Offshore industry products and services

Offshore industry products and services offered by InternationalWealth on this portal are based on many years of professional experience of our seasoned experts.

The offshore industry offers a large spectrum of various products and services including foreign bank accounts, offshore company registration, purchase of property abroad, personal pay cards, business licenses, and so on.

Many consultations that we provide are truly unique.

Our experts will do the following to contribute to your long-term success:

  • Find out in detail about the personal and business goals that you seek to achieve;
  • Take your business partners and other stakeholders’ geographical locations into account;
  • Discuss how you are planning to use your profits generated in a foreign country or use your property located there as this will have a bearing on the offers that we will have to make;
  • Suggest various methods of sustaining your well-being through the use of such instruments as second citizenship, a foreign bank account, a trust or fund registration abroad, and so on. 

In this section, you will find the best offshore industry products and services and their list is constantly expanding!

1 Remote opening of
foreign bank accounts
from any destination
We have compiled a long list of countries and foreign banks where our experts can help you open international bank accounts remotely. This means you do not need to pay a personal visit to pass the due diligence procedure. The application can be submitted online. All formalities are based on modern technologies. Our special offers include the unique service of pre-approval of your application. An account can be set up within a few days to a few weeks.
2 Anonymous
Business and Private Debit Cards: Plastic and Virtual
Get Anonymous Business and Private Debit Cards: Plastic and Virtual Order anonymous plastic and virtual cards from foreign financial institutions, to be able to protect your privacy when shopping online and in regular stores. Anonymous business and private debit cards is a legitimate and affordable way to protect your personal data and information on your payments. Anonymous cards are available in plastic and virtual formats from banks and payment processors.
3 Foreign/offshore
companies formation
online or in person
A foreign company is a great instrument for enhancing asset protection, entering new markets, generating higher profits overseas. You can rely on our professional assistance in opening an offshore company. You are welcome to choose from our list of recommended jurisdictions, discuss and finetune your choice with our experts. Follow their guidance and register your business on a personal visit or remotely via an authorized agent or a representative.
4 Offshore company + a
bank account: popular
packaged services
The most challenging task after your foreign company incorporation is a corporate bank account opening. If you have chosen a less favorable company registration jurisdiction, you may well hear ‘service denied’ from the bank. We offer our top offshore business packages of ‘foreign company incorporation + bank account’. Our professional assistance will improve your chances for a successful bank account setup and the soonest start of your business operations.
5 Second passports
and citizenship by
investment programs
Freedom is the core value of every person. Foreign citizenship and a second passport are the instruments of freedom in the XXI century. We will gladly assist you in acquiring second/multiple citizenships in different countries. Some national states run programs that award their passports in exchange for investments into their economies and priority projects. The procedure is perfectly legal and it takes only a few months to become a citizen of a foreign country.
6 Consultations on
offshore business,
taxes, licenses, banks
We offer private online consultations on a variety of business and personal topics relevant to life, work, assets abroad. You can book consultations on tax planning, company registration consultations, license acquisition consultations, second citizenship, residence permits, relocation consultations, etc. In today’s fast-changing world, any plan needs to be discussed with an expert who is in the know of recent updates and forthcoming trends.
7 Foreign Trust Registration and Maintenance
Foreign Trust Registration and Maintenance: Links to Expert Insights, Advice, Professional Services Under English law, a trust is a special form of unincorporated contractual relationship. It serves the aim of asset protection and maintenance. A properly set up trust provides for more flexibility in asset management, distribution of income, assets inheritance, and capital growth. It makes it extremely difficult for external parties - creditors, ex-spouses, fraudsters - to get their hands on a trust's property.
8 Business immigration,
elite and professional
residence permits
Professional and business-related visa/ residence permit arrangements for business trips and longer private stays abroad involve several challenging tasks. We provide consultations and full support in applications for visas, and residence permits offered by dozens of jurisdictions in exchange for investments into elite real estate or other national priority projects. We also help professionals relocate abroad alone or with their families.
