Save your time and effort and find all the services that you need in one place: bank accounts, foreign companies, marine vessel registration, pay cards, business licenses and many other things.

Part of the services that you will find at the portal is unique. Some other services are offered by other offshore service providers too but our prices are more attractive. What is more important, however, is that no one but our consultants alone will question you thoroughly about your needs and possibilities and talk you out of buying an offshore company without charging any money for that and suggest a less expensive alternative such as foreign bank account, for instance.

Below please find a complete list of the offshore services that we offer today. Please be aware though that this list can grow longer tomorrow!

1Remote opening of foreign bank accounts

We have a long list of countries and foreign banks where you can open an account remotely, without a personal visit. The due diligence procedures are carried out remotely. The bank account can be set up within a few days to a few weeks.
Armenia Belize Cook Islands Germany Great Britain Kazakhstan Labuan Latvia Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macedonia Madeira Malta Mauritius Monaco Nevis Northern Cyprus Panama Portugal Puerto Rico Serbia Seychelles Singapur Saint Lucia Switzerland USA

2Anonymous cards and debit cards

Acquire a plastic card that will not only allow making purchases in offline and online stores but will also protect your confidentiality. Anonymous pay cards are a legal and one of the most accessible instruments of the payer’s personal data protection.

3Foreign and offshore companies

Open a company in one of the dozens of jurisdictions that we cooperate with. A foreign or an offshore company will give you access to new markets, help you protect your assets, and increase your profits. The company can be registered on a personal visit to the foreign country or remotely with a Power of Attorney.

4Ready-made companies

Purchase of a ready-made company abroad is a popular method of saving time when establishing a new business venture. In some cases, months and even years can be saved. Apply for a ready-made company with a VAT number!

5Offshore company + bank account: a packaged service

The most challenging task that a foreign company faces is opening a corporate bank account. If you choose the wrong company registration jurisdiction, you may well hear ‘service denied’ from the bank. We offer secure service packages ‘foreign company + bank account’ that work well together. You can save both time and money as we apply for banking services right after the company is registered. Our professional assistance will improve your chances of setting up a bank account and start business operations soon.

6Foreign citizenship and a second passport

Freedom is the main asset that every person has. Foreign citizenship and a second passport is the instrument of freedom upsurge in the XXI century. We will gladly assist you in acquiring second citizenship in different countries. We highly recommend that you consider the opportunity to acquire foreign citizenship by investment. Some national states run programs that allow obtaining their passports in exchange for investments into their economies. The procedure is perfectly legal and it takes a few months only to become a full citizen of a foreign country.


We provide consultations on a variety of business-related topics: tax consultations, company registration consultations, license acquisition consultations, relocation consultations, etc.

8Virtual offices and substance for offshore, midshore, and onshore businesses

If your foreign business company does not have economic substance (tangible assets) in the country of company registration, the bank may deny services to you and the fiscal bodies will reject your applications for tax cuts. Please apply for our services to acquire substance for your foreign company.

9Special offers

We have special offers that are available only to the readers of our portal.

10Nominee services

Nominee services enhance the confidentiality of the real company owner and protect him or her from public curiosity. At the same time, a nominee company director can become your pass to a secure bank or provide for the possibility to register the company in a favorable jurisdiction.

11Offshore Funds

Investment funds, discretionary funds, charitable funds, multipurpose funds – we help our clients register these and other types of funds abroad. In many cases, a personal visit to the country is not required in order to establish the fund.

12Offshore trusts

Trusts help protect and manage your assets. A finely tuned trust will provide for the flexibility in asset management and income distribution. At the same time, external agents, such as creditors, ex-spouses, and fraudsters are going to have extremely difficult times trying to reach your trust-protected property.

13Business immigration, professional immigration, and temporary or permanent residency abroad for well-to-do people

Acquiring a visa and a legal resident status in a foreign country is a multifaceted task. We provide consultations on and full support in, acquiring golden visas and residence permits in exchange for investments including investments into real estate. We also help professionals relocate abroad alone or with their families.

14Exclusive foreign bank accounts (with a personal visit)

Open an exclusive personal or corporate bank account abroad in a reputable jurisdiction. Several banks require a non-resident client’s personal presence when setting up accounts there.

