LLC ownership. US states with the cheapest LLC fees. LLC franchise tax in the USA. Government charges applicable to LLCs in the USA. LLC setup costs in 2023. US states that have lost popularity among foreign investors. US states with the simplest LLC setup procedures.

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Exploring Business Prospects for Foreign Entrepreneurs in Belize: Sanctions, Corporate Regulations, and Economic Landscape

Corporate and investment policies in Belize: navigating the terrain for offshore enterprises. Advantages of Belize for global investors and immigrants. Multiple trade agreements, economic stability, high profit potential, and a robust banking system. International business-friendly nations: a comparative outlook. Belize's allure as a hospitable offshore hub: a final note.

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Top 10 Largest Companies in the World in 2023

10 biggest companies in the world in 2023. Meet our winners: JPMorgan Chase & Co, Saudi Aramco, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of America, Alphabet, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, and Apple. Factors contributing to their success. How can you build a big and successful international company?

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Who Are the Owners of A Corporation?

Characteristics of a corporation. Main groups within a corporation. Do shareholders own a corporation? Ownership of a corporation: beneficial owners and nominees. Corporate directors: are they managers or owners? Strengths and limitations of combining the roles of directors and shareholders within a corporation. Combining and separating the roles of shareholders and business owners: pros and cons.

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Start Your Business in Dubai: 25 of the Most Promising Ideas

Are you looking for a suitable jurisdiction to start your business? Look no further than the UAE as this is one of the most pro-business environments in the world. Which business is the most profitable in the UAE? You will certainly need a good business idea. With that in mind, we have prepared an overview of 25 business ideas that will easily bring profit in the UAE if you competently realize them. You will need to register a company in the UAE and obtain relevant licenses to carry out your activities – fortunately, we can help you with that. Let’s plunge into the world of promising ideas for your business!

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15 Most Profitable Businesses for Beginners in 2023: Make the Right Choice

Choose from a variety of the most successful businesses to start yours today. Have a shot at website and web application development, financial or online business consulting, digital or social media marketing, and information security. Achieve success with commercial writing, transcription, translation, or graphic design. Open your tattoo parlor or wedding agency. Organize events online, help customers become fit, or feed them. Flourish in any of the most profitable online businesses.

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How to Manage Business Risk: 5 Effective Methods

How to reduce business risk and improve the efficiency of your enterprise? These are fundamental questions to take your business to the next level. Our experts will tell you about five effective risk management strategies and their practical application.

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Opening a Company in Serbia: 5 Key Arguments in Favor

Why open business in Serbia? There are many reasons for this, but our experts will tell you about the 5 main advantages of this country. In addition, you will learn how to quickly and easily open a company in Serbia with our expert assistance.

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How a Foreigner Can Start a Business in Another Country: Recommendations and Answers

Everyone can start a business in a foreign country! There are really no restrictions here – the only thing is to know how. It’s like walking through a jungle: it may seem scary, but not if you have an experienced guide who knows the road and all the dangers that you need to avoid. And we have such guides who will help you with hassle-free company registration! Read the article to find out what possibilities for business registration and relocation exist (you may be willing to relocate to the new country or not), which countries are best for business incorporation, and where you will pay no taxes.

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What Is the Most Valuable Company in Europe in 2023?

What makes a company valuable? Profits, profitability, potential for growth, and valuation multiples. The most popular rankings of the most valuable companies in Europe: Forbes Global 2000, Fortune Global 500, Brand Finance Global 500, Interbrand Best Global Brands, and the ranking by Statista. Ranking of valuable EU companies by Market Cap ( The most valuable European companies.

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5 Strategies to Help Companies Survive in the Economic Crisis

The world economy is heading for recession. And while we cannot do much to stop it, we can be prepared to survive. What can small and medium businesses do to stay afloat in times of crisis? In this article, we give five practical tips for entrepreneurs who want to get ready for hard times and reform their businesses in advance. The good news is that recession is not here for good: any crisis ends, and this one will end as well. If you want your business to survive, you will need to take a good look at the financial flows and cash reserves. Another point of focus is marketing. Read on to discover more.

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The Most Common Business Organization Forms: Factual Data, Numerical Insights, Benefits, and Drawbacks

What is a business form? Prevailing choices for organizational and legal forms of business in the international context. Sole proprietorship: strengths and weaknesses. Partnerships and where you should establish them. Differences between jurisdictions: limited liability companies in the UK and the US. Corporations as the most complex business entity type. Which form of business organization is most common?

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