9 Bank accounts (in
person) for personal
and corporate needs
Open an exclusive personal or corporate bank account abroad in a reputable jurisdiction. Our experts will help you select the most suitable banks, study their terms and requirements, get the pre-approval of your draft application. Several banks require a non-resident client’s in-person visit and an offline interview when considering foreign applications for accounts setup. They are rather choosy, so your application needs to be impeccable.
10 Premium services and
top-class offshore
offers for HNWIs
The most relevant premium services and top-class offshore offers are always available and regularly updated on our portal. High-net-worth individuals refer to us for a customized selection of insurance, professional consultations on elite investment projects, the safest strategies in asset protection abroad, and the most reliable legal ways of tax planning in different jurisdictions, second/multiple residence/citizenship-by-investment options.
11 Business licensing, all
license types in
offshore jurisdictions
Would you like to have a foreign business license? We will gladly help you acquire a financial service license (for FOREX, electronic money, and other similar areas), a banking license, a gambling/gaming license, a license for shipping and delivery operations (including passenger and cargo transportation), and many other fields of activity and commerce. The most popular destinations for obtaining such licenses are the CARICOM countries, Europe, the USA.
12 Accounting Services Abroad: Onshore and Offshore Financial Reporting
All legal entities, even offshore companies, are obligated to keep accounting. Bookkeeping is the key to 3 business objectives: to assess the company's performance, confirm the origin of funds, prove the company's credibility with the bank. Accounting requirements and nuances are country-specific. That is why we offer you professional assistance in onshore and offshore financial reporting.
13 Opening of brokerage
accounts abroad for all
assets, remotely
A broker’s account is required to manage investments. A reliable broker is a key to successful trade in bonds, shares, precious metals, derivatives, and other assets. You are welcome to use our services when going to acquire a brokerage account in any jurisdiction of your preference. This choice will be defined by your resources and target market. Thanks to modern technologies, brokerage accounts can be applied for and maintained remotely.
14 Redomiciliation Services: Changing the Jurisdiction of the Company and the Registered Agent
Our world and therefore national laws keep changing. Sometimes you need to change the scene - transfer your company to another country. When the requirements for substance get tighter, the taxes grow higher, the punitive justice and other restrictions become tougher, the former setting will no longer feel safe and сommercially viable. Redomiciliation is a chance to reap the benefits of taxation in a more welcoming jurisdiction. Yet this move requires careful attention to detail.
15 Foreign accounts with
payment systems, fast
& easy remote setup
Payment systems are an alternative to traditional banks. A Payment Service Provider allows you to accept payments from your clients, pay invoices, and conduct business activities. At the same time, it is easier to set up an account with a payment system compared to opening a bank account. This also goes for such high-risk businesses as FOREX trade, cryptocurrencies, and the like. The accounts are opened remotely. There is a fast-track (1 day) option.
16 Preparation of foreign
company’s legal and
financial documents
We provide assistance in the preparation of various personal and corporate documents such as financial statements, transcripts from the main corporate documents, tax reports, contracts, agreements, and so on. Any company needs proper documents in accounting, contractual relations, settlement of payments, Human Resources management, reporting. Requirements set for documents are country-specific, so expert knowledge and help are very useful.
17 Travel visas for visiting
other countries –
worldwide services
We help clients obtain short-term and long-term visas to foreign countries. Visas vary depending on the purpose – tourism visas, visas for visiting relatives, business visas, or special visas required for visits planned for obtaining a residence permit. It is wise to visit the country before buying real estate or setting up a business. Short-term C visas and long-term D visas to European countries, Schengen visas, or other visas meeting your needs.
18 Foreign properties for
investment abroad:
customized selection
The choice of real estate abroad is too wide. How should you choose the one that will keep your investment safe and grow in value? What countries should you invest in and which properties are worth your attention? We offer professional help in finding, selecting, and checking foreign properties that are right for you. Tell us the country and the requirements, and we will launch the search for the best objects offered by proven developers and sellers.