15Premium class offshore services

Premium class services for the clients with the highest demands.

16Business licenses for offshore/ foreign companies

Would you like to have a foreign business license? We will gladly help you acquire a financial service license (FOREX, electronic money, and other similar areas), a banking license, a gambling license, a transportation service license, and many others.

17Trademark registration

Trademark and patent registration allows protecting your intellectual property. We support trademark registration in different countries.

18Accounting services abroad

All business companies have to keep financial records. In some cases, neatly kept accounts do not only allow controlling the money flows but also help set up bank accounts and prove the legality of the sources of income. We provide accounting support for offshore/ foreign companies.

19Legal residence permits for students

We help students wishing to study abroad to obtain legal residence permits in the countries of their choice.

20Holding structures

Holdings help to solve several tasks including control of money flows and tax planning. In some cases, it is a good idea to build a business structure that contains several companies and has several bank accounts. We will be happy to assist you in building such a structure.

21Debt recovery in foreign/ offshore jurisdictions

How can you collect a debt from a foreign company? Apply for our professional assistance!

22Remote opening of broker’s accounts

A broker’s account is required to manage investments. A reliable broker is a key to successful trade in bonds, shares, precious metals, derivatives, and other assets.

23Re-domiciliation, change of agent, or relocation of the company to a new jurisdiction

Sometimes you have to change the surroundings and move your company to a new place. Re-domiciliation can bring a number of advantages including an alternative tax system. This step requires attention to details.

24Merchant accounts in foreign banks

Every trader needs a merchant account. When setting up a merchant account abroad, careful document preparation is required. We help companies make the process much less stressful and much less costly.

25Insurance and reinsurance licenses in offshore/ foreign jurisdictions

We help clients acquire insurance and reinsurance licenses abroad.

26Professional support in the process of foreign property purchase in the English and Spanish languages

Purchase of real property abroad is not only capable of bringing profit but it is also a wise move for obtaining legal residency and citizenship of a foreign country. The legislations that regulate purchase of real estate are quite complicated in some countries and you are going to appreciate our professional support in this matter.

27Inspection of foreign companies

Business is always built on trust but unlimited trust can be dangerous. With our assistance, you can inspect foreign companies and obtain a legal opinion. This will serve as a security protection instrument in negotiations and business deals.

28Opening non-bank regulated accounts for storing precious and rare earth metals

Open an account that will allow storing physical gold, silver, and other precious metals.

29Tax-free registration of motor vehicles

Expensive cars are also expensive to maintain. Register your luxury car in a special jurisdiction with our assistance and enjoy a considerable tax reduction!

30Tax residence certificate

We help obtain tax residence certificates in offshore/ foreign jurisdictions.

31Marine vessel registration in offshore jurisdictions

Registering your yacht in an offshore jurisdiction will lessen your tax burden and provide for better yacht maintenance conditions. Choose the country where you would like to register your ship and we will help you with the procedure.

32Study abroad

Young people can benefit greatly from studying in a foreign university. Established entrepreneurs can use this venue to enter new markets. We will help you enter a foreign university and have your existing diplomas officially recognized in a foreign country.

33VAT registration for companies

We help clients obtain VAT numbers for their foreign companies.

34Account opening with payment systems

Payment systems are an alternative to traditional banks. A Payment Service Provider allows accepting payments from your clients, paying the bills, and carrying on full-fledged business activities. At the same time, setting up an account with a payment system is simpler than doing that with a bank. This also goes for such high-risk businesses as FOREX trade, cryptocurrencies, and the like. The accounts are opened remotely.

35Documents preparation

We provide assistance in preparation of various personal and corporate documents such as registry extracts, tax reports, contracts, agreements, and so on.

36Travel visas

We help clients obtain short-term and long-term visas to foreign countries.

37LEI codes for businesses

An LEI code is the instrument of international company identification. Those who would like to do business with reputable transnational companies must have an LEI code. We help clients obtain it.

38VIP tours and concierge services

Tours to foreign countries and concierge services for VIP clients.

39Best real property abroad

We provide professional assistance in selecting the foreign real property that appeals to you personally. Only the best and exclusive pieces of real estate abroad.

40Foreign real property management and maintenance services

We provide professional assistance in managing and maintaining your foreign